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Rihanna Hair Colors Over the Years

Updated on July 22, 2012

Chameleon trendsetter Rihanna knows how to turn heads. whether it's with her clothes or with her hair. This hub shows you Rihanna hair colors over the years -- in shades of blonde, red, brown, and black -- in the most attractive hairstyles she has worn. These will surely be some of your favorite looks of hers!

Teenaged Rihanna with Long, Light Brown Hair
Teenaged Rihanna with Long, Light Brown Hair | Source

Light Brown Hair (above)

This is a great picture of the young Rihanna, and it is one of my favorites looks of hers. Her long, light hair color complements her skin color very nicely here. She is also wearing the perfect hairstyle for a casual day at the mall or beach.

Rihanna with a Short Black Bob
Rihanna with a Short Black Bob | Source

Black Hair in a Bob (above)

This pic reflects a grown, sophisticated Rihanna. This hair color could more accurately be called blue-black. And the tones in it match well with her blue eye makeup and violet lip color. I have seen her in far better hair looks, but this is a classic, yet modern hair color and 'do for her.

Rihanna with Deep Brown Hair
Rihanna with Deep Brown Hair | Source

Deep Brown Hair (above)

Rihanna goes glam with a deep brown hair color and long, curly locks. Even though she is known for an having ultra modern style, Rihanna can get just as formal as the rest of Hollywood. Here she pulls off a formal look with great panache. This color also brings out Rihanna's green eyes very well.

Rihanna with Cherry Red Hair
Rihanna with Cherry Red Hair | Source

Cherry Red Hair (above)

Okay, is it me, or is this Rihanna's best look ever? This is definitely my favorite look for her. Even though the hair color doesn't happen in nature, Rihanna pulls this off to the point I feel she should just keep this long red hair for good. Great job!

Rihanna with Medium Golden Blonde Hair
Rihanna with Medium Golden Blonde Hair | Source

Medium Golden Blonde (above)

Rihanna has worn a few different blonde wigs, but this is the most flattering color and style she has worn. This golden color looks more natural than the pale blondes she has tried before. She also famously wore her hair in this style in black when she first burst onto the scene.


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