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Rita the Teacher | the Danish TV Series

Updated on May 14, 2015
Rita the teacher, played by Mille Dinesen on the  TV show's promotional cover.
Rita the teacher, played by Mille Dinesen on the TV show's promotional cover. | Source

US Adaption of Rita

Although the TV Series Rita was sold to Bravo, and in the beginning months of 2013 the script was approved with Anna Gunn was slated to portray Rita, Bravo has passed the show on. Other networks show interest, however the series was not picked up.

Rita an Imported TV series from Denmark

Rita is a politically incorrect Danish TV series, written by Christian Torpe and produced by TV2 . The series debuted in February 2012 and has had two seasons to date with the third season airing in the spring of 2015. The first section was followed by 904,000 viewers and each section had an audience of over 600,000 viewers when the series is broadcast in everyday life. The series is filmed in and around the former state school National Innovative Centre (SPF) in Islev , Rødovre .

The series deals with Rita Madsen, played by Mille Dinesen and her life as a school teacher and single mother. The series was well received by the Danish reviewers. Danish reviewer Henrik Palle wrote that the series "works really well with some characters [since] appear to be real people." Palle is talking about the fact that many of the TV shows characters have major flaws as well that sometime make them harder to love, and other times make viewers love them that much more. The series has also been criticized, the Cancer Society in particular had issues with the season cover in which Rita is seen with a lit cigarette.

Each episodes runs 40 minutes. Rita the Teacher is available on Netflix in the US.

The series has been sold to remake the U.S., where the title character is played by Anna Gunn.

Danish Rita promo video with English subtitles.

Where to Watch Rita

The first season of Rita is available for streaming on Netflix with subtitles, and season two should be on Netflix soon as well.

As far as buying DVDs of either season one or season two, I cannot seem to find a place to buy either a physical or electronic copy, but at this time it is available on Amazon Prime.

Even when it comes to streaming online for free, this show is hard to find. OVGuide occasionally has links to outside sites that have streaming episodes. Simply because of the short name, multiple wrong TV shows are pulled up in search results long before an actual streaming version of Rita is found. It's possible to find it, but be prepared to stumble on a lot of wrong pages first. If you chose to watch it this way, I would suggest also searching in Danish.

Personally, Netflix is the easiest and cheapest way to watch this show, and most of my other favorites.

Another promotional photo released for the Danish TV series Rita, starring Mille Dinesen.
Another promotional photo released for the Danish TV series Rita, starring Mille Dinesen. | Source

Characters of Rita the TV Show

The TV series about Rita the school teacher focuses on the everyday life of Rita, her family, her co-workers, and her students.


Rita is played by Mille Dinesen, and is the main character of the show. She is a single mother, and a school teacher who refuses to take BS from anyone. She loves her family, and students but obviously has self value issues that most likely stem from her childhood.

Mille Dinesen won a Golden Nymph for Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series for this role.

Do you remember asking me why I became a teacher? To protect children from their parents.

— Rita

Awards received by TV series Rita

Golden Nymph
Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series
Mille Dinesen
Golden Nymph
Best International Producer
Christian Torpe (executive producer) SF Film Production (production company)
Golden Nymph
Best European Producer
Christian Torpe (executive producer) SF Film Production (production company)
Rita with a group of her students who she is utterly devoted to.
Rita with a group of her students who she is utterly devoted to. | Source

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Why a Show About a School Teacher is Worth Watching

Some may argue that a show about teachers can't be entertaining, but script writer Christian Torpe explains what makes this show so riveting:

"For me there is a lot more drama in primary school than there is in a police station or at Christiansborg. Which is where many other series focus on. In a series on public school one has to ger down and tinker with what matters most: how the next generation comes to to behave."

Producer Karoline Leth talks about the TV Show Rita

Review of Rita the Danish TV Show

Rita is a funny, down to earth drama that frolics through the lives of a small community in Denmark. Every flaw brings the characters closer to the viewer's heart, and the wins are always small, but they mean the world to the characters. Cupcakes to give to the class, the realization that a daughter has a learning disability and isn't dumb, and having family stand by their sides when the entire school is turning against them.


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    • hrymel profile image

      Haley 4 years ago from Baltimore, MD

      Thanks. It's really one of my favorite TV shows. It's witty, down to earth, and extremely entertaining.

    • LauraD093 profile image

      Laura Tykarski 4 years ago from Pittsburgh PA

      I really enjoy this type of show-I have Netflix and will have to check out the first season-really entertaining and well organized hub-thanks