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Rio is a family fun movie!

Updated on December 13, 2011


Rio, A fun movie for the entire family!

Did you ever want to travel and see other beautiful places in the world? For most of us this is not possible so we must rely on pictures and movies to see the magic and charm of other beautiful places of the world. With the advent of the internet it is so easy nowadays to see pictures and video clips of beautiful far off lands. The magic of movies is by far the most popular choice to experience life in beautiful far away places and to be entertained.

I have been trying to provide my son, a 12 year old who has Asperger's meaningful and fun outings where we get to spend quality time together. It seems we found movies to be one way to have a good time together and be entertained and learn something important. As a parent of a special needs child we are trying to provide our son with experiences that help to bring a smile to his face. It is so important to find opportunities where he will find children to play and socialize with so movies, as fun and enjoyable as they are does not afford this. Movies do however help to bring my son away from his "little place" where he is burdened with his isolation and self defeating thoughts and transports him to far away places where he is free and happy. He laughs and smiles when he is enjoying a fun movie and this is why we find movies to be so important and a good choice to share time together.

The movie we were captivated by in trailers before its release date was Rio. When we saw the clips it was clearly evident that Matty wanted to see it. I always ask my son what movie he wants to see and when he makes his choice we then make plans to go see it.

This Easter weekend we went to see Rio and we thought it was a wonderful children's movie that all would love to see. We saw the 3D version and it was a treat. Rio takes us on an incredible journey that is beautiful and very enjoyable. The beginning scenes are very delightful as we see the birds singing and enjoying their surroundings in the Brazilian jungles. Perched in a tree amongst all the singing and celebrating is a tiny blue bird that has not yet learned to fly so it nestles itself safely inside the tree as it looks on and enjoys the sounds, sights and joy shared amongst his distant friends who are flying and singing the song of their magical land of Rio.

Brazil is the land of paradise where Blu enjoys this beauty and charm but in an instant he is taken away and finds himself in a far off distant snowy and cold place called Minnesota as the case he is concealed in falls and lands in a snow bank. A cute and very affectionate young girl, Linda finds him and calls him Blu as she gently holds him in her hands and promises she will take good care of him and protect him always.

We see them grow up together and now she is a young adult working in a book store still very devoted to her Blu. The two of them have a very special friendship which is threatened when a Brazilian bird researcher and scientist, Tulio sees Blu and explains to Linda that he needs to bring him back to Rio to mate with the only other Blue Macaw, a female named Jewel to save their species. Linda is torn by this dilemma as she loves Blu but realizes the significance of the situation and realizes the importance of allowing him to go. She decides she will go too with Blu to watch over him as she promised and to also experience the beauty of Brazil and the city of Rio de Janiero.

As they arrive in Brazil it is Carnivale, a festival with celebrations in the streets with everyone having fun singing, dancing, eating and celebrating their culture and their pride. Linda and Tulio travel with Blu to introduce him to Jewel and bring them together to become friends and mate them. It is a bit of a challenge driving the streets by car during Carnivale as they weave their way to the research facility where Jewel is.

Blu meets 2 friends along the way named Nico, a canary with a bottle cap for a hat and Pedro, a cardinal who give him advice in meeting brazilian girls. When Blu meets Jewel for the first time he is struck by her beauty and instantly falls for her but their relationship seems to start off slowly and she has other plans which are to escape and find her freedom. Blu is domesticated and pampered while Jewel is street smart and a free spirit. As they are introduced Linda and Tulio decide to give them some privacy and entrust them in the capable hands of the guard who secretly likes to dance when left alone. Blu and Jewel are abducted by a poor homeless boy named Fernando who is trying to make some money in exchange for them with notorious smugglers who know their value. The unlikely pair are chained together by their captors and locked in a cage and are trying to escape. The smugglers have a mean spirited pet cockatoo named Nigel who is evil and is working for the bad guys plotting against Blu and Jewel. The duo manage to escape out of the cage and flee their captors and they wind up in a jungle where they meet Rafael, a toucan and his family. The baby toucans seem to like them as they playfully attack them. Rafael sees their predicament and leads them to Luiz, a bull dog to break their chains and free them. He also tries to give Blu flying lessons along the way.

One of the most captivating scenes of the movie was seeing the people flying their hang gliders over the majestic city of Rio and watching Blu and Jewel taking a ride on one perched on the wing and seeing them going from soaring high in the sky to losing control and flying down wreaking havoc on the beach.

The movie really captured the beauty and majesty of Brazil and the famous city of Rio de Janeiro and it also showed the poverty of the city with the illustration of the young homeless boy which is a major social problem in Brazil. It also showed the cultural side with the celebration and festival like atmosphere of carnivale.

I found myself a bit misty eyed when I saw Linda realize that Blu and Jewel were meant to be together after fixing her wing and getting her back to flying and when I saw Blu fly for the first time. Linda tearfully said her goodbyes and told Blu to fly into the jungle with Jewel and to be free. They have 3 chicks to provide for and are a loving, caring family. This was a very cute movie that delights all, especially the kids and the parents.

Matty gave it his thumbs up and so did I. It will delight you and show you the beauty and splendor of Brazil. Rio is a fun movie for all to see.

Edward D. Iannielli III



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