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Rick And Morty Adult Swim Series Guide

Updated on October 3, 2015

Rick And Morty Adult Swim 's Best Series Ever

For those who love scifi as much as they love fart jokes, there is no better animated TV series on the air today than Rick And Morty on Adult Swim. The series focuses on the lives of Rick Sanchez, a drunk, cynical scientist, and Morty Smith, his wuss of a grandson. Rick's nack for science and experimentation makes for a plethora of adventures, along with just as many guinea pig opportunities for Morty. The two often find themselves evading intergalatic mobsters, destroying planets, or fighting with the council of Ricks (yes, every dimension has its own Rick and its own Morty).

Rick And Morty Adult Swim Intro

Rick And Morty Simpsons Couch Gag

Meet The Characters

Rick Sanchez

Rick is the quintessential mad scientist, minus the evil intent and plus the alcoholism. He left his family (and daughter, Beth) years ago and recently returned to live with Beth. He spends most days tinkering in the garage, inevitably inventing something that will surely ruin everyone's day, particularly Morty's.

Morty Smith

Morty is Rick's grandson and inadvertent guinea pig for his experiments. Although nearly spineless, Morty can sometimes fight with Rick and get his way, but it's rare. Morty takes an interest in science even though he is terrible in school, although that can also be Rick's fault for dragging him out of class so often.

Summer Smith

Summer is the whiny older teenage sister of Morty. For a while, she resented her grandpa for moving in and causing trouble, but over time they have bonded and now she commonly gets involved with his schemes. She seems to have an off-and-on boyfriend, who only comes into play when he serves the story.

She often sides with her mother and against her father in family arguments, and generally fights with Morty on nearly any topic, including who is Rick's favorite grandchild. Few episodes focus directly on Summer, but she gets involved in many stories throughout the series.

Rick and Morty Adult Swim Season One

Beth Smith

Beth is the mom and resident sane one of the family. Clearly depressed with her home life, she takes great pride in her work as a horse surgeon. Beth commonly fights with her husband, Jerry, almost to the point of divorce, but they always make up... at least for now. Beth loves her dad Rick and has anxiety issues about him leaving again, so she can usually tolerate any and all of his craziness.

Jerry Smith

Jerry is the dad and resident loser of the family. Clearly, Morty gets his spineless nature from his father. Jerry lives out all the classic "dad" cliches, from trying to improve his golf game with the help of the Meeseeks to one episode which featured a "day care" full of Jerrys attempting to hook up a new flat screen TV set.

Jerry can often be full of himself and finds it very odd that no one else is bothered by some of Rick's inventions and activities. Jerry hates Rick and sees no good reason for him to be around, creating a lot of tension between the two and the whole family.

Rate The Series!

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Meet The Creators

Justin Roiland

Roiland grew up in California and moved to Los Angeles soon after college to pursue a career in entertainment. He quickly gained recognition at Channel 101, a media collective co-created by Dan Harmon in the mid 2000's. Roiland worked on several animated series, including Fish hooks for Disney and Adventure Time for Cartoon network.

Dan Harmon

Harmon grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and moved to Los Angeles in the late 90's. He performed stand up, write for tv series, and wrote for web. After creating, writing, and producing many projects with limited success, Harmon found his niche with alternative web tv site Channel 101, which he co-created with a fellow collaborator. In 2009, Community was green lit by NBC and Harmon's career was launched. Years later, he was fired as show runner only to be rehired a season later. Soon after, Harmon and Roiland teamed up to create Rick and Morty.

The Future Of Rick And Morty

According to many websites that cover Rick and Morty Adult Swim has picked up the show for a season three to premiere in 2016. Ratings have been up since the premiere of the series, so it only makes sense that Adult Swim would order more episodes.

Both Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon have projects in the works. Dan Harmon is rumored to be working with Mitch Hurwitz (Arrested Development) on a mystery project. Justin Roiland is currently in development of a virtual reality video game.

Fortunately, both Roiland and Harmon have no intention of leaving Rick and Morty behind any time soon.


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