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Ringer -- Bridget Still Hasn't Figured It Out

Updated on February 16, 2012

You know what? I don't think Bridget is going to get that the Shiv isn't dead and faked her own death even if Bridget sees her standing right before her eyes.

Anyway, Bridget paid Solomon to take her all the stops The Shiv made the day before her death. It was mildly interesting. Bridget found a key in an office The Shiv had that The Shiv easily got back by the end of the day and, of course, Bridget isn't thinking that gee, this is the second thing that's disappeared from this apartment. Then they made a stop at this bookstore/cafe where she found a note in The Shiv's usual table about how The Shiv just can't forgive her sister. The final stop was a shooting range The Shiv went to and a picture of Charlie on the wall. But basically, as is usual, Bridget still hasn't put anything together. Probably doesn't help that she never asks the right person the right question. Like, Tyler, just when he saw her, since he sounded like it had been recently. The whole Bridget not realizing her nasty sister is still alive has just gotten way beyond old.

The Shiv was still keeping her toys dancing on her string. Henry bought the BS story the Shiv gave him for how Bridget took over her life. Didn't take him long to fall back into her bed. Tyler video called her on her laptop and Henry answered stretched out in nothing but a robe, but The Shiv claimed he was her brother, and he bought it. He made a call to the SEC about Andrew's company, which seemed to be per The Shiv's orders, so everything is pretty much going her way. She claims she's doing it so she can divorce Andrew and get a big hunk of the pie. To do that, something tells me she's going to whack Bridget and retake her role as Mrs. Andrew Martin.

Olivia's plan to get Henry to introduce her to his father-in-law, Tim, finally bore fruit. Of course, it got dropped for so long, you may have completely forgotten about it. Olivia blackmailed Henry with the little pic he took of himself and The Shiv in the sack.

Finally, if you've been debating if Juliet was lying or not about her teacher, she was lying. She, her teach and Tessa we're all in on this plot to extort money from Andrew. They celebrated when the teach threatened a lawsuit when the case against the teach was dropped when Tessa said she lied about the teacher and he didn't rape her, after all. It was a shocking twist, but when you really think about it, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Why would you team up with the mean girl you can't stand in an extortion plot against your own father? What would make you think you could trust her? Would any teacher want even the hint of scandal attached to his name? And all of Juliet's supposed growth and bonding was one big lie.

This show is really starting to tank, big time. I understand the latest episode scored a .3 rating. I can understand it. I think viewers get tired of a show where the characters move but nothing really happens.


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