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Ringer -- Hope You Didn't Decorate The Nursery, Yet!

Updated on November 9, 2011

Bridget Escapes The Bullett, Again!

Bridget doesn't have to worry about the baby lie, anymore. Because she fainted upon seeing Malcolm, she was taken to the hospital and examined by a very bad doctor. I say very bad doctor because if you thought your patient had suffered a miscarriage, wouldn't you want to do an examination to make sure she was all right. Maybe you don't need to do that with an ectopic pregnancy. Bridget says she bled a bit, bad doctor declares it was an ectopic pregnancy and off she goes without a backward glance. And Bridget's off the hook, once again. Later, she claimed she was going to a follow-up exam, but I think that may have been a cover story.

Juliet's having an "I like Bridget" week, this week. She's very supportive of Bridget and the baby loss. She also likes her teacher; a little too much. She actually asks him out on a date. He transfers her out of his class. But like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, it won't be that easy to shake her. She shows up to join a club her ex-teach is heading. Someone needs to tell her this isn't Pretty Little Liars and most teachers aren't stupid enough to get involved with jail bait. Especially when her father seems to be very rich and powerful.

I was about to ream out these writers, because Malcolm looked fine. This was an ex-addict shot up with his drug of choice, and for him to just be able to go back to not being hooked would have been UN-BEE-LIEVE-ABLE. It's horrible, but I was relieved to see him shooting up.

The all-knowing Shivster learns from Charles the faux NA sponsor that Malcolm in in town. He tells her he's going to handle things his way, this time. Cause he didn't sign of for what he had to do to Gemma. What his way is, is anyone's guess.While lounging in bed a mooning over a picture of that loser, Henry, the Shivster turns down Tyler's invite to go to Rome with him.

I'm sorry, but if you had Andrew, would you really prefer Henry to him? Sorry, but Andrew looks like he knows what he's about in the bedroom. Not to mention Henry is a total doofus. The only thing I can see that Henry has going for him is he and the Shivster are both gold diggers. I'm guessing old Henny Penny married Gemma for her money, and it appears the Shivster did the same with Andrew, even if it meant having to break-up his marriage to get him.

Speaking of Andrew, he hears Bridge telling Juliet she and Andrew won't be having another baby. This kills all the warm and fuzzies for Andrew in regards to Bridge and he's very cold to her afterwards. Bridge has men coming at her from every angle, but it's obvious the only one she wants is Andrew. She may be a reformed druggie, but she's got good taste.

Speaking of Henny Penny, he's upset to learn through the grape vine that Bridge lost his non-existent baby. He says he finally accepts it over. You really gotta feel for Bridge faking this miscarriage. You got all these people being nice and thinking she's quite the little trooper since she's taking it all so well, while she just wishes they'd all forget about the fake babe.

Through flashbacks, it's revealed it was Victor who got Bridge into NA. A similar courtesy he's not doing for junkie Malcolm. But then he doesn't need Malcolm to testify against Bottaway. Vic blackmails Bridge into wearing a wire with Malcolm by threatening to reveal her affair with Henny Penny. Bridge agrees, but cleverly sends a message to Malcolm that Vic is making her wear a wire so Malcolm plays along. Per usual, Vic scores 0.

The Shivster's latest toy, Tyler, actually has a change of plans and Andrews asks him to come to the states for a business meeting. Bridge shows up and Ty thinks it's Cora. He even says something, but Bridge doesn't cotton on to what he's talking about. As for Ty, he calls up the Shivster and tells her what a trifling piece of crap he thinks she is and that he won't be footing her hotel bill any longer.

Through a twist of fate, Bridge gets Andrew to let Malcolm stay with them while she tries to help him kick his habit. She even takes him to her faux sponsor, Charles. Talk about delivering him into the hands of evil. First, Bottaway, not the Shivsters hired thug. This poor dude can't get a break.

I was actually hoping Malcolm would remain at Andrews. I'm sure it wouldn't have been long before Juliet turned her eyes on him. And wouldn't that have been a fine kettle of fish.

At first the Shivster was trying to kill Bridge, now she's apparently helping her to keep pretending to be her. First with getting rid of Gemma and now setting her sights on Malcolm. The question is why? I still think she's going to show up at some point and claim Bridge tried to kill her and took her place. Especially now that Bridge framed herself for Gemma's disappearance.


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