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Ringer -- Can You Hear Me Now?

Updated on September 29, 2011


Ever since Stephen King used that phrase in Cell, I've wanted to find a way to use it, myself. Anyway this week's episode centers around the hitman's cell phone. Bridget hopes it can provide her for the information of who hired him [I'm thinking it was her no-so-dearly departed sister, Siobahn]. And a man begins stalking Bridget wanting the phone back.

This week's movie homage seems to be to Alfred Hitchcock's Suspicion. In Suspicion, Joan Fontaine is a wealthy but mousy woman who Cary Grant marries. Before long, Fontaine starts to suspect Grant is trying to murder her for her money.

When Bridget spots the same picture of Siobahn that the hitman hand on him, she thinks Andrew may have hired the hitman. Things look worse when she learns Siobahn had seen a divorce lawyer, who suggests to Bridget that he believes Andrew may be physically abusing her. He also mentions a property, 227 Pratt Street, that Siobahn was convinced Andrew was lying about, and that Siobahn thought Andrew might be hiding his assets to gyp her in a divorce settlement.

When Andrew asks Bridget to go to what looks like an abandoned building, she seems to suspect that Andrew is luring her in a trap to kill her. Only once inside it's actually for her to choose a designer dress to wear so they can go to the opera together. Of course, the opera plan gets ruined when Andrew catches Bridget going through his files and catches her with the file on 227 Pratt Street. He asks her why what he does for her is never enough for her. He also learns Bridget was seen visiting a divorce lawyer.

After Bridget goes to 227 Pratt Street and finds out it's the dump Andrew said it was, she begins to doubt her Suspicions. And when she learns that several people also had the same picture of Siobahn that the hitman had, she no longer believes Andrew hired the hitman. Dressed in the designer gown Andrew bought her, she tells him what he did was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for her. She also smooths things over by telling a convincing lie for why she went to see the divorce lawyer.

I think it's pretty obvious that Bridget is falling for Andrew, if she already hasn't fallen for him. She appreciates the things Andrew does for her, while not Andrew did was ever enough for Siobahn. However, just how will Andrew react when he learns the truth. Especially the fact she's letting him think she's pregnant with his child.

Bridget takes care of the man stalking her for the cell phone by arranging to meet Victor. Victor reveals he knows Siobahn has been having an affair with Henry for the last six months. Bridget doesn't tell Victor anything, but calls the man to tell him that if he tries anything, she'll arrange for the phone to be sent to Victor.

In Paris, Siobahn is going by the name Cora Farrell and she meets up with Tyler Barrett, who just happens to work for Andrew's company. Just a coincidence? Highly doubtful. Since Bridget raided her private slush fund, she's probably on the make to get a hold of more of Andrew's money somehow. She almost beds Tyler, but sends him away when she has a bought of morning sickness. Realizing she's pregnant, she calls Henry, but doesn't say anything.

Henry has his own troubles. He wants to pull his account out of Andrew's company, however, Andrew's partner Olivia wants to keep the connection to Gemma and through Gemma, her father. So she arranges a meeting with Gemma to inform her what Henry is doing and Gemma puts a kibosh on it. Henry, naturally, blames Andrew for it.

The one getting the worst of things is Bridget's friend Malcom. He's kidnapped by the man Bridget was supposed to testify against. After beating and torturing Malcom doesn't get him any information, he decides to readdict recovering addict Malcom to drugs. I feel so bad for him. That's an absolutely horrible thing to do someone. The man had his life together and now he's going to be thrown back into the hell he crawled out of all because he wouldn't sell out Bridget.

Ultimately, I'm not sure if I like either twin. The show isn't going with the old tried-and-true good twin vs. bad twin. They both seem equally bad and selfish.

One plot hole is sending Juliet off to be with her mother. Juliet was the reason that Bridget decided to stay. Juliet asked Bridget not to go. Now Juliet gets sent off to her mother and Bridget hasn't gone back to the plan to leave Andrew with her boat load of money?


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    • JeniferRW profile image

      Jen 6 years ago from Couch

      You and I seem to have similar tastes in shows! This one caught my eye as well. I have been interested in this show since it aired. I was the big nerd who never missed an episode of Buffy though. LOL so I was happy when Sarah Michelle Gellar was coming back to t.v., what do you think so far personally? I am liking it thus far, it has definitely kept my interest to the point of I 'want to know what happens next' ya know? Another good hub!! Voted up, useful, interesting, awesome. ~Jen