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Ringer -- Why The Shiv Hates Bridget

Updated on February 23, 2012

Yes, we finally learned why The Shiv hates Bridget. It was kind of lackluster. The Shiv got pregnant by this dude named Dylan. Because he took off and didn't want to be a father to Sean until after he was born, The Shiv didn't want him to have anything to do with his son. You know what a vengeful beyotch she is. Bridget was taking care of Sean and being more of a mother to him then The Shiv, who claimed she had to work. Anyway, Bridget let Dylan take her and Sean to the fair and on their way home they got into a car accident and The Shiv has never forgiven Bridget for letting Dylan see Sean. Bridget, in turn, has never forgiven Dylan for it, to the point when she discovers he's married with a child, she almost lobs a brick through his window. As for me, I was like, it was a tragic accident. No one was drinking or anything.

I have to say I thought maybe Bridget had been high and accidentally caused Sean's death. The Shiv hating Bridget just because she allowed Sean to see his father seems a little lame. It was apparently because of Bridget's guilt that she became a drunk and drug addict not to mention a stripper.

Bridget, ultimately, decides to forgive Dylan. Doing it makes her realize she's tried to being The Shiv and wants to be herself. She hopes there's a way she can be Bridget and still keep Andrew. She's delusional if she thinks that's possible. Or more higher than when she was using drugs.

The Tool aka Henry goes to Andrew and says someone said Andrew is a crook. So The Tool wants to withdraw all his money from the fund. Malcolm listens at the door as Andrew agrees. The Shiv isn't happy when she learns Malcolm has gone to work for Andrew, so The Tool asks Malcolm if he wouldn't mind looking at his home computer system. Malcolm is on the verge of turning him down until he sees The Tool has the keychain that was stolen from Bridget that she found while retracing The Shiv's footsteps the day before they had their fateful meeting on the boat.

Juliet's nasty little plot seems to be unraveling. Tessa is spending her share of the money like it's going out of style, so Juliet goes to Carpenter who says he'll take care of things. When Tessa is beaten into a coma and her money stolen, Juliet is convinced Carpenter did it. It seems Mommy Kathryn was the mastermind behind this plot and I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't have Tessa beaten into the coma and had the money stolen for herself. Earlier in the episode Kathryn told Andrew she wanted Juliet to come live with her. Probably to make sure Juliet doesn't grow a conscience and spill the beans to her father, but Andrew is determined to keep Juliet with him.

Can't say I really give a rat's ass about this sub plot. The only thing that's going to keep me tuning in next week, when I'm getting precariously close to dropping this show is the promo where it looks like The Shiv's baby may actually be Andrew's instead of The Tool's. Not that it would matter if the kid came out looking exactly like Andrew and talking with an accent. The Tool is so stupid he wouldn't even notice.

I'm hoping this possible plot twist will put a little interest in this dragged out storyline that seems to be going nowhere fast.


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    • profile image

      Lola 6 years ago

      I can't stand the Tool or Shiv, buy why the heck is Bridget so dang stupid and naive?

      I totally agree that Shiv and Bridget were irrational about the tragic accident. Bridg hates Dylan for talking her into going to a fair with her nephew and the father? I see why Shiv is mad at Bridg bc she was explicit about not letting Daddy see him, even though it wasn't court-ordered and therefore against the law to keep a child away from it's father, but still. Mega reach. I thought it'd be a drunk driving thing too, but no, it wasn't Bridgets fault at all. Shiv is such a b-word for trying to get Andrew to kill Bridget so that Andrew goes to jail and Shiv collects all his money, breaking that iron-clad prenup. Shiv gets to be Shiv again in the open and pretend to mourn her dead twin.

      Speakng of, what about that twin bond? They're pretty out of touch for identical twins.