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Ringer -- But Didn't The Shiv Do That?

Updated on April 4, 2012

That's kind of what I've been saying since the whole Kathryn reveal. But at the end of 1.01, wasn't The Shiv calling her man to make sure Bridget was dead? Now, The Shiv, supposedly only faked her death because she was in fear for her life, now because she was a treacherous witch who planned to rob Andrew blind? Maybe it was just implied, but if they suddenly put Gemma's death on Kathryn I'm gonna know this is a sad attempt to rehabilitate The Shiv.

Things happened but not really, which has been one of the prime problems of this show. It's like a hamster going around on his wheel. He's moving and so is the wheel, but ultimately he's going nowhere.

Don't you just love when The Bridge tells Victor how much she trusts him and then continues to lie to him and just gives him bits and pieces of the truth like those supermarket sample ladies handing out a little sample of a product for you to taste? If she trusts Victor so much why not tell him, "I'm not The Shiv; I'm The Bridge."

She finally told Vic the truth about killing the man who tried to kill her and taking the cell phone and it mysteriously disappearing. It's not like she had a choice. Vic found the stiff's frozen corpse stuffed in a refrigerator. She needs his help to try and figure who is trying to snuff her. She only told Vic what she had to tell him, even though she trusts him so much.

Meanwhile, while The Bridge was playing I Got A Secret with Vic, Andrew was playing I Can Ruin Your Pristine White Shirt In Two Seconds with his ex, Kathryn. Yep, if he thought by saying, "Gotcha" to his crazy ex-wife that would be the end of it, he was very wrong. Guess he should have demanded his apartment key back, cause he heard a noise in the apartment and there was Crazy standing there with blood oozing from her wrists that she just cut. I'd bet she waited til she heard Andrew, slit her wrists and made noise so he'd come and investigate. Anyway, when he found her, she rubbed her bloody oozing wrists all over Andrews pristine white shirt. Blood doesn't come out. Better throw that shirt away; you won't be wearing it again.

Andrew rushed Crazy to the hospital where a shrink proceeded to give Kathryn a free pass for all the vile things she's done and the shrink doesn't even know the half of it. You know, The APA should sue television for the bad name they've given psychiatrists. I could probably count on one hand how many competent psychiatrists I've seen on television. Anyway, the shrink wants to send Crazy off to Bellvue, but Juliet wants her to come stay with Andrew and The Bridge and The Bridge says, "Okay, fine." This was one time The Shiv needed to be there and say, "You wanna take care of your Mommy? Go rent a hotel room."

Andrews got a case of the guilts because he thinks he was too mean to Crazy and that's why she did what she did. He tells The Bridge about Crazy kissing him and just going along with it, but assures her he made it clear to Crazy she didn't ring his bell. The Bridge is a freaking saint and she's not upset by it. After all, as vile as Crazy is, she doesn't mind letting her stay with her.

The Bridge, however, isn't extending a blanket of forgiveness towards Henry. Her tail got hauled in to the police station to ask her why she paid off a witness to lie that she didn't see Henry in Tyler's room. It was The Shiv, who thought the maid had the same kind of morals she has; anything for money. Only the maid went to the cops and told them The Shiv tried to bribe her into changing her story. The Tool gives her some lame story a child wouldn't buy, but she buys it. I felt like falling on the floor laughing when The Shiv worried that The Bridge might put the pieces together and realize she's still alive. Honey, even if you were standing in front of her, she still wouldn't get it. She'd probably think she was looking at her own reflection in the mirror. That's how dumb she is.

Aside from a murder charge hanging over his head, Henry learns his kids have been taken away from him. Thank you, God! His daddy-in-law, Tim, is behind it. He loathes The Tool and tells him he knows all about his affair with The Shiv. The Tool made his little girl's life miserable and may even been involved with her murder. Now it's payback time. While The Tool isn't responsible for Gemma's death, his preggo girlfriend is, so if he'd kept it in his pants, Gemma would be alive, so actually The Tool is to blame. Go, Daddy, make him pay! By the way, even with white hair, Gregory Harrison is still hot.

Do you ever notice that when someone is crazy they suddenly become smarter than everyone else? On this show that's not hard. Anyway, Crazy Kathryn is one of those crazies who is smarter than everyone else. She eavesdrop on The Bridge and Big Vic talking and know her time is about up. So, does she give up. Heck, no, she just gets more crazy. She unplugs the phone and swipes The Bridge's phone, so Big Vic can't warn her that there's a crazy in her house. Then she drugs The Bridge's drink, just as The Bridge sees the missing cell phone in Crazy's purse and FINALLY starts putting things together. Only she passes out oo the floor, and Crazy drops drugs all over her. Okay, does Crazy know The Bridge isn't really The Shiv but The Bridge a recovering drug addict? If not, then why does she think anyone is going to buy The Shiv died of a drug overdose?

Okay, just how dumb is The Bridge? She started feeling woozy and she never put together she'd been drugged. Just how dumb is The Tool? He comes home to see The Shiv with a heavy object in her hand about to wallop her twin on the head with it and doesn't think she was planning to kill her sister.

This is not a show for intelligent people. When Crazy was going on about how all the horrible things she did and how she just wishes she could get Andrew back and makes things like they were, but she doesn't admit to hiring a hit man to kill The Shiv, I kind of figured Crazy wasn't as repentant or sane as her meds were supposed to be making her.

Anyway, from the promo, Crazy goes stupid and apparently decides to drown The Bridge in the bathtub instead of making it look like a drug overdose. Honey, if you have a plan, don't change it midstream. Then she's holding Andrew and Juliet at gunpoint. That's the bad part about crazy people. When it's over, they're to crazy to get that, and keep thinking if they keep pushing forward, everything will work out fine.


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