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Ringer -- Still Status Quo

Updated on March 28, 2012

I haven't watched the show for a couple episodes, opting to watch whatever came on after Switched At Birth on ABC Family. But I watched it, tonight. It doesn't seem I missed much.

It had an exciting beginning, sort of. Henry arrested, Andrew kissing his ex-wife and Bridget dead. I, however knew from past viewing of this show, it would all turn out to be nothing. And I was right.

Henry has been arrested for Tyler's murder. I'd heard that one idiot had accidentally killed the other idiot. So, Henry didn't grow a pair and blow Siobahn away. It seems Henry's father-in-law helped the police to lower the boom on him. Wonder if he figured out Henry was cheating on Gemma with the woman that ultimately cost his daughter her life? With Henry in jail, it's a good way to get his hands on his grandkids without having to start a custody suit. It'll be the best thing that could happen to those kids. Siobahn seems the type to honor that long tradition of evil bad stepmothers.

Why was Andrew kissing Kathryn? Actually, she was the one kissing him, but Andrew seemed to think it would be rude since she stuck her tongue down his throat not to kiss her back. He also told her he wasn't interested. It seems Juliet went to Andrew and told him the truth about Mommy's big bad scheme, so they decided to Punk Kathryn back and get the money back. Juliet convinced her mother to buy a property for Andrew and he got a friend to con her into thinking it was worth a lot of money and she fell for it hook, line and sinker and Andrew gave her a gotcha right in your face.

Victor got fired from his job and he teamed up with Bridget to convince Bottaway that she's dead by faking her death. Little do they know a sniper is watching them. When he can't get a clear shot at Bridget. A gunfight ensues and Bridget falls on the mattress as in the beginning of the show with a blood spot on her chest, perfectly centered on the mattress, with her feet sticking out the way The Wicked Witch of the East was when Dorothy dropped a house on her. For some reason her feet just made me want to laugh. It was the pose of someone pretending to be dead. Of some who lay themselves gently on the mattress, centered their body in the middle and stuck their feet out, to play dead. Which is exactly what she was doing. Victor gave her a fake blood bag so when he shot her it would look like she was really shot and dead.

The fact that hitman bought it shows what an idiot he was. No one could get shot like that a fall in a perfect death pose on the mattress. It's just not possible. Anyway, Vic kills the hitman and then the hitman's phone rings and whose on the other end? Kathryn.

Remember when The Shiv was behind everything bad that happened and was trying to kill Bridget? Well, now it's Kathryn. I'm guessing they're trying to rehabilitate The Shiv and make us think she isn't the stone cold bitch that she is. What's next? It was Kathryn wearing a Bridget/Shiv mask when Gemma was killed? With this show, I wouldn't put it past them.

Speaking of The Shiv. Remember that scene from the promo of Shiv confronting Bridge? It was just The Shiv's fantasy about killing Bridge. In short, Bridge still hasn't bought a clue that The Shiv is alive and set the whole thing up. The only interesting thing is The Shiv seems upset that Bridge got Andrew to love her, but he didn't love The Shiv. Well, that happens when you're a cold bitch who is spreading your legs for his best friend.

So in short, Bridget isn't dead, Andrew is just a guy that won't say no when a kiss is offered him and Henry has been arrested for a crime he's guilty of. Not much happened. Nothing has progressed from when the episode started. In short, the same old status quo.


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    • Dee aka Nonna profile image

      Dee aka Nonna 5 years ago

      Your review was good. Actually made me want to watch this. Sounds like a lot is going on of the "behind the back" type "stuff". Juicy for sure or not. One of my guilty pleasures was watching at least one soap opera's because you could enjoy the happening knowing that at the end of the day...all would be find, but it got to be too much so I stopped. But, based on your review I will definitely have to check this show out.

      Thanks for writing about it.