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Ringer -- Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

Updated on February 9, 2012

Bridget comes home to find the apartment a mess and thinks Juliet's at it, again. Only Juliet comes through the door and she had nothing to do with it. It seems Juliet's mother, Kathryn, has come to visit and support Juliet. You know what? If I were Andrew's wife, I'd have a problem with his ex taking up roost in my home. It's great she's come there to support Juliet, but guess what, do it at a freaking hotel and not in my home.

As it turns out, Kathryn isn't much support to Juliet, especially after a compromising video of Juliet coming on to her teacher is revealed and throws her story into doubt. Mommy Dearest basically calls her daughter a slut and begins burning all her photos. As a result, she gets her butt thrown out, thank goodness!

With even Andrew starting to doubt Juliet's story, she gets a break when old school rival Tessa shows up. Juliet gets all mean girl with her, until she reveals that their teacher also forced her to have sex with him.

The Shivster is still slithering around New York. She calls Tyler her French Tool to help her with the files she swiped from Andrew's computer. She then skanks her way over to a pawn shop and pawns Bridget's ring so she can buy some fake ID so she can skank her way back to gay paree. Little does she know that her New York Tool Henry is following her and he turns her into Victor. Of course, since her prints don't match Bridget's she skates back out of police custody. Then she goes to Henry and tells him she's still going to have his baby and shows him that Bridget has taken over her life. She also sees Bridget has uncovered another of her dirty little secrets.

Bridget may not have lived a good a clean life, but the Shivster was into some pretty bad stuff. By remembering an old word game she and The Shiv played as kids, Bridget contacts one of The Shiv's nefarious contacts. A man picks her up in a limo asking if she has her gun. Bridget tells him she's changed her mind and heads back home. She also discovers The Shiv lied about not knowing where she was, and knew exactly where she was before they met up again. Bridget hasn't connected the dots but hopefully she'll soon discover The Shiv is very much alive.

You know, I know exactly how The Shiv was doing all sorts of nefarious deeds right under Andrews nose. The dude just doesn't follow through and check things out. He learns the ring was pawned and asks her if she did it, and she says no [Hello, she could have lied] and that's the end of it. If you want to be a cheating skank conducting all sorts of dirty underhanded deals then Andrews the man for you. He's just not the brightest bulb in the package.

Anyway, all the characters moved around and seemed to be about to learn something, but alas, they learned nothing more than they knew before. Will, Henry did, but the dude is such a tool, it probably won't amount to anything.

BTW judging by what a wonderful stepmommy The Shiv was to Juliet, just wonder what her plans for Henry's kids are if she and the tool should actually get together? Possibly drowning them in the bathtub? Or shipping them off to boarding school? Or just selling them to some of her nefarious contacts. I remember reading awhile back that Gregory Harrison was going to guest star as Gemma's father. Dude, hurry up, and take those kids away to safety. I truly fear what will happen to them now the tool has hooked back up with The Shiv. Look at what she did to her own sister, look at what she's got planned for her husband. Those kids needs to be taken away from the tool where they can be safe from this monster.


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