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Ringer -- Where In The World Is Gemma?

Updated on October 20, 2011

Is The Show Losing Steam?

This episode seemed to lose a lot of the momentum that previous episodes had. Coupled with the tedious Siobahn did it answer to all bad things, made this a not very good episode to go into a repeat until November sweeps begin.

The Malcolm story has dragged out too long. He's not part of the main story, so it's quickly got boring after the episode he got shot up with drugs, and still didn't tell what he knew about Bridget. I thought it was over when Victor searched the club, only Malcolm has been moved. No doubt this is all so at the ninth hour Bridget will do something to save Malcolm.

Another side story that's not really that interesting is Juliet's first day at public high school...the horrors! A tough girl named Tessa targets her. Juliet stands up to her and gets into a girl fight with her in the hall, but all the students back-up Tessa and say Juliet started it. However, her teacher lies that he saw the whole thing and it was Tessa that started it. Anyone think it won't be long before Juliet and her teacher are doing the bumping uglies?

The A story was what happened to Gemma. It was good when Henry was washing the blood off the walls and disposing of evidence, but all the air got let out of it from the moment Henry said he was only protecting Siobahn, who he believed killed his wife. Henry is such a useless piece of spit. He thinks the mother of his children has been murdered, and he doesn't care, all he cares about is protecting the piece he was sleeping with. What if by some bizarre miracle he and Siobahn ended up getting married. So he's have no problem allowing the woman that murdered his children's mother to be their new mother. What a pathetic waste of space.

During Bridget's confrontation with Henry she learns Siobahn suggested murdering both Gemma and Andrew. Wonder if she also planned to off his kids, as well, since Siobahn doesn't seem the mothering kind. Look at how bad her relationship with Andrew's daughter, Juliet, was.

The story picked up a bit of steam when it appeared like Bridget was going to frame Henry for Gemma's murder. I was waiting for that dimwit to put two-and-two together and realize Bridget had called the cops on him and engineered his arrest. But that would require brains and this dude has none. I mean, it wasn't rocket science. He told Bridget everything and the police knew everything he told Bridget, therefore Bridget ratted him out to the cops.

That's when the most ridiculous plot twist of the night happened. The cops let Henry go because Bridget's fingerprints are found on one of the shards of a broken vase. Bridget planted her fingerprints on the shard on purpose and basically framed herself for murder. She just kinda got Victor off her back and she does this, which will put him right back on her back, again. Dumb! Dumb! Dumb!

And, of course, the ended with a predictable Siobahn did it. Yes, Siobahn is behind the disappearance and possible murder of Gemma.

This was one of the shows I was most looking forward to premiere, but the writing is really a bit weak. The characters are also lacking a bit of depth. In fact, they don't act in very realistic manners. By at least six episodes in, the characters should have acquired some kind of depth. I really don't see this show going beyond this season unless the writing firms up.

A lot of the times the characters behavior makes no sense. One episode Juliet is bonding with Bridget and asking her not to leave and the next she's writing "WHORE" on her picture and trashing her things. Henry seems like a rather stupid male bimbo and why Siobahn preferred him to Andrew doesn't say much for her taste in men. Bridget claims she's only staying to help Juliet kick her habit, but when Andrew sends Juliet off to stay with her mother, Bridget doesn't even think about leaving. And the writers really need to flesh out Siobahn and what makes her tick.


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