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Ringer -- So They Weren't Sleeping Together

Updated on November 29, 2011

Status Quo Once More

I kind of find it hard to believe that Bridget and Andrew have been sleeping together in the same bed for weeks and this is the first time they made love. It was a hot scene. I really like them as a couple.

Bridget and Malcolm put some of the pieces together. He found Gemma's cell phone at Charlie's place, the coupled with the locked room, makes Bridget realize it was Charlie who has Gemma. They call the cops on Charlie, but the cops side with one of their own [Charlie the ex-cop] over Malcolm the drug addict.

The Shivster is trying to get her claws back into Tyler. She purposely gives herself a black eye and claims Andrew did it to her. When he finds her pregnancy test, later, she claims it's his baby.

Juliet is also trying to get her hooks into someone: her teacher. She likens them to Edward and Bella. He finally has enough of her coming on to him and asks to speak to her alone in his classroom. We don't see what happens, but according to Juliet her teacher forced her to have sex with him. Is she telling the truth or getting back at him for rejecting her?

Victor's partner Jimmy, who is apparently a mole for Bottaway, leads Victor into a trap. However, before he can kill Victor, he's arrested and Victor says he wants Jimmy to spill the beans, starting with what really happened when Bridget escaped custody.

Apparently the Shiv was the reason that Gemma was kept alive. Now that Bridget and Malcolm are on to him, Charlie wants to go rogue and kill Gemma. He makes a last ditch attempt to get some money out of Bridget. Unfortunately, Henry screws it up and calls the cops. Charlie realizes the cops are watching and says the deal is off when Bridget comes to pay him off. He goes to kill Gemma. His first attempt fails, but his second attempt does the trick. Before he kills Gemma he tells her the Shivster is still alive. Yep, someone finally found out and two seconds later they're killed, so the Shivster's secret remains intact.

After Charlie whacks Gemma, the Shivster arrives and kills him. Before he died he made an interesting comment about the Shiv planning to let Bridget take the fall for her. Either it's about something she's already done or is about to do. At a guess, since she seems to be plotting against Andrew, I'm guessing she's planning to murder Andrew and frame Bridget for it. Isn't ironic that the two people she's plotting against have actually fallen in love with each other. Bet she'll just love that one.

So basically, the mid-season cliffhanger doesn't really have one. Olivia didn't show up to blast Bridget out of the water. The Shivster's secret is intact and it's still not clear just what her game is. Gemma is dead, but since Charlie clearly did it, Bridget won't be blamed for it. The Shiv is now passing off Henry's baby as Tyler's. Juliet is claiming her teacher raped her. And Victor foiled the plot to kill him. Everything is basically status quo once more.


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