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Ringer -- I'm In Love With Andrew

Updated on November 29, 2011

It's taken me almost two weeks to finally watch the last new episode of Ringer. I DVRed it and watching DWTS and just never got around to watching it. Don't think that's a good sign. I think it's because for me the show has gotten a bit tedious and predictable. While I thought it was a rather good episode, it also had the elements that I have grown tired of.

We learn the Shivster's plot against her sister didn't just start when Bridget showed up on her door after escaping from FBI custody, no the Shivster engineered Bridget's escape through her lackey Charlie, whose real name is John, who she apparently met in a bar that's in a church. CharlieJohn was behind Jimmy telling Bridget that Bottaway had people in the FBI and it wasn't safe to testify [it's Jimmy's gun Bridge has hidden on the top shelf of her closet] and encouraged Bridget to run like the wind. This is one of the things I've grown tired of. Generally if something happens on the show, the all-knowing Shivster is behind it.

Speaking of which, the Shivster made one of her infamous telephone appearances where she's revealed to be behind something. Apparently, the Shivster has been wanting to get Jimmy's gun away from Bridge, and finally Bridge decides to trust Charlie who she's known about a week and gives him the gun to get rid of. That's another thing. Bridget always does something stupid.

It's amazing for someone who does all the dumb things Bridget does, whenever it looks like she's going to be caught, she always finds a way to weasel out of it. Her reason this week for continuing to stay is she wants to find out who the Shivster was afraid of. She does a search of her things, again, and finds a prescription for anti-depressants and the doctor who prescribed them and makes an appointment to go on a fact finding mission. She manages to steal a page from Shiv's file, but is caught by the shrink, but, of course, she's able to talk her way out of it.

She learns that Shiv was afraid she was being stalked and she was hanging out at a church. So she goes to the church and discovers it's a bar and sees Charlie bellying up to the bar and learns his name is John and realizes the boo-boo she made giving him the gun. Now she needs to try and get it back.

Meanwhile Malcolm, who seems to be the brightest bulb on the show, but that's not saying much, figures out Charlie just got a bunch of stuff and put it in the apartment to make it appear he lives there. He searches Charlie's jacket and finds a key to a locker and finds a letter addressed to Charlie only his name is John. He also learns Charlie has another residence. Guess no one told Malcolm it's against the law to open other people's mail. Anyway, while Bridge is keeping Charlie busy trying to get that gun back, knowing she made a big boo-boo, Malcolm is searching Charlie's other residence. Charlie has a tied up Gemma, who is very much alive, in the basement. Don't get excited. Malcolm isn't going to find her. No one on this show ever find out anything. Lo and behold, just as Malcolm is trying to get in the locked basement, Bridge calls to say that Charlie is leaving. Of course, just as the cell phone is ringing, does Gemma try to finally make some noise to alert someone she's down in the basement and Malcolm doesn't hear her because of said cell phone ringing and leaves not finding out anything.

it's something I've come to expect. No one ever finds out anything. You'd think when Tyler confronted Bridge she would maybe ask questions and figure out the Shivster isn't dead, after all. Nope. Just like when Andrew asked Bridget if he lost everything would she still stand by him, and she said yes. That should have been a dead give away that Bridget wasn't the materialistic gold digger Shiv, but he didn't get a clue.

Anyway, during her appointment with Shiv's shrink Bridget realizes she's in love with Andrew. There's your real reason for not wanting to leave. I don't know if she's actually slept with Andrew, but they were pretty lovey-dovey as they were giving each other a tongue bath. Of course, Malcolm is still buzzing in Bridget's ear about she needs to leave, because none of this is real. Of course, Malcolm is a bit prejudiced because he knocked boots with Bridget and probably hopes something will happen between them, again.

Anyway, the big cliffhanger for the week is Olivia went through Henry's cell phone and found a picture of Henry and Shiv together. Ah, she's figured out their having an affair. But mark my words either Andrew will think it's innocent because they don't have their tongues down each other's throats or Bridget will find a way to talk her way out of it. Nothing ever really happens on this show. The characters seem to be on the verge of something happening, but it doesn't. It's always one step forward and two steps back.


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