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Ringer -- Shades of Rear Window

Updated on October 12, 2011

Juliet Returns

Actually, the ending reminded me of one of my favorite Alfred Hitchcock movies, Rear Window. Raymond Burr kills his wife and cuts her up in pieces and makes several trips out with her body parts in his sample case, which it's assumed he dumps in the river. And although they never get specific, movie goers are left to surmise he buried his wife's head in a hat box under some roses in the garden, which is why he kills the dog who smelled it and tried to dig it up. And after that stomach-retching thought, let's get on with the show.

This episode had quite a few fake-outs. Like when Andrew and Bridget get home and find the word WHORE scrolled across a picture of Siobahn's face. First thought in my head is Gemma was here. Not so fast, sweetheart. Even when I saw Juliet was back, I didn't want to give up that thought. But Juliet is all anti-Siobahn after a visit with mommy. She's also high as a kite and she's trashed the apartment. I have to give up the ghost when she admits she defaced Siobahn's picture. I still could really see Gemma doing that, though. Any way, it seems that brief bonding moment between Juliet and Bridget has gone with the wind.

Bridget decides to go through Juliet's room looking for drugs, but Andrew stops her and asks she let him handle that. That's fine, since she's still got the Gemma issue to deal with.

Gemma thought Bridget was lying to get out of being caught as an adulteress. But when she goes home and watches a video, she notices Bridget doesn't have a scar on her wrist while the real Siobahn does. Unfortunately, Gemma isn't sympathetic to Bridget's plight or Bridget saying she wants to right the wrongs her sister dead before getting out of Dodge. Instead, Gemma wants to use the situation to her own advantage and wants Bridget to have sex with Henry so she can catch him and break their prenuptial agreement and get full custody of their kids. Bridget refuses, but Gemma says she'll go to Victor and tell him who she really is if she doesn't.

Marcus is still being pumped full of drugs by Bottaway, but he still won't give up the goods and continues to protect Bridget. When Bridget calls up his cell needing his help, he even destroys the phone so Bottaway can't find her.

Bridget called Malcom because she almost popped some pills because of Gemma's demands. Not able to find Malcom she went to a local Narcotics Anonymous meeting. Little did she know, she was spied there by Juliet.

When Juliet discovered her room had been gone through, she figured out Siobahn was the culprit and decided to destroy her wedding gown and a few other things. She came upon the NA flyer. What she isn't aware of was she almost also discovered the gun Bridget killed the hit man with.

Anyway, Juliet outs Bridget to Andrew, in what can be termed fake-out #2. You think Bridget is going to have to explain why she was at an NA meeting. That Andrew would think Siobahn was a secret pill addict. But Juliet assumes it was about her and Siobahn is planning to have her committed to some rehab center. Bridget goes with the flow and her bacon is saved again.

Fake-out #3 is also courtesy of Juliet. When Andrew confronts Juliet about her animosity towards Bridget, she says Siobahn is a whore that sleeps with other women's husbands. And you think she knew about Henry and Siobahn, too. Not so fast. Turns out she was talking about the fact Andrew cheated on Juliet's mother with Siobahn. Once a love cheat, always a love cheat, eh, Siobahn?

Fake-out #4 comes when it looks like Bridget is really going to go through with boffing Henry. Just as she moves in for what appears to be a kiss, Bridget whispers that Gemma knows everything and she's trying to force her to set a trap for Henry. Bridget implores Henry to go home and makes things right with Gemma. Unfortunately, this just inflames Henry, who was upset his novel got rejected, and sets into motion our Rear Window moment.

Gemma goes to confront Bridget when she doesn't show up to set Henry up. Bridget says she isn't going to do it and offers to be the friend to Gemma that Siobahn wasn't. If that moved Gemma, when she gets home and Henry tells her Bridget outted her, her offer of friendship must seem like total BS to Gemma, who calls up Andrew asking him to meet her. She's going to repay Bridget's friendship by outting her. Can't say I blame her.

When Andrew arrives to see Gemma, Henry is there and won't let him in. Their apartment is in a shambles and there's blood all over the walls. Did Henry go all Raymond Burr and kill Gemma and chop her up in little pieces?

There was one moment on the show at the end that was a told mind you know what. Bridget sent Andrew to go to the club by himself, yet she was with him later. And Gemma's whole, "You talked to Siobahn, tonight?" Had me wondering if one of the Bridget's was actually Siobahn pretending to be Bridget. I know it was probably just me.

It was a very good and twisty episode. Can't wait to see what happens next.


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