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Revolution -- When Neville Was A Wimp

Updated on October 17, 2012

Things I learned from this episode of Revolution. Maggie was killed because Nora was considered a brighter and shinier bad@ss character. And this is the Charlie Show. If you’re sharing a scene with her, the focus will be on her as the camera focuses on her and gives her all the dramatic close-ups. If you don’t like the character, you’ll just have to think of her like Bristol Palin on Dancing With The Stars; she’s just something you have to put up with to watch the show.

The focus switched to Neville, as we learned more about him. Before the blackout, Neville was a very meek man who worked at the bank. He was too much of a wimp to make his neighbors put down the music. And he preached to his son, Jason, that you only punch a boxing bag, not a real person. After the blackout, he caught his noisy neighbor, Rob, trying to rob him, and the punk blithely declared he was going to beat him to death in front of his son. At that point, Neville turns the tables on the punk, and beat him to death, instead. And thus Neville and his new attitude was born.

Neville may see his old meek self in Danny and that’s why he keeps trying to get him to fight, instead of allowing people to push him around.

Neville and company were in Noblesville, Indiana, and they were planning to take the train to Philadelphia. So was Chuckles and company. Although CampChuckles had divided loyalties. Nora wanted to destroy the train for Viva La Revolution! While the rest of CampChuckles wanted to save Danny Boy.

Nora contacted the local resistance in Noblesville and found out it was one man named, Hutch. They put a bomb on the train, but when Nora realized Danny Boy was on the train, she couldn’t go through with the plan. Hutch had no such qualms and he stuck a shiv in Nora’s gut to stop her from stopping the plan. But fear not, Nora will be just fine. She’s the brighter shinier bad@ss so while a knife to the gut seems like it would be a more lethal wound than the one to the leg that Maggie got, she’s a-okay.

Meanwhile, while Chuckles and Miles were casually casing the town for any signs of Danny when Chuckles ran afoul of Neville. Miles had to show himself to save her, and Neville wanted to know why Miles left the Militia. He got no answer before Miles escaped.

Chuckles and Miles went back to camp and took Nate out of his cage asking if he’d help them get Danny back. He said no, unmoved by the charm that is Chuckles and managed to escape. He made it to Neville, who turns out to be his father. Which means Nate’s real name is Jason. Meanwhile, Miles and Chuckles found the wounded Nora who told them Danny was on the train and so was a bomb. Miles and Chuckles jumped on horses to catch up with the train. While Miles found the bomb, Chuckles found Danny and Neville.

Neville told Jason to bring Chuckles to him, but this time he was moved by her charm, and disobeyed orders. He whispered to her to protect her head as he threw her off the train to safety. Needless to say, Neville was not a happy camper.

The train arrived safely in Philadelphia where Neville’s wife and Jason’s mom, Julia, was there to welcome them. Rachel watched from a window as Danny was taken from the train. She finally told Sebastian everything she knew. She drew him a sketch of the pendant and said there were 12 of them. He needs all of them to turn the lights back on. Since Aaron stupidly dropped his pendant in front of Jason, he’ll be able to tell the Militia where they can get their hands on one of the pendants.

Being so close and yet so far from rescuing her brother has caused Chuckles to don a more Miles-like attitude as she leads the troops to Philadelphia. Yep, Miles is the experienced soldier, but the teeny-bopper is the one that’s the leader of the band.

This episode was filled with some pretty big plot holes. Like if Miles knows Neville and he didn’t desert the Militia all that long ago, surely he must also know Jason. So why did he behave like he didn’t even recognize who he was? Or was he just pretending? Is that why he offered to trade Jason for Danny?

Also, since the Monroe Militia only controls a portion of the United States, why not leave the area the Monroe Militia controls and defect to one of the other areas, where things might be better?

And it’s taken 15 years for Sebastian to want to figure a way to turn the lights back on? What about this Resistance. Doesn’t seem like they’ve done much in 15 years, either.

Waiting 15 years to do anything makes the characters seem pretty lame. Of course, if the show took place less than 15 years later, Chuckles would still be a child and she couldn’t be the big star of the show. Another reason this character is a detriment to the show.


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