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Rhyme Time! ~ Poetry & Lyrics from Film & Television

Updated on October 19, 2016

What's it all about?

For many years, I've been collecting poems and lyrics from movies and TV series. Obviously, I've discovered much more than I ever imagined I could bring together at this site and hope that it makes visits worthwhile. Since this is no longer a small page, I decided that it needs a new introduction since I keep finding items to include. Who knew that movies and series could yield so much?!

From "Romeo and Juliet" (1968):

What is a youth? Impetuous fire. / What is a maid? Ice and desire. / The world wags on. / A rose will bloom / It then will fade / So does a youth. / So does the fairest maid.

Comes a time when one sweet smile / Has its season for a while, Then love's in love with me. / Some they think only to marry, Others will tease and tarry; / Mine is the very best parry: / Cupid he rules us all. / Caper the cape, but sing me the song, / Death will come soon to hush us along. / Sweeter than honey and bitter as gall, / Love is a task, and it never will pall. / Sweeter than honey and bitter as gall, / Cupid he rules us all.

What is a youth? Impetuous fire. / What is a maid? Ice and desire. / The world wags on. / A rose will bloom / It then will fade / So does a youth. / So does the fairest maid.

From "The Innocents" (1961) ~ "O Willow Waly" lyrics: We lay my love and I / Beneath the weeping willow. / But now alone I lie / And weep beside the tree. / Singing, "O willow waly" / By the tree that weeps with me. / Singing, "O willow waly" / Till my lover return to me. / We lay my love and I / Beneath the weeping willow. / A broken heart have I. / Oh willow I die. / Oh willow I die.

Incantations, Spells & Chants

From Buffy the Vampire Slayer ~

"Fear Itself" ~ Willow conjures a guiding light: Aradia, Goddess of the Lost, the path is murky; the woods are dense; darkness pervades. I beseech thee, bring the light.

"Selfless" ~ Willow summons D'Hoffryn: Beatum sit in nomine D'Hoffrynis. Fiat hoc spatium porta ad mundum Arashmaharris.

"Something Blue" ~ Willow's spells, the first of which backfires:

1) Harken all ye elements, I summon thee now. Control the outside, control within. Land and sea, fire and wind. Out of my passions, a web be spun. From this eve forth, my will be done. So must it be.

2) Let the healing power begin. Let my will be safe again. As these words of peace are spoken, let this harmful spell be broken.

"Spiral" ~ Willow's spell: Enemies, fly and fall. Circling arms, raise a wall.

"Tabula Rasa" ~ Willow's wonky spell: For Buffy and Tara, this I char. Let Lethe's Bramble do its chore. Purge their minds of memories grim, of pains from recent slights and sins. When the fire goes out, when the crystal turns black, the spell will be cast. Tabula rasa, tabula rasa, tabula rasa.

"The 'I' in Team" ~

1) Willow's three-hand poker spell/prayer: I implore you, Neisa, blessed goddess of chance and fortune, heed my call. Send to me the heart I desire.

2) Willow's spell: Tropo, strato, meso, aero, iono, exo. Elements are brought to bear. Wind, earth, and water churn amidst the fire. Let the air be burned.

"The Witch" ~

1) Giles' spell: The center is dark. Centrum est obscurus. The darkness breathes. Tenebrae respiratis. The listener hears. Hear me! Unlock the gate. Let the darkness shine. Cover us with holy fear. Show me... Corsheth and Gilail! The gate is closed! Receive the dark! Release the unworthy! Take of mine energy and be sated! Be sated! Release the unworthy! Release! Release! RELEEEEASE!

2) Catherine's attempt to regain control: I shall look upon my enemy! I shall look upon her, and the dark place will have her soul! Corsheth, take her!

"The Zeppo" ~ Jack's resurrection spell: He calls forth the Spirit of Uurthu, the restless. No one shall speak. He shall arise! Hear me. The blood of the Earth shall restore him. And he shall arise. Shall arise!

"Tough Love" ~ Willow vs. Glory: Kali, Hera, Kronos, Tonic. Air like nectar, thick as onyx. Cassiel, by your second star, hold mine victim as in tar.

"Who Are You?" ~ Willow & Tara's spell: Sightless sea, Ayala flows through the river in me. The inward eye, the sightless sea. Ayala flows through the river in me. The inward eye, the sightless sea. Ayala flows through the river in me. The inward eye, The sightless sea. Ayala flows through the river in me. The inward eye, The sightless sea... {interruption as spell begins to work} Ayala flows through the river in me.

From "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" (2004) ~ Lyrics: In the cauldron boil and bake / Fillet of a fenny snake / Scale of dragon, tooth of wolf / Witches, mummy, maw and gulf / Double, double, toil and trouble / Fire burn and cauldron bubble! / Double, double, toil and trouble / Fire burn and cauldron bubble! / Double, double, toil and trouble / Fire burn and cauldron bubble! / Something wicked this way comes!

From "Hocus Pocus" (1993) ~ Witches' spells:

Cursing Thackery Binx: Twist the bones, and bend the back! Itchitacopita Melakamystica! Trim him of his baby fat! Itchitacopita Melakamystica! Give him fur black as black ~ just like THIS!

Raising Billy Butcherson: Unfaithful lover, long since dead, deep asleep in thy wormy bed, wiggle thy toes, open thine eyes, Twist thy fingers toward the sky. Life is sweet. Be not shy. On thy feet, so sayeth I!

The prophecy: My ungodly book speaks to you: On All Hallow's Eve, when the moon is round, a virgin will summon us from under the ground.

Sarah Sanderson's song: Come, little children, I'll take thee away, / Into a land of enchantment. / Come, little children, the time's come to play / Here in my garden of magic.

The song is quite popular, and there are a number of covers, including some with extra verses. Copy and paste this at YouTube to sample some videos: Come Little Children - Full Version [Hocus Pocus]

From "Legend" (1985) ~ Blix's incantations and rhymes:

Higher, higher, burning fire, making music like a choir!

Black as midnight, black as pitch, blacker than the foulest witch.

May be innocent, may be sweet. Ain't half as nice as rotting meat.

Mortal world turned to ice! Here be goblin paradise!

Magic horn is mine, mine, mine! Now all creatures will love the night and worship goblins as divine.

From "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" (1937) Let's hear it from the Wicked Queen and her Magic Mirror!

Queen: Slave in the magic mirror, come from the farthest space. Through wind and darkness, I summon thee. Speak! Let me see thy face. ... Magic Mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest one of all? // Mirror: Famed is thy beauty, Majesty. But, hold, a lovely maid I see. Rags cannot hide her gentle grace. Alas, she is more fair than thee.

Queen: Magic Mirror, on the wall, who NOW is the fairest one of all? // Mirror: Over the seven jewelled hills, beyond the seventh fall, in the cottage of the seven dwarfs dwells Snow White, fairest of them all. ... Snow White still lives, fairest in the land. 'Tis the heart of a pig you hold in your hand.

EVIL PLAN: STEP 1: Create one poisoned apple. ~~~ Dip the apple in the brew. Let the Sleeping Death seep through. {image of skull} Look! On the skin! The symbol of what lies within. Now, turn red to tempt Snow White, to make her hunger for a bite. ... It's not for you. It's for Snow White. When she breaks the tender peel to taste the apple in my hand, her breath will still, her blood congeal; then, I'll be fairest in the land!

Now, a formula to transform my beauty into ugliness. Change my queenly raiment to a peddler's cloak; mummy dust to make me old; to shroud my clothes, the black of night; to age my voice, an old hag's cackle; to whiten my hair, a scream of fright; a blast of wind to fan my hate; a thunderbolt to mix it well. Now, begin thy magic spell.

Two tablets brought forth to the light, yet a third remains from sight. A final place must still be found, a place that lies deep below the ground.

North to barren lands of pagan places, the pagan barrens, before a goddess cast with many limbs, and death to all intruders is their whim. In that sacred place hid from the eyes of man is the third gold tablet that completes the plan. Go now. Go now. Go north. Go north.

{Sooooo... The Oracle of All Knowledge sort of forgets the rhyme scheme at times.}

From "The Secret Garden" (1994) ~ Bonfire chant (minus syllables): Oh, great magic, please come to me! Send me my father here. Set his spirit free!

From "The 7th Voyage of Sinbad" (1958) ~

To summon Barani the Genie: From the land beyond beyond, from the world past hope and fear, I bid you, Genie, now appear.

Barani's prophecy: When the big that is small shall again become tall, into fiery rock, to rise you must fall.

From "Witch's Sister" ~

1) Recited by the sister of the title: Shadows of the night / Glowing darkly, shining bright / Creatures of the mystery / Cast your magic spell on me.

2) A Witch's Chant: From the shadows of the pool, / Dark as midnight, thick as gruel, / Come my nymphs, and you shall be / Silent images of me. / Suck the honey from my lips. / Dance upon my fingertips. / When the darkness tolls the hour, / I shall have you in my power. / Fast upon spirits all: / Listen for our whispered call. / Whistling kettle, tinkling bell, / Weave your web, and spin your spell. // NOTE: Only the last two stanzas are recited. It's amazing how many people claim to have written this poem or simply parts of it. There are many plagiarists out there on the Net! If I find the actual author, I'll credit him/her here.

3) Recited by Mrs. Tuggle: Bat! Bat! Come under my hat, / And I'll give you a slice of bacon. / And, if I bake, I'll give you a cake / If I am not mistaken.

Snippets, Poetry & Lyrics

"A Boyfriend for Christmas" (2004 TV movie) ~ Poem on the bottom of the snowglobe: A promised gift will come, my dear, / A love that's true and steady, / Between now and the end of the twentieth year / When two hearts are ready.

"A Nightmare on Elm Street" (1984) ~ Jump rope rhyme: One, two, Freddy's coming for you. / Three, four, better lock your door. / Five, six, grab your crucifix. / Seven, eight, gonna stay up late. / Nine, ten, never sleep again.

Batman, "King Tut's Coup" ~ Bubble, bubble, little Bat / At the bottom of the vat; / Your wings will dry, / And soon you'll fly / To the great big belfry in the sky.

"Before Sunrise" (1995) ~ Street poet: Daydream delusion, limousine eyelash / Oh baby with your pretty face / Drop a tear in my wineglass / Look at those big eyes / See what you mean to me / Sweet-cakes and milkshakes / I'm a delusion angel / I'm a fantasy parade / I want you to know what I think / Don't want you to guess anymore / You have no idea where I came from / We have no idea where we're going / Lodged in life / Like branches in a river/ Flowing downstream / Caught in the current / I carry you / You'll carry me / That's how it could be / Don't you know me? / Don't you know me by now?

"Blood of Dracula" (1957) ~ Scavenger hunt clue for cemetery: Where the moon shines most bright, / You will find an object white.

"Cat People" (1942) ~ Sign on trash can at zoo: Let no one say, and say it to your shame, / That all was beauty here, until you came.

"Child of Glass" (1978 TV movie) ~ Sleeping lies the murdered lass; / Vainly cries the child of glass. / When the two shall be as one, / The spirit's journey will be done.

"Clash of the Titans" (1981) ~ The princess' riddle for suitors: In my mind's eye, I see three circles joined in priceless, graceful harmony. Two full as the moon; one hollow as a crown; two from the sea, five fathoms down; one from the earth, deep under the ground. The whole, a mark of high renown. Tell me, what can it be? // What is the riddle's answer? Calibos' ring!

"Dead Silence" (2007) ~ Beware the stare of Mary Shaw. / She had no children, only dolls. / And, if you see her in your dreams, / Be sure to never ever scream.

Doctor Who, "Midnight" ~ We must not look at goblin men; / We must not buy their fruits. / Who knows upon what soil they fed / Their hungry, thirsty roots?

Doctor Who, "The Beast Below" ~ In bed above or deep asleep, / While greater love lies further deep. / This dream must end, this world must know. / We all depend on the beast below.

Doctor Who, "The Shakespeare Code" ~ Close up this din of hateful, dire decay; / Decomposition of your witches' plot! / You thieve my brains, consider me your toy; / My doting Doctor tells me I am not! / Foul Carrionite specters, cease your show, / Between the points 761390! / Banished like a tinker's cuss, / I say to thee~~Expelliarmus!

"Do You Know Me" (2009 TV movie) ~ Their solemn vow: Cross my heart and hope to croak. / Let my iPod never be broke.

"Echoes of a Summer" (1976) ~ Guessing game she and her father play: Win a nickle. / Win a dime. / Tell me who I am. / What's my time?

"Encounter With the Unknown" (1975) ~ The vengeful old woman's curse: Listen you well to my word: / One by land; two by sky. / Look to the heptagon, for it is there. / Seven times around go the three of you, / And may your reward be just and true!

"Ferris Bueller's Day Off" (1986) ~ "Get Well" greeting: I heard that you were feeling ill. / Headache, fever, and a chill. / I came to help restore your pluck, / 'Cause I'm the nurse who likes to... *SLAM*

"Green Lantern" (2011) ~ In brightest day, in blackest night, / No evil shall escape my sight. / Let all who worship evil's might / Beware my power~Green Lantern's light!

"High Spirits" (1988) ~ Reading from "The Book of High Spirits": He who tups with the spirit tups with the grave. / The virtuous heart true love will save.

"Holes" (2003) ~ If only, if only, the woodpecker sighs, / The bark on the tree was as soft as the skies. / The wolf waits below, hungry and lonely, / And cries to the moon, / If only, if only.

House, "M.D.: Poison" ~ Patient's paen to House: The healer with his magic powers / I could rub his gentle brow for hours. / His manly chest, his stubbled jaw, / Everything about him leaves me raw with joy / Oh, House, your very name / Will never leave this girl the same.

"House of Dark Shadows" (1970) ~ Rhyme leading Willie Loomis to his fateful discovery: The Madonnas rest high above; / The lion's head watches the dove; / And, in the womb 'neath the hill, / The secret flame blows bright and still.

Little House on the Prairie, "Remember Me, Part 1" ~ Eulogy poem: Remember me with smiles and laughter, / For that's the way I'll remember you all. / If you can only remember me with tears, / Then don't remember me at all.

Married with Children, "Scared Single" ~ Al's Seussian tribute to Peg: I've seen her from the front; I've seen her from the back; / I've seen her in a chair; I've seen her in a sack; / I've seen her stand; I've seen her crouch; / I've seen her on her stupid couch. / I do not like her in the mall; I do not like her in the hall. / I do not like her in my life; I do not like my big, red wife.

"MirrorMask" (2005) ~Rocks and logs may bite like dogs, but words will never harm me.

"Mortuary" (2005) ~ That is not dead which can eternal lie, / And with strange eons even death may die. NOTE: The couplet, which is carved on the vault door, is from H.P. Lovecraft's short stories "The Call of Cthulhu" and "The Nameless City". As part of the Cthulhu Mythos, they are authored by the fictional Abdul Alhazarred, creator of the dreaded book "The Necronomicon".

"Penny Dreadful" (2006) ~ Crazy killer's impromptu poetry: This little piggy went to market. / This little piggy stayed home. / This little piggy went, "Boo hoo! / You cut me to the bone!"

Roseanne, "Brain-Dead Poets Society" ~ Darlene's "Culture Night" poem: To whom it concerns: / Darlene's work will be late; / It fell on her pancakes and stuck to her plate. / To whom it concerns: / My Mom made me write this, / But I'm just a kid, so how could I fight this? / To whom it concerns: / I lost my assignment; / Maybe I'll get lucky~solitary confinement. / To whom it concerns: / Darlene's great with a ball, / But, guys don't watch tomboys when they're cruisin' the hall. / To whom it concerns: / I just turned 13: / Too short to be quarterback; too plain to be queen. / To whom it concerns: / I'm not made of steel; / When I get blind-sided, my pain is quite real. / I don't mean to squawk, but it really burns. / I just thought I'd mention it / To whom it concerns.

Sanford and Son, "The Camping Trip" ~ Come on out! I'll float like a butterfly, sting like a bee! / Nobody out in the forest meaner than me! / Come on elephants, tigers and gorillas! / I'll whip a hundred Godzillas!

Star Trek: The Next Generation, "Schisms" ~ Data's Ode to Spot: Felis Catus is your taxonomic nomenclature, / An endothermic quadruped, carnivorous by nature. / Your visual, olfactory and auditory senses / Contribute to your hunting skills and natural defenses. / I find myself intrigued by your subvocal oscillations, / A singular development of cat communications / That obviates your basic hedonistic predilection / For a rhythmic stroking of your fur to demonstrate affection. / A tail is quite essential for your acrobatic talents; / You would not be so agile if you lacked its counterbalance. / And, when not being utilized to aid in locomotion, / It often serves to illustrate the state of your emotion. / O, Spot, the complex levels of behavior you display / Connote a fairly well-developed cognitive array. / And, though you are not sentient, Spot, and do not comprehend, / I nonetheless consider you a true and valued friend.

"The Black Cat" (1941) ~ a) That house is doubly blest / Which to our feline friends gives rest. b) Her hats are full of bats / For spending all her dough on cats.

"The Giant Claw" (1957) ~ How to steal another kiss with the help of Montagu, Lady Mary Wortley: Be plain in dress and sober in your diet. / In short, dearie, kiss me and be quiet.

"The Haunting Hour: Don't Think About It" (2007 TV movie) ~ Two heads are better than one / To get the bloody job done.

3rd Rock from the Sun, "I Am Dick Pentameter" ~ Dick's poetic snap upon being inundated by Jennifer's rhymes: And what if the rhyming were never to stop? On, on, and on 'til your head doth pop! 'Oh, look, a book! A book on shnook! What kind of crook took my shnook nook book?' Perchance, methinks, thee hither yon thou... I think I'm gonna have a freakin' cow!


"Black Friday" (1940) ~ English Professor George Kingsley recites various bits of poetry, including Alfred, Lord Tennyson's "The Brook".

"Camilla" (1994) ~ Camilla (Jessica Tandy) recites several lines of "I Must Go Down to the Sea" by John Masefield. The poem also is referenced in "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier" (1989) ~ Kirk: "'All I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by'." Bones: "Melville." Spock: "John Masefield." Bones: "Are you SURE?" Spock: "I AM well-versed in the classics, Doctor." Bones: "Then, how come you don't know 'Row, Row, Row Your Boat'?" {a reference to their campfire singalong}

"Devotion" (1946) ~ Bramwell quotes a bit of this from William Shakespeare's "As You Like It": Blow, blow, thou winter wind / Thou art not so unkind / As man's ingratitude; / Thy tooth is not so keen, / Because thou art not seen, / Although thy breath be rude.

E.R., "The Peace of Wild Things" ~ From "The Peace of Wild Things" by Wendell Berry: When despair grows in me / And I wake in the middle of the night at the least sound / In fear of what my life and my children's lives may be, / I go and lie down where the wood drake / Rests in his beauty on the water, and the great heron feeds. / I come into the peace of wild things / Who do not tax their lives with forethought / Of grief. I come into the presence of still water. / And I feel above me the day-blind stars / Waiting for their light. For a time / I rest in the grace of the world, and am free.

"Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" (2004) ~ The title is from the poem "Eloisa to Abelard" by Alexander Pope: How happy is the blameless vestal's lot! / The world forgetting, by the world forgot / Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind! / Each pray'r accepted, and each wish resign'd.

"Heat Lightning" (1934) ~ Quoted by big sister to younger sister: "Let me live by the side of the road and be a friend to man." This is from Sam Walter Foss' "House by the Side of the Road":

House M.D., "The Socratic Method" ~ From "Her Praise" by William Butler Yeats: I will talk no more of books or the long war / But walk by the dry thorn until I have found / Some beggar sheltering from the wind, and there / Manage the talk until her name come round. / If there be rags enough he will know her name / And be well pleased remembering it, for in the old days / Though she had young men's praise and old men's blame, / Among the poor both the old and young gave her praise.

"Kiss Me Deadly" (1955) ~ Christina Rosetti's "Remember" sonnet is referenced: Remember me when I am gone away, / Gone far away into the silent land; / When you can no more hold me by the hand, / Nor I half turn to go, yet turning stay. / Remember me when no more day by day / You tell me of our future that you plann'd: / Only remember me; you understand / It will be late to counsel then or pray. / Yet if you should forget me for a while / And afterwards remember, do not grieve: / For if the darkness and corruption leave / A vestige of the thoughts that once I had, / Better by far you should forget and smile / Than that you should remember and be sad.

"Letters to Juliet" (2009) ~ The lines they quote beneath the stars are from Shakespeare's "Hamlet" Act 2 Scene 2 (modern form): Doubt thou the stars are fire, / Doubt that the sun doth move, / Doubt truth to be a liar, / But never doubt I love.

"Neverwas" (2005) ~ Gabriel, King of Neverwas, quotes William Blake's "Auguries of Innocence": A truth that's told with bad intent / Beats all the lies you can invent. / It is right it should be so: / Man was made for joy and woe; / And when this we rightly know / Through the world we safely go. / Joy and woe are woven fine, / A clothing for the soul divine."

"Secretariat" (2010) ~ From "Equine Expressions" by Robbee Huseth, recited over the opening credits: Do you give the horse his strength / Or clothe his neck with a flowing mane? / Do you make him leap like a locust, / Striking terror with his proud snorting? / He paws fiercely, rejoicing in his strength, / And charges into the fray. / He laughs at fear, afraid of nothing: / He does not shy away from the sword. / The quiver rattles against his side, / Along with the flashing spear and lance. / In frenzied excitement he eats up the ground; / He cannot stand still when the trumpet sounds. / At the blast of the trumpet he snorts, / 'Aha!' He catches the scent of battle from afar, / the shout of commanders and the battle cry.

"The Life Before Her Eyes" (2007) ~ "Nurse's Song (Innocence)" by William Blake: When voices of children are heard on the green / And laughing is heard on the hill, / My heart is at rest within my breast / And everything else is still / Then come home my children the sun is gone down / And the dews of night arise / Come come leave off play, and let us away / Till the morning appears in the skies / No no let us play, for it is yet day / And we cannot go to sleep / Besides in the sky, the little birds fly / And the hills are all covered with sheep. / Well well go and play till the light fades away / And then go home to bed / The little ones leaped and shouted and laughed / And all the hills echoed.

The Outer Limits, "Stasis" ~ A holographic image of young man recites part of a poem to a woman he loves but cannot be with. It is from e.e. cummings' "somewhere i have never travelled,gladly beyond".

"The Snow Walker" (2003) ~ "High Flight" by John Gillespie Magee, Jr.: Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of earth / And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings; / Sunward I've climbed, and joined the tumbling mirth / Of sun-split clouds~and done a hundred things / You have not dreamed of~wheeled and soared and swung / High in the sunlit silence. Hov'ring there / I've chased the shouting wind along, and flung / My eager craft through footless halls of air. / Up, up the long delirious, burning blue, / I've topped the windswept heights with easy grace / Where never lark, or even eagle flew / And, while with silent lifting mind I've trod / The high untrespassed sanctity of space, / Put out my hand and touched the face of God. // From Wikipedia: Magee was an American aviator and poet who died as a result of a mid-air collision over Lincolnshire, England, on December 11, 1941, during World War II. He was serving in the Royal Canadian Air Force, which he joined before the United States officially entered the war.


"Darby O'Gill and the Little People" (1959) ~ Darby and King Brian's "The Wishing Song", a competitive rhyming/drinking game:
Oh, I'd wish I had time to sing you a song, / But, when I get started, I sing all night long.
KBC: Oh, singin's no sin, and drinkin's no crime / If you have one drink only, just one at a time.
DO'G: Oh, I wish all the rhymers were like Brian Connors; / When it comes to rhymin', he takes all the honors.
KBC: Oh, I knew you could sing when you opened your mug; / So, you carry the tune, and I'll carry the jug.
KBC: Oh, I wish all the maids were like Mary McCluskey; / When she's out to a drink, well, she starts with the "whuskey". (sic: whiskey)
KBC: But, Mary she married poor Jimmy McQueen / 'Cause she wanted her name to rhyme with poitin. (Gaelic for "moonshine" aka poteen)
DO'G: Oh, I wish I was married to Old Widow Tunney. / She's as ugly as sin but has beautiful money.

For good measure, here's King Brian's wish rhyme: Three wishes I'll grant ye, great wishes an' small! / But, you wish a fourth, and you lose them all!

EDIT: Unfortunately, I can't get the link to the song to work. *sigh* What a terrific scene it is! To see it, go to YouTube and type in "The Wishing Song" (minus quotation marks of course).

"Portrait of Jennie" (1948) ~ Jennie's song: Where I come from nobody knows, / And where I am going everything goes. / The wind blows. The sea flows. Nobody knows. / And where I am going, nobody knows.

"The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" ~ Merry & Pippin's "The Green Dragon Song": You can search far and wide. / You can drink the whole town dry. / But you'll never find a beer so brown / As the one we drink in our hometown. / You can drink your fancy ales. / You can drink them by the flagon. / But the only brew for the brave and true / Comes from The Green Dragon!

Twilight Zone, "Come Wander With Me" ~ He said, "Come wander with me, love. Come wander with me / Away from this sad world. Come wander with me." // He came from the sunset. He came from the sea. / He came from my sorrow and can love only me. // Oh where is the wanderer who wandered this way? / He's past all his wanderin' and will never go away. // Come wander with me, love. Come wander with me. Away from this sad world. Come wander with me. // He sang of a sweet love, of dreams that would be. / But, I was sworn to another and could never be free. // The Rayfords were brothers, four men tall and bold. / And, for one I was chosen, with my love still untold. // They heard of the wanderer. They heard he loved me. / They heard that ... // You killed Billy Rayford, bespoke unto me! / Struck him down in his anger 'neath an old willow tree. // By the lake where our love dwelled, 'neath an old willow tree. / You killed Billy Rayford 'neath an old willow tree! // They saw their brother and found him alone. / They wept by the lakeside for a boy hardly grown. // They wept by the lakeside and vowed he must die, / The wandering stranger ...

NOTE: Twice the song is interrupted. These clips show the song as performed by folksinger Bonnie Beecher as Mary Rachel and Gary Crosby as Floyd Burney:

"Waitress" (2007) ~~ 1) Lullaby lyrics: Baby, don't you cry. Gonna make a pie. / Gonna make a pie with a heart in the middle. / Baby, don't be blue. Gonna make for you, / Gonna make a pie with a heart in the middle. / Gonna make a pie from heaven above; / Gonna be filled with strawberry love. / Baby, don't you cry. Gonna make a pie / And hold you forever in the middle of my heart.

2) Pie recipes: I Hate My Husband Pie: You take bittersweet chocolate and don't sweeten it. You make it into a pudding and drown it in caramel. // Earl Murders Me Because I'm Having An Affair Pie: You smash blackberries and raspberries into a chocolate crust. // I Can't Have No Affair Because It's Wrong And I Don't Want Earl To Kill Me Pie: Vanilla custard with banana. Hold the banana. // Pregnant Miserable Self-Pitying Loser Pie: Lumpy oatmeal with fruitcake mashed in. Flambé of course. NOTE: The recipes aren't a rhyme, but I decided to keep these together.

3) Dawn's guy's poem: Dawn, your face is a brilliant moon in my empty room. / Your love is like a beating drum. Ba bum ba bum ba bum ba bum.

"What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?" (1962) ~ Baby Jane's song & recitation: I've written a letter to Daddy. / His address is Heaven above. / I've written, "Dear Daddy, we miss you / And wish you were with us to love." / Instead of a stamp, I put kisses; / The postman says that's best to do. / I've written a letter to Daddy, / Saying, "I love you." / Now, when I'm very good and do as I am told, / I'm Mama's little angel, and Papa says I'm good as gold. / Now, when I'm very bad and answer back and sass, / Then I'm Mama's little devil, and Papa says I've got the brass. / Now I wish that you would tell me / 'Cause I'm much too young to know...


Angel, "Waiting in the Wings" ~ Lorne sings to baby Connor to the tune of "Brahms' Lullaby": Go to sleep, lullaby; / You've been fed, and you're sleepy. / You'll be with Uncle Lorne, / Who in no way resents not being asked to go to the ballet / And is certainly not thinking / Of selling you to the first vampire cult that makes him a decent offer...

Coupling, "Bedtime" ~ Lyrics for "Susan, the Happy Trotting Elf": I'm Susan, the happy, trotting elf. / I trot and trot and bounce and bounce; / I smile a lot, and that's what counts! / I'm Susan, the happy, trotting, smile a lotting elf / I'm polite so just for clarity / When I'm cross, I say, "Apparent-LY!" / I'm Susan, the happy trotting smile a-lotting elf!" NOTE: Why does HubPages insist this is "Bedtime"?! The title is "Bed Time"!

From "Dirty Dancing" (1987) ~ Baby's older sister, Lisa Houseman, sings in the talent show. Here are the lyrics to "Hula Hana of Kamana Whala Hula Bay", which I've heard were written by Jane Brucker for her character:

Who’s this Hula Hana of Kamana Whala Hula Bay? / She will hula when you have a lovely gift she wants. You’ll hear her say, / "Bring me a pineapple that doesn't sting, a bird that swims, a fish that sings. I wanna. I really wanna. / Bring me a volcano that blows up all the molten jama and a blue banana. I can. I canna. / Bring me a pineapple that doesn't sting, a bird that swims, a fish that sings. I wanna. I really wanna. / Bring me a volcano that blows up all the molten jama and a blue banana. I can. I canna. / And you can wackle all you wanna while I hula all the day away; / And you can wackle all you wanna while I hula all the day away." / All the boys of Okakokanoka Island gather all the gifts that Hula Hana asks. / They have combed their island home, fulfilling each whim, / And it's worth it when they watch her shake her grass. (counts: 4-5) / "Bring me a gentle breeze that I can keep, an ocean that’s oh so deep. I wanna. I really wanna." / She will hula when you have a lovely gift she wants. You’ll hear her say, / "Bring me a pineapple that doesn't sting, a bird that swims, a fish that sings. I wanna. I really wanna. / Bring me a volcano that blows up all the molten jama and a blue banana. I can. I canna. / And you can wackle all you wanna. You can wackle while I walk away. / And you can wackle all you wanna. You can wackle while I walk away, away, away, away!"

I simply have to include the rehearsal scene:

NOTE: Basically, Hula Hana is setting a series of impossible tasks, as happens in "Scarborough Fair". I'm among a number of people who have attempted deciphering the often-nonsensical lyrics. I did my best! (wackle?!)

It's singalong time! It's "The Kellerman's Anthem"!

Kellerman's we come together, singing all as one; / We have shared another season's talent, play and fun. / Summer days will soon be over; soon the autumn starts; / And, tonight the memories whisper softly in our hearts.

(chorus) Join hands and hearts and voices; voices, hearts and hands. / At Kellerman's, the friendships last long as the mountains stand.

Daytime, nighttime, any hour, whether rain or shine, / Games and lectures, jokes and music happily combine. / (chorus) / Not a stress or strain is found here for it must be said, / Here at Kellerman's you gladden stomach, heart and head. / (chorus) / For our heads .... / But the heart needs a vacation where no cares are seen.

So, let's join in just one last chorus, visitors, staff and guests. / What we've shared won't be forgotten. Old friends are the best. / (chorus and repeat)

NOTE: Not a single source has a believable (to me) version of the "For our heads" line; most versions leave out part of the song. By watching the scene repeatedly, I filled in some gaps and made corrections but still cannot make out the missing words due to the overlapping dialogue. If I ever find words that make sense, I'll include them. Then, I will have THE "The Kellerman's Anthem"~all of it! Victory shall be mine! *giggle* Perhaps this isn't really "looney", but it seemed only right to keep them together.

"Mrs. Doubtfire" (1993) ~ Dinosaurs James Brown-style then rap:

1) Pum pum pum! I eat wood! Dada dada dada da! It tastes good! Dada dada dada da! No meat! Big feet! I eat wood! Pum pum pum! Oh I can't go on! Can't go on!

2) Now, it's time for the Raptor Rap. Yo I'm a Raptor doin' what I can! Gonna eat everything till the appearance of man! Yo yo yo, see me! I'm living below the soil! I'll be back, but I'm comin' as oil!

Supernatural, "Ghostfacers" ~ Lyrics of theme song for Ghostfacers reality series: Ghost! Ghostfacers! We face the ghost when others will not! / We're ghost! Ghostfacers! Stay in the kitchen when the kitchen gets hot! / Ghost! Ghostfacers! We face the nightmare; we face the dread! / Ghost! Ghostfacers! We face the faceless; we face the dead! / In the haunted night, looking for the fright of our life with the afterlife! / When you trip and fall into the supernatural, / We're who you're gonna call 'cause we face them all! / Ghostfacers!

The Andy Griffith Show, "Crime-Free Mayberry" ~ Lyrics of Barney's song, to the tune of "My Darlin' Clementine": In a jailhouse down in Dixie, fighting crime and risking lives / Live a sheriff and his buddy, pistol-packing Barney Fife. / Oh my daring / Oh my daring / Oh my daring Barney Fife! / He's a deadly crimestopper. / What a copper, Barney Fife. / Then, one day there came a ridin' two bad men to rob a bank. / But, Fife was tricky, a deadeye dickie, now they're locked up in the tank... (Unseen, Andy joins in.) Oh my Barney / Oh my Barney / Had a jail but couldn't lock it / Had one bullet for his pistol / Had to keep it in his pocket.

"The Duchess and the Dirtwater Fox" (1976) ~ Double entendre-filled lyrics for "Please Don't Touch My Plums" by Sammy Cahn, Mel Frank & Charles Fox.

Me mummy had a fruiterer, / The finest ever seen. / His fruit was fresh and firm and hard / And for the most part clean. / The ladies came from far and near / To sample his deploy; / But, when the mums reached for his plums, / The fruiterer would cry,

"Oh! You can touch me berries, / But you must not touch me plums; / You can touch me cherries, / But be careful with those thumbs. / Squeeze me limes a thousand times / From now till winter comes; / I beg you each, enjoy a peach, / But please don't touch me plums!" / He was very, very sensitive about his bloomin' plums.

A titled lady came one day; / She had a strange request: / She'd promised some plum puddin' / To a very royal guest. / "I understand your plums, sir, / Are inordinately large. / I'll try a few, and, if it's true, / I don't care what you charge."

"Now, you can touch me apples, / Me bananas and me pears, / These nectarines, these tangerines, / And all me other wares. / The Queen's own guard could ride up hard / With sabres, plumes and drums, / And I'd salute. Say, 'Have a fruit, / But please don't touch me plums.'" / He was very, very sensitive about his bloomin' plums.

"Oh! You can grope me cantaloupe, / And I won't hardly mind/ / Ask to stroke me artichoke / Or anything you find. / Act like felons with me melons, / And we'll still be chums. / Try some of those. Try some of these. / I beg you all on bended knees. / I've got so much for you to squeeze. / So, please don't touch me plums!"

"Top Secret!" (1984) ~ Lampoon of East German National Anthem: Hail, hail East Germany / Land of fruit and grape / Land where you'll regret / If you try to escape / No matter if you tunnel under or take a running jump at the wall / Forget it, the guards will kill you, if the electrified fence doesn't first.


"Bring It On" (2000) ~ Big Red: I'm sexy! I'm cute! I'm popular to boot. / Squad: I'm bitchin'! Great hair! The boys all love to stare! I'm wanted! I'm hot! I'm everything you're not! I'm pretty! I'm cool! I dominate this school! Who am I? Just guess! Guys wanna touch my chest! I'm rockin'! I smile! And many think I'm vile! I'm flyin'! I jump! You can look, but don't you hump! hoo! I'm major! I roar! I swear I'm not a whore! We cheer, and we lead! We act like we're on speed! Hate us 'cause we're beautiful! Well, we don't like you either! We're cheerleaders! We are cheerleaders! Roll call! / Call me Big Red! / I'm W-W-W-W-Whitney! / C-C-C-C-Courtney! / Dude, it's Darcy! / I'm big bad Carver! Yeah! / Just call me Kasey! / I'm~still Big Red! I sizzle! I scorch! But, now I pass the torch! The ballots are in, And one girl has to win! She's perky! She's fun! And, now she's No. 1! K-K-Kick it, Torrance, T-T-T-Torrance! / I'm strong, and I'm loud! I'm gonna make you proud! I'm T-T-T-Torrance, Your captain Torrance! / Squad: Let's go, Toros! We are the Toros, The mighty mighty Toros! We're so terrific! We must be Toros!

"Bring It On: All or Nothing" (2006) ~ Squad: Sha boo ya sha sha sha boo ya! Roll call! Sha boo ya sha sha sha boo ya! Roll call! / My name is Leti! I like to party! And, when I shake it, the boys say, "Ay mami!" / Squad: Sha boo ya sha sha sha boo ya! Roll call! / My name Camille! Give you three wishes! You see me shake it 'cause I'm delicious! / Squad: Sha boo ya sha sha sha boo ya! Roll call! / My name Kirresha! Get out my face 'cause when I shake it, it's like an earthquake!

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1992) ~ How funky is your chicken? How funky is your chicken? How loose is your goose? Our goose is totally loose! So, come on, all you Hog fans! So, come on, all you Hog fans, And shake your caboose, And shake your caboose! Whoooo!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "The Witch" ~ Sunnydale! Sunnydale! / We never fail! We never fail! / Jump and shoot! Swish and score! / The other team is such a bore!

"The Replacements" (2000) ~ California oranges! Texas cactus! We think your team needs a little practice! Put 'em in a high chair! Feed 'em with a spoon! Roll 'em up in toilet paper! Kick 'em to the moon!


"Singin' in the Rain" (1952):

1) Moses supposes his toeses are roses, but Moses supposes erroneously. Moses he knowses his toeses aren't roses as Moses supposes his toeses to be.

2) Around the rugged rock the ragged rascal ran. // The complete version of "Rugged Rock" follows: Around the rugged rock the ragged rascal ran, / Foregoing fancy fonts, the Fontographer fawned and fell! / Alliteratively allowing for assonant aspects as well, / He spoke of several sentences that some should never spell! / This classic title font will deliver tall tales that tell!

The Brady Bunch, "A Fistful of Reasons" ~ She sells seashells by the seashore. She sells seashells by the seashore. She sells seashells by the seashore.

Moonlighting, "The Murder's in the Mail" ~ Seuss-inspired patter: a) "I'm sorry, but you're not on the guest list." b) "That's because we're not guests. We're looking for a man with a mole on his nose." a) "Mole on his nose?" c) "A mole on his nose." a) "What kind of clothes?" c) "What kind of clothes?" b) "What kind of clothes do you suppose?" a) "What kind of clothes do I suppose would be worn by a man with a mole on his nose? Who knows?" b) "Did I happen to mention, did I bother to disclose, that this man that we're seeking with a mole on his nose~I'm not sure of his clothes or anything else, except he's Chinese, a big clue by itself." c) "How do you do that?" b) "Gotta read a lot of Dr. Seuss." a) "I'm sorry to say, I'm sad to report, I haven't seen anyone at all of that sort, not a man who's Chinese with a mole on his nose with some kind of clothes that you can't suppose. So, get away from this door, and get out of this place, or I'll have to hurt you~put my foot in your face." b) "Oh." c) "Time to go." b) "Time to go." (a) security guard (b) David (c) Maddie


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      good blog


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