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Superman III

Updated on April 3, 2013

Richard Pryor meets Superman

"Superman III" is perhaps one of the biggest disappointments of all time. The film is based on the popular flagship character from D.C. comics. In the film, a powerful business man tries to create a super computer, that can control weather, to take over the world by enlisting the aid of a bumbling computer whiz played by Richard Pryor. In their grand scheme to bump Superman out of the way, they create a special red kryptonite that turns Superman into a bad guy. Meanwhile, Superman's alter ego, Clark Kent, gets reaquainted with his old high school sweet heart, Lana Lang. For those of you that's expecting the same magic that made the first two films great, this movie fails to live up to it. The direction seemed lacklustered at times, special effects were mediocre, and the storyline was uninteresting. Another disappointing sequel.

In the film, the story is written in a third person point of view by illustrating Richard Pryor as the main character. I remember growing as a kid various Superman comics were written that way. Don't get me wrong. It was a clever thought, but it backfires because the audience doesn't have any reason to care about Superman in this film. I remember in the first film, Superman tried to rotate the Earth to save Lois which the audience could feel sympathy for him because of the story build up with the characters. In this one, when Superman fights himself in a junk yard which should've been one of the memorable fight scenes in the series. However, since the viewer rarely sees Superman/Clark Kent in the film, he/she doesn't care.

Sadly, none of this is helped when you have a director that seems to can't make up his mind if this going to be a Richard Pryor film or a Superman film.

Top it off with horrible special effects, and you get "Superman III."

Overall, a huge disappointment. It fails to live up to the magic that made the first two phenominal using bad special effects, direction, and story. A disappointing sequel indeed.


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