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Rihanna and Chris Brown need to move on

Updated on November 6, 2009
Rihanna in court
Rihanna in court
Chris Brown in court
Chris Brown in court

So i hear that Chris Brown and Rihanna are supposed to be speaking out about the events that really took place the day that Chris Brown allegedly, physically abused Rhianna. Im not here to say if i believe this is true or not whether it is or it is not, you and i will never know for the simple fact we were not there to witness  any part of what happened.

My only problem is that this happend sometime in feburary and know one was ready to address to the public what really happend. not saying they have to just saying it wasn't done. I understand that for the first couple of  months they werent supposed to talk about what happen because of legalities. And thats all fine and well. But here we are in November and not one, but both of them feel that the time has finally come to share there sides of the story.

I don't understand why they would want to reopen something that was finally being settled. It feels as though they wanna resume something that in so many ways are so painful not only to their careers but to themselves.

I heard Rihanna saying that she didn't go back to Chris Brown because, of all the young girls in the world who look up to her. She states she doesn't want them to go back to their abusive boyfriends, and possibly be killed. If that is the fact why would Rihanna wait so long to realize and release information like this. If she felt it was so detrimental for young girls to-look at her story and learn from it, why wait nine months later.

I don't know if it's just me or does everyone else see what I'm saying, because who knows this story could have saved some other women s life. Or could have just gave someone else the strength to finally realize that it's not worth it to be in an abusive relationship. I believe one person's experience is a another persons lesson. And this is truly an experience to learn from.

Do you think Chris Brown and Rihanna need to move on?

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    • mistywild profile image

      mistywild 8 years ago from Houston, TX (Proud Texan)

      sometimes it's hard to talk about things such as this. it can be very embarrassing. do I think Rhianna needed to go on Good Morning America? Possibly, if not to finally speak out, but to help herself. but yes, the drama is getting old. they just keep slinging mud on each other, maybe the theory any publicity is good publicity applies here.

    • Putz Ballard profile image

      Putz Ballard 8 years ago

      Welcome to hub pages and yep, its getting to be old news.