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Rihanna - Is she revealing her raunchy side too much?

Updated on July 4, 2011

One of Rihanna's 'barely there' stage costumes

Many have deemed Rihanna's outfits as inappropriate

She is becoming ever more popular with her music career soaring and her prominence in the media continuing to grow, but has Rihanna gone too far with the garments she wears on stage and off?

The voluptuous 23 year-old goddess originally from the exotic islands of Barbados, has always been somewhat of a sex symbol. With her suggestive eyes and flawless features many have longed to be in her presence and look up to her as a role model.

However, as of late there has been growing concern for the amount of young teenagers who follow this superstar's trends. This is down to the revealing outfits she has been seen wearing for many photoshoots, performances and candids taken by paparazzi.

Those who view Rihanna in the public eye have noticed her long legs and toned midriff continuously cropping up in new images of the young singer. With costume changes for many big concerts and shows becoming raunchier as time progresses, there is undoubtedly a large number of authority figures and parents becoming worried for the message this portrays to their young children.

Rihanna performing her naughty routine at the X-Factor in 2010
Rihanna performing her naughty routine at the X-Factor in 2010

It is clear that a big focus on Rihanna's successful career is not only down to her seductive dance routines and angelic harmonies, but to the sexy apparel that drapes her hourglass figure.

Many have noticed the amount of garments she wears is decreasing and becoming ever more suggestive in recent times. However there are as many people worried about the singer's message being sent out in the wrong manner as there is people who are enjoying every minute of this beautiful superstar's costumes and sensuous performances.

An X-Factor performance in late 2010 sparked many complaints from viewers as she pranced around the stage in a pair of tight hotpants whilst flaunting her smooth and defined pins. The amount of young children who regularly watch the talent show was the reason for concern from viewers.

Complaints saw Rihanna's name hit headlines due to the nature of the performance and many questioned whether it was appropriate for the viewing age of the programme. Not only has she been in the paper for this issue but many others have followed including various magazine shoots, twitter updates and interviews that reveal the singers raunchy side.

Regardless of these affairs, Rihanna is not afraid to broadcast her dirty side. Her song 'Rude Boy' topped charts in 2009 and has since branded her with the sexual and erotic image that lies with her today.

The 2011 Rolling Stone cover and section that sees scantily clad Rihanna being pictured
The 2011 Rolling Stone cover and section that sees scantily clad Rihanna being pictured

So the question remains.

Is this image giving young girls the wrong idea of what a woman should be defined as?

It certainly is a troubling affair and many points can be given from both sides of the arguments. The fact that Rihanna is seen as a sex symbol is giving many young girls the thoughts of acting in the same manner. This is obviously something that is frowned upon and can lead to further issues that could have a negative impact on young women's lives.

Being portrayed as a sex object is a problem that can fuel men to act in a disrespectful manner towards females. This should be avoided by all costs and the scantily clad outfits worn not only by Rihanna but by many female celebrities in today's media, is causing concern to parents as their daughters and children want to immitate these celebrities styles.

The Rolling Stone cover that saw the fiery redhead wearing nothing but a pair of painted on denim hotpants was the latest in her string of evocative events.

However, is this image of today's women a way of feeling powerful?

It surely can bring a feeling of confidence and happiness to a person who wears these small garments and feels good in them, which can be a positive point to this issue. Let's be honest, if we all had that figure we would all be flaunting it wouldn't we? For who would want to hide away such a grand gift?

Women can't get away with the things men can

Men are often given the opportunity to parade around in next to nothing with no consequences, whereas a woman may be seen in a top with a small amount of cleavage or a pair of shorts which shape the rear too well and get slated for it.

This is a frustrating problem and women everywhere surely want to wear things they are comfortable in without getting negativity from it.

The fact of the matter is that a male desires a female in more of a way than a female will desire a male. This meaning that a woman who decides to wear something that silhouettes her figure and shows more than is customary to a male, will get many responses from doing so. If a man did such a thing it is not as unusual to see and therefore attracts less attention.

A woman doing this can be seen as a way of feeling confident, supreme and adequate which is what every woman should feel anyway. However it can also cause an opposite effect and backfire, creating the opportunity for men to act inappropriately and for others to gather a judgement on you, regardless of whether they really know you or not.

The fact remains that Rihanna will be seen in these outfits for a long time to come, for what reason we do not know. She has the body for it and knows how to work it which gains her fans, makes her desirable and surely leaves her feeling great.

But do you think it is a good thing to do if you feel self assured when doing so? Or is this demeaning to women and portraying the wrong message? You decide!

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Do you believe revealing outfits worn by women causes a negative impact?

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Rihanna's raunchy X-Factor performance


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    • RealityTalk profile image

      RealityTalk 4 years ago from Planet Earth

      You make many valid points.

      I think Madonna set the stage during her career with the revealing outfits and suggestive behavior on stage. What Madonna did catapulted her to stardom. And what others saw as a successful way to stardom, they imitated. And once the imitation succeeded, it became the norm. And once it became the norm, doesn't anyone wanting to succeed have to follow suit?

      I don't blame Rhianna for wearing revealing outfits or for her suggestive behavior onstage. It seems to be a requirement to success. And, most of us can admit she wears it and plays it well. But, I agree her outfits and onstage behavior does give me pause as a parent of two young girls. It would be nice if we could go back to the days when a singer like Mama Cass could get our attention by her standing before a microphone, wearing a moo moo, with no gyrations of the hips. But alas, I think those days are gone for now.

    • profile image

      Scott B 5 years ago

      Rihanna said herself that she never wanted to be a "role model" for anybody - she is a talented lady and is not afraid to show off her body. Her musical talent is not bad and remember - sex sells.

    • profile image

      Brazil77 5 years ago

      Musically, I can't hear her talent. The lyrics suck, too. All she is selling is sex. She's a horrible example for young girls who think this is what they have to look like and act like.

    • Roy Perrin profile image

      Roy Perrin 6 years ago from Jacksonville, NC

      Rhianna, has slowly gone from someone whose music I liked and appreciated to someone who I can't let my kids listen to. It's a shame, she can really sing.

    • profile image

      Husky1970 6 years ago

      You make some excellent points, especially regarding the empowerment of women. I agree that Rhianna has it and certainly has the right to flaunt it. But her fame in the music industry should be far more based on her vocal talents than her physical attributes. Great to hear these sentiments from a young woman, and not from an envious perspective, but rather a moral one. Kudos to you.

    • BethanRose profile image

      BethanRose 6 years ago from South Wales

      Exactly. Be famous for a voice not a body!

    • DaniellaWood profile image

      DaniellaWood 6 years ago from England

      Exactly. Just look at Lady Gaga! Most followed person on Twitter...with some of the most inappropriate costumes! There was this programme on the TV called 'Stop Pimping Our Kids' where the presenter took photo stills of one of Lady Gaga's music videos and asked members of the public if they thought they were 'pop' or 'porn'...almost everyone answered 'porn'. Just goes to show!

    • BethanRose profile image

      BethanRose 6 years ago from South Wales

      You're right there, thanks for your comment. It's true, I mean she's gorgeous and I love her music. But I think she should be a little more conservative for at least ONE performance?! LOL.. but I somehow don't think that's going to happen. Raunchiness is all over the music industry these days.

    • DaniellaWood profile image

      DaniellaWood 6 years ago from England

      You're so right - Rihanna reveals way too much of her body, and to think she's a role model to thousands of young girls... Moreover, thanks to women like her, boys are growing up to be attracted to girls who only reveal more than they should and who strut around like...well, sluts, basically. It's not right.

      Great hub. Daniella.

      Ps. Is it just me or is she really off key in that X-Factor performance?! Ouch, my ears...

    • BethanRose profile image

      BethanRose 6 years ago from South Wales

      You make a very interesting point regarding when she does get older. Madonna is another who seems to solely rely on her body, even now. It's not a good look for her to over flaunt things at her current age when she has talent to succeed with. Instead she chooses to use her body to her benefit and it's a little too much now.

      I believe Rihanna is enjoying her time and making the most of it, but it will be difficult to rely on just the voice when the body gets taken away.

    • Carolyn2008 profile image

      Carolyn Gibson 6 years ago from Boston

      It's not just the lack of clothes on her body. She dances like a stripper on stage, legs gapping in and out like the fourth picture from the top. The only thing missing is the pole.

      Yes, I believe she is leading other singers to copy her and her success. Look at Keri Hilson who did a naked cover like Rihanna. Singing is taking a back seat to sexuality on stage.

      Rihanna may be hot today, but she will not be able to keep up her curves as she heads toward 30 years old. Once she can't wear those kinds of clothes, what will she have to keep her audience? Her singing is too heavily attached to her clothes.

      I hope this is just a fad, and that audiences will get tired of seeing so much body and demand more singing quality.