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Ride Along or Pass it Up?

Updated on June 24, 2014

The Plot

We're thrown into the story of a video game obsessed man-child (Kevin Hart) and his desires to join the police force. His disapproving, soon-to-be brother in-law (Ice Cube) is a successful and determined police officer who is relentless in his search for a member of the criminal underground. In an attempt to gain approval for marriage, Hart's character goes on a ride along, which ultimately results in comedic disaster.

What We Got

Kevin Hart has displayed his comedic chops time and time again with small parts in movies, and particularly in his stand-up comedy specials. It seems now he has been deemed a leading man, which is not all bad, except the writing just is not up to par with his talents. In this movie, Kevin Hart plays a toned down version of Kevin Hart, while Ice Cube does what he does best, and plays Ice Cube. This was what was disappointing.Hart is most certainly juxtaposed with Ice Cube, resulting in what should be comedic gold, but the arrow just seemed to miss the mark. The film received high expectations and just seemed to fall short. The one liners were quick and forced. The interactions between Ice Cube and Hart seemed to be a significantly toned down version of Training Day, which they even referenced. Overall, both the pairing of the actors and the premise had great potential, but was unable to deliver the expected laughs.

Sequel Material?

No. While the sequel will more than likely churn a profit, the quality is not likely to improve and the characters will almost definitely remain two dimensional and forced. If a cheap laugh is what you desire, a trip to Redbox is recommended for both Ride Along and whatever the sequel will be entitled.

The Ride Along Trailer


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