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Ringer -- Busted!

Updated on October 4, 2011

Bridget Tells The Truth

I hate misleading promos. This week's promo made it seem like some recording Victor got his hands on would prove to him that Bridget was pretending to be Siobahn. The actual recording wasn't even really a big deal.

The episode starts out with Andrew figuring out the truth that Bridget is pretending to be Siobahn and accuses Bridget of killing Siobahn. It's actually just a bad dream, but by the end of the hour someone will learn that Bridget isn't Siobahn.

Bridget is in a melancholy mood because it's her and Siobahn's birthday. She remembers past birthdays with her twin. As children they pooled their money together to buy a necklace they they alternated wearing each year. The birthday before Siobahn married Andrews, Siobahn threw the necklace at Bridget and told her she wanted nothing more to do with her. The birthday before last Bridget sent Siobahn the necklace and that seemed to spur Siobahn to reconnect with her twin to use her for whatever nefarious plan she's going going.

Andrew intends to make Siobahn's birthday better this year, since last year he put business ahead of her birthday and Siobahn ended up spending her birthday in bed with Henry. Andrew wants them to go to the beach house in the Hamptons where they usually celebrate her birthday, and he invites Gemma and Henry who usually celebrate it with them.

Before heading off to the beach house, Bridget goes to the bus locker she's stored all her things and retrieves the bag. In her bad dream, Andrew finding that bag is what tipped him off to the truth about her. What Bridget doesn't know is Victor put a video camera on the locker and he sees her taking Bridget's things out of the locker. He also learns Siobahn and Bridget went out on her boat together. A recording from the coast guard has Bridget calling for help for her sister. Victor naturally assumes it's Siobahn who called for help.

Victor comes to the beach house to confront her, and she tells him some lies that are so bad, he's a fool if he believes him. Bridget also has problems with Henry who tries to reignite their affair that seemed to begin in the beach house. She shoots him down, again. When Henry makes one last attempt, he says she looks at Andrew the way she used to look at him, and finally promises to let it go. What neither realizes is Gemma overheard their conversation.

Earlier, Victor had revealed to Gemma that Siobahn has a twin named Bridget. Bridget got Gemma to agree not to say anything to Andrew about it. Now, Gemma slaps Bridget and confronts her. When Gemma vows to go to Andrew and tell him the truth, Bridget has no choice but to tell her she's not Siobahn [the woman who slept with her husband] but Bridget her twin sister.

Meanwhile in Paris, Siobahn works to regain the ground she lost with Tyler. He's cold to her, at first, but comes to her rescue when the desk clerk is bother Siobahn about her hotel bill. Now that Bridget cleaned out her account, she has no way of paying the bill. Siobahn beds Tyler and goes through his briefcase when she takes a file that contains documents signed by Andrew. Afterwards, she calls her mysterious partner on the phone saying the plan is still on.

The big question is who is Siobahn's mystery partner and just what are they planning to do to Andrew? Over all, the episode was a bit slow moving and less action-packed than it has been in previous weeks, but it ended with a killer cliffhanger. Now that Gemma knows the truth, what is she going to do about it?


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