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Rizzoli & Isles are Two Dedicated Women

Updated on October 26, 2021

Rizzoli and Isles Begin Season Six

It is great to have our Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles back to share their careers and love choices with us. I am not forgetting Frankie and Angela Rizzoli with Vince Korsak who spices up each episode.

The premiere of Platform gave us a fireworks’ beginnings to what would happen in the future episodes. And, only fireworks can compare the two women as they blend work and family for our enjoyment.

  • We know Maura told her current love goodbye because she felt his daughter should come first in his life. I am sure she was sincere, but I don't believe he was the right one.
  • Maura has a new trainee for six months his name is Kent Drake and he looks handsome behind his lab clothing, but he appears he is trying to fool Maura in thinking he is another type of person.

  • Jane and Maura become involved in solving a murder which has a maze of paths to follow collecting clues. It seems like an average day of chasing a suspect through a crowd subway station for Jane and Frankie when a shot rings out loudly through the station.

  • Frankie shot a man who aimed a gun at him while he was chasing his suspect. Frankie immediately checked the man’s pulse, and when he turned around there was no gun in view.

  • We know Jane will never rest until she solves the lost gun and clears Frankie’s name.

Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles
Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles

Bassholes in Tournament Fishing

Now, episode 2 ‘Bassholes’ and along with the crime side of this one I am sure we will laugh as Jane and Maura become plummeted into the world of tournament fishing with high stakes in the competitive bass fishing.

Jane and Maura were called because someone murdered one of the leading tournament fishermen. I suppose if one is great too long in this fishing tournament the others become aggressive.

What is the definition of Bassholes?

What is happening with Frankie and his date he went on? Will Maura and Frankie ever get together?

Will Jane’s trainee become a love interest? He is tall dark and handsome---just her type.

Or, he and Jane might become a love interest. I doubt it---she seems out of the dating mode for the present, but I could be wrong.

See you on the 23rd with some chocolate sprinkled over my popcorn and ready for another great show with Rizzoli and Isles.

The Case of the Roadside Killer

Jane and Maura are having a busy week with their own issues in their careers and personal life.

Jane's focused on finding a roadside killer who might be a serial killer. With Vince and Frankie helping work the scene of a man beaten to death; Jane has time to question Maura as she examines the body.

While the team begins working the case another detective joins the team and he is certain he is tracking the same roadside killer. So, with the extra help the case goes to the finest detectives in Boston to solve. Jane and Maura's clues are in plain view.

When broken down on the side of the road or hitchhiking become aware of the surroundings and remember all who stop to help are not trustworthy.

Identity Thief

Maura realizes someone has stolen her identity. How could this happen to her? She keeps her private information in a secure place at home and work.

Could this person be in plain view? Someone she works with and trusts? Or, maybe it was someone who came into the lab without her knowledge.

She recruits Angela to find the low-life that did this crime. I am sure sweet Maura would call this person a low-life; but I will and a bottom feeder too.

Angela will not fail Maura because she is very gifted in noticing people when they are not aware; and where to look for certain clues. This will be interesting.

Roadsides of America

Have You Ever Been Stranded or Had Car Problems Alone on a Roadside?

See results

Is the Visiting Detective the Roadside Killer---In Plain View?

Will Jane and the visiting detective become friends? Or, maybe he is the roadside killer and checking out the evidence is part of his murdering genus. I hope they verified his identity before giving him any information.

I always say---do not trust strangers until they prove their sincerity.

Pop your corn, and fasten your thinking cap on for a surprising night with Jane, Maura, Angela, Vince and Frankie. See you there to watch Jane and Maura to solve their cases with the clues in plain view.

The Body Parts Puzzle

What is the world coming to when body parts are found on the shore? Jane with her team is fully investigating every detail. And, Maura is doing her part by finding the most infinitesimal clues; to help in solving the case.

Will this puzzle be solved even if the pieces do not match? Will the puzzle pieces prove to be more puzzling for Jane and Maura?

We know they are great in their careers, but what is happening in their love life? Or, is it loveless or looking promising. We know they will remain friends and be there for each other during the worst of times; and enjoy sisterhood during the best of times.

Will Love Bloom this Summer?

What is happening with Frankie these days? If he and Maura would only give their chemistry a try---I am sure we would see sparks in Boston. When romantic feeling stay dormant from lack of attention; watch out when those emotions are awaken.

Jane I will put on the shelf for a while as she needs more time than most to recover from her past. However, we know there is someone out there waiting for her love.

Does Maura's have Commitment Issues?

Does Maura lack the commitment gene or is it Frankie she desires?

See results

Teddy Bear and The Angel

It would be great if we all had Angela’s attitude about everything in life.(She is the family Angel---we all need one.) She is having issues getting a job, but Vince has come to her rescue and she is working for him at a bar in Boston called the Dirty Robber. This is a place that Jane and Maura visit because of the great drinks and enticing ambiance.

I think Vince and Angela would make a great couple. He is like a big Teddy Bear and she is ready for something great in her life. We really do not know too much about Vince’s personal life, but I bet he would make a great husband. Maybe in the future we will find out.

We will wait until tonight to see what happens with Jane, Maura, Frankie, Angela and Vince. So pop your corn and be ready for another mystery solved and maybe love will blossom in front of our eyes. See you there.

Tomorrow Will Bring a Better Day

Did Jane survive the jump from the bridge? Did she save Westcourt after he slipped and fell to the watery blackness below? If he was innocent and did not murder his lady friend---then the investigation will proceed into other areas.

Maura will help Jane recover—that is what they do for each other---best friends closer than some sisters and loyal to the end.

Where is Mr.Right?

Although some men do not understand this; and cannot deal with feeling inaccurate about their relationship with either woman. What I believe Jane has not found the right man. Jane is strong, but she needs Maura now more than ever. She made it through her miscarriage with no support from the father---she is better off without a spineless man. Maura is sweet, but she tires of men faster than most and that is because like Jane she has not found the right one.

I am sure Angela will be nearby though Jane’s recovery and she is also there for Maura. However, someone as young as Angela should have a special someone to make her happy. Maura and Frankie still have chemistry no matter how they deny it. They look so cute together---she is beautiful and he is a handsome hunk---so what is keeping them apart? Jane?

What is Frankie doing with his time? Has he given up on Maura and found a new love interest? And, what about Tommy? He really has a good heart which leads him down the wrong path sometimes.

I am hoping for once the family will have good luck and happiness for all. I cannot wait until February 17th and I will have one of my favorite shows back.

From the Hot Weather Love Blooms

The heat is still with Bostonians as they move slower through their day to complete their duties. Jane and Maura work as a team to get the criminal. Jane investigates the crime and Maura uses scientific methods to find the cause of death and with what technique or weapon the killer used.

Maura’s home life is improving with Jack sleeping over more---they are becoming closer. I like Jack he is great for Maura and she is beyond great for anyone.

It seems Jack thinks so much of her that he wants her to meet his daughter. I know Maura’s charisma touches everyone, but we know how some children are about their parents; especially when divorce creates guilt in a child.

Where and what is Angela doing to occupy her mind? And, will she help Maura to understand children to score high with Jack’s daughter. This will prove nerve-racking for some, but not the savvy Maura.

What is happening with Frankie and Vince Korsak? Will they assist Jane in their new case of a murdered victim? Work is all Frankie and Vince seem to do these days. How boring is that? Angela seems interested in Vince when she while drinking her special tea last week. I wonder how she feels now.

Life is a Maze

I noticed Vince’s eyes lit up with interest. And, what man would not be interest in Angela because she is beautiful, smart, and lovable with a heart as big as all outdoors. We should all be lucky to have a friend like her.

Of all things a Boston prosecutor is suspected of murder. There must be enough proof to arrest him. And, he of all people knows where the burden of proof lies.

It is disturbing when a distinguished lawyer who is responsible for putting many criminals behind bars finds himself in the same situation. Now he can empathize with ones who he prosecuted that claimed they were innocent.

If he is innocent then Jane needs to secure herself with backup. Why Jane loves to wander through dark buildings and back streets alone is still a puzzle to me. When she needs backup she calls for it, but sometimes it’s after she is hurt.

Frankie and Maura

Do you believe that Frankie and Maura's relationship could bloom into a romance?

See results

Following Leads and Solving Crimes

Jane and Maura are dedicated to their careers of solving crimes and the cause of death---what horrendous workdays for them. Frankie and Maura are still shyly smiling at each other with feelings. I believe they will become a loving couple one day when the sun is shining through the rain. How romantic is that?

Tonight we will find out about Maura meeting Jack’s daughter and if the Boston prosecutor is innocent. And, maybe we will see Angel and her new boyfriend again, or maybe she and Vince might hit it off. Vince is such a sweet guy---anyone who loves animals is a shining star in my book.

What is Tommy doing these days? Frankie with his handsome sweetness should start dating more and bring someone home for the family to meet. And, Vince whatever is going to happen to this poor man who helps so many, but who is alone with just his dog.

Jane and romance never last long and that is a mystery in the maze of my mind when I think about it. Jane needs someone to love her, cherish her and make her happy. I worry about her going through so much alone.

Heat Wave in Boston---Its a Hot City

Boston is experiencing a heat wave, which is not good for all living things as well as humans. This is a time when some of the elderly are hit harder with only electric fans to help deflect the heat. And, just when the weather is at its worse so are the crimes of the city.

Jane and Maura are investigating a crime during the heat wave; of a man who was trying to stay cool with ice in his bathtub. This sounds great, but the poor guy died, and it looks a little questionable about the cause of death.

Jane, Frankie and Korsak will investigate the crime scene, find motive and then do interviews with anyone associated with the victim. While; Maura has to slice and dice to find her answers about the time of death and the reason(s) he died.

Life Goes On During a Heat Wave

What is Angela doing? Is she trying to stay cool by drinking a cool refreshing glass of tea? And, I hope she is taking care and staying inside during this heat wave.

Maybe, she should put her undies in a zip lock bag and put them in the freezer. I cannot tell you how amazing it feels when you put them on a hot body after being out in the heat. With the cool undies on and a glass of ice water with a twist of lemon---feels soothing; and a nap next should be divine.

If you can’t stand the heat take a cold shower and put your feet in a bucket of ice water. However, if you have air-conditioning then you are lucky in a heat wave; pending no brown outs.

Have the popcorn ready with plenty of ice for a cool refreshing drink; while watching the heat wave on Rizzoli & Isles.

Jane Dealing with Heartbreak

It was heartbreaking for us all when Jane lost the baby. She is still recovering from the terrible beating she received from the hired killer.

Jane has not returned to work, but she is still involved in the current events of the office. Jane has the best support of people who love her. Her family and co-workers and she will need them---this time for sure.

There is no substitute for a loving hug from someone who cares about another’s bruised heart and soul.

Jane will rise above her heartache, but her baby will never be forgotten. I have an urge to kick Casey over the moon for his unconcerned ways.

Life Goes On

Jane will rise above her heartache, although never forgetting her baby. I have an urge to kick Casey over the moon for his unconcerned ways.

Korsak and his team are working on a cold case, which must link to another case; or they are caught up with their cases and are trying to solve real cold one.

Jane may be acting a little strange, but Maura is aware of it and it will be handled in a professional manner.

Jane and Maura are close as sisters---probably even closer since their work intermingles. They work together and socialize as a family with Angela mothering them both.

Frankie is a wonderful brother to Jane, and Tommy tries to be in his own way. Sometimes, his way is difficult to understand as he can never keep a secret.

Angela---What do You Really Want?

What will Angela do now with her life? I hope she goes back to college and starts a new career or buys a small café since she loves to cook. Get your popcorn ready to pop for Tuesday night and be ready for another exciting episode with Jane and Maura.

Jane's Strength and Skills Saved Two Lives

Jane put herself and the baby or babies in jeopardy when she went after the hired killer; who was trying to kill the teenage witness, Tasha Williams (Jaz Sinclair).

Jane is now in the hospital recovering after being hit in the stomach and beaten by the killer with a pipe; who knows what complications may follow.

Knowing Jane after the crisis is over her thoughts will be on helping Tasha.

Jane should probably stay in the hospital for a while as I am sure the doctors want to keep a close watch on her. I do hope she will be fine.

Has Maura Picked a Winner in Her New Boyfriend?

On the job with the detectives---they will be working with Maura on the identity and reason---for the mummified body of a woman. Jane will work from her hospital bed as much as possible.

Maura’s new boyfriend Jack Armstrong (Enver Gjokaj) is very handsome and lovingly attentive to her. Jane even liked him, which is an added plus for him in Maura’s eyes.

Jack Armstrong appears to be a keeper if he is normal, not married, not a serial killer and he is honestly interested in Maura. Maura has been through the mill with her boyfriends---I am hoping Jack is all he appears to be.

A New Employee Hired by Korsak

What is really going on with Jane and her baby or babies—I hope all is well and that she has twins.

That will give her mother Angela---some meaning in her life because that is what she seems to be looking for--- these days.

What about the new beauty that was hired in Frankie and Jane’s department. Her name is Nina Holiday (Idara Victor) she is the new crime scene analyst.

She is not replacing Frost as she is not a detective; therefore, she should be accepted on her own level of expertise.

Where is Tasha? Has she left the hospital without saying goodbye to Jane? Is she living homeless again and going to school?

She is a strong girl, but if she had waited for Jane to help her---she would be in a better place now.

Pop your corn Tuesday night and be ready for “It Takes a Village” for another intriguing episode with Jane, Maura and the team.

A Contract Killing Outside a Local Club

Jane needs to be focused in this new case because a young girl is a witness, and she needs to be protected.

Jane with the help of Det. Korsak, Frankie and as always Maura; the case will be solved. Maura's dissecting solves the mystery of when and how a death happened. Then, the detectives take over and track down all the clues to make the arrest of the killer or killers.

A contract was carried out on a woman---outside a local club. The witness was a teenage girl who tries to stay out of sight. Why? She knows if the killer finds her---she is as dead as the woman that he killed.

Running because we are scared is in our DNA from the beginning of humanity. And, it is natural for this young girl to protect herself. She has not met Jane yet, and when she does---her feelings of being on her own will change.

Jane is determined to find her---and goes out on her own---which was a bad decision for a pregnant detective. If Jane gets between the killer and his target she will be shot and that should not happen especially while she is carrying precious cargo.

Angela's New Life

What is Angela doing about her new life? Has she found someone new? Maybe she has a new job or maybe she is taking her time. Did she move out of Maura’s to begin her new life? I hope not---because Angela needs someone to care for and spoil---unless she has decided the spoiling should be done to her.

When will we hear from Casey? Jane is probably wondering that also--- when she has time to wonder.

Pop your corn on Tuesday night for---Lost and Found episode as it promises to be filled with heart-stopping moments.

Season 5 "Boston Keltic"
Season 5 "Boston Keltic"

The Celtic World

Jane and Maura investigated a murdered victim who sold very expensive rare books.

Their investigation will take them into the field of Celtic writings, codes and symbols. And, maybe solve issues from the past.

This will be another world to explore for Jane especially, as I am sure Maura knows about Celtic writings and its history.

Was the book seller killed because he had knowledge from a very rare book of the Celtic people in the Iron Age?

Or, had he hidden a book which answered the age old question of the precise geographical compass of the ancient Celts?

A book that proved Britain and Ireland’s people of the Iron Age can be considered Celts?

Angela Rizzoli and Sean Cavanaugh

We’ve watched Angela and Sean Cavanaugh as their romance started to develop. They are so cute together and their relationship appears to be working.

However, will it develop into the future? Or, will it end? I hope they become engaged because Angela needs someone to love and cherish her as she is so special and loving to her family. And, everyone in her immediate life, like Maura.

Jane, Casey, Maura and Frankie

What is happening in the romance department with Jane and Maura? I still think Maura and Frankie would make a great couple.

Jane needs to get her life in order before she can think about romance. She will have a baby soon without Casey to help her. What is wrong with that man? Will Casey man-up and become the father he should be. Or, is he still self-centered?

We will find out Tuesday, July 29th and I cannot wait.

Maura Isles

With Maura out of the loop enjoying a Medical Examiner’s convention; Susie will help Jane solve a murder.

Susie uses a three-dimensional representation of a scene called dioramas.

The scene is arranged in a natural setting against a realistic background.

Who will Maura meet at the convention that will make her stay fun and enjoyable?

Maura as well as the others she works with need to get on with their lives and start enjoying it.

They have been sad long enough about Frost. We all miss him.

Frankie and Korsak

What is Frankie doing and who is he dating? I hope we will find out soon. He is too special to be alone, with so many out there looking for a good man.

Maybe there is still hope for him and Maura; although she says he is like a brother to her. I think she is afraid of what Jane will say.

Korsak is the glue that holds everyone in his department together. Jane would be devastated with him; and so would the others. Korsak is a fair and trustworthy man. I think Susie might be interested in him the way she looked at him in the past.

A visitor comes to see Korsak and this brings back the past with its uncomfortable incomplete issues. But we all know he will handle it with finesse.

Jane and Maura in The Best Laid Plans
Jane and Maura in The Best Laid Plans

Season One is the Beginning of a Great Friendship that Lasts Through Five Seasons.

Why Kill a Dying Woman?

Jane Rizzoli is juggling so many mind balls in the air she might drop one. Has Casey called her? Will he be excited enough to come back home to Jane?

And, now Jane and Maura are involved in solving a mystery case. This case is what Jane needs to occupy her mind and it will keep Maura from worrying about Jane so much.

She can take the retirement ball out of the air and put it in her drawer for years later. Korsak is staying with the department and trying to get everything in line for his future. His “Life Coach” seems to be good for him---since he looks happier and dresses better.

Jane and Maura mystery is why someone would murder a woman with incurable cancer? Could it be because she is wealthy and someone is tired of waiting? These types of cases make me wonder---where has all the love gone for, mothers, aunts, sisters, grandmother.

Is Maura dreaming About Frankie?
Is Maura dreaming About Frankie?

Is Romance in the Air for Maura?

Has Maura met someone in the class she is teaching? We know Maura is very intelligent; however, sometimes she overanalyzes a possible relationship and the man slips through her fingers.

Or, is she waiting for Frankie to ask her out---is this her real issue with getting involved with other men---after their kiss? Maybe it is and maybe not?

Pop your corn and be ready for another nail-biting episode of Rizzoli & Isles on Tuesday, July 15th---I will be there with chocolate to drizzle on my popcorn.

Season 5 Episode 4
Season 5 Episode 4

Will Korsak Retire?

Jane's mind is occupied with Korsak and his possible retirement. She has lost so many of her love ones lately. First, her father, her partner, and Casey who promise to quit the military, but then took a job in Balkans; Is one reason Jane sent the engagement ring back.

Jane has a deep love and respect for Korsak, she has learned from him and admires him. She might even feel like he is the kind of father she really needed.

She could feel that Korsak would be a strong and lovable man who would be faithful to his wife and children.

Korsak’s retirement would leave a gaping hole in the department and in the hearts of many fans like me. Maybe he is just contemplating retirement in the distance future---I hope.

Jane's Thoughts--Korsak's Possible Retirement, Murder and Frank's Secret

Jane, Korsak and Frankie are investigating a murder in a doomsday shelter; with Maura slicing and dicing in the laboratory.

Maura is always ready with her forensic evidence to help solve the case.

Jane’s concentration is jumping from her investigation of the murder to thoughts of Korsak retiring. And, her brother Frankie is acting a little stranger than normal.

Jane knows he has something on his mind and he keeps his personal life as private as possible.

Secrets in Jane’s family are often exposed by her loving mother most of the time---she is not a person who will keep a secret too long.

When a Man Becomes a Father---He is Very Protective

Jane stated her pregnancy will not stop her from doing her job---we shall see. And, what demands will Casey make on Jane, while she is carrying his baby? Babies can cause men to become very protective---even the toughest man will surprise the expecting mother sometimes---with such tenderness towards their unborn child.

Could Frankie’s secret be a new girlfriend? How will Maura feel if this is true? Has she masked her feeling for Frankie so Jane will not object? Remember Jane told Maura do not hurt my brother---when Frankie cares---he cares deeply.

I cannot wait for each week’s episode to find out what Jane and Maura are into---they are always surprising me. Pop your corn and be ready for some emotional roller-coaster rides---in their career and life.

Season 5 Episode 3 "Too Good to Be True"
Season 5 Episode 3 "Too Good to Be True"

A Secret is Not One If Shared

Jane is feeling great and she is beginning to show a baby bump; but her secret remains with just Maura or so she believes. However, mothers are smart when it comes to their children. I always thought mothers had built in radar and could pick up anything different happening with their child/children. My mother radar picked-up everything before I told her.

When will Jane notify Casey that he will be a father? What will he do about it? I believe he is too self-centered to do anything that might interfere with his career. But that is just my observation on Casey and I hope I am wrong.

Being a pregnant detective is not easy for anyone, but Jane makes it look so easy since it is still a secret. However, it seems that Tommy knows about it, now the news will travel. How in the world did he find out? We will see on Tuesday.

Another Case for Jane and Maura

Jane and Maura are on another case and it is grisly with a killer fishing for his victims by using online ads as his bait. The gullible answered the ads not knowing the risk they were taking. This makes one want to save their money and buy it from a business without the danger of dealing with a stranger.

Will Jane be at risk when she needs to draw her gun? Criminals have guns also and can shoot back? I hope she will be careful and always wear her vest. Jane will make a great mother and I wish her the best for her and her baby.

Summer Romance is Needed for Maura, Frankie and Vince

When will romance shine on Maura, Frankie and Detective Vince Korsak? We need some romance sprinkled around in their department. I cannot believe that Maura does not feel more for Frankie than just a friend. I believe she is afraid of what Jane will think---since Jane warned her about Frankie’s heart---meaning she did not want her brother to be hurt.

And, I feel this is one time Jane should have kept her opinion to herself. Frankie still has deep feelings for Maura. However, will he be man enough to do something about it? Or, spend day after day just staring at her when she is not looking. Maura looks at Frankie too.

Jane's Goodbye to her Partner and Friend

The Boston Police Department silently said their goodbyes to Detective Barry Frost; when Jane said her heartfelt words of “Goodbye” to her friend and partner---her words touched their hearts. I am sure she felt a sharp pain when realizing she would never be able to share with Barry that she was going to be a mother; but she tried not to think about it.

It is never easy to let a love one go without a lot of heartache from all who are left behind. Time might not heal the ache; but sweet memories helps us all when we reminiscence about the love one we had for a very short time.

Goodbye Lee Thompson Young

You left us too soon---our hearts are bruised,

Sweet memories will inundate through our mind to be used.

Your charisma and talent will be deeply missed by all,

You left a legacy on film---so we can recall.

We know the Angels are watching over you,

But we will still miss you and sometime feel blue.

Goodbye precious one,

Your job on earth is done.

When the Going Gets Tough---Jane Gets Going/Season 5 Episode 2

Only three people including Jane knows about her pregnancy; Maura and Angela her mother. When will Jane tell the father? No one knows---probably not even Jane.

Jane’s job keeps her so busy with case after case throughout the day. However, morning sickness reminds her that there is someone else in her life---more important.

Has Jane thought of baby names yet? What will her brothers say? And, the people she works with? I cannot wait to find out what the father will do. Will he want to come home and be with Jane? Or, is he a self-centered man whose career is the most important in his life. What will Jane want?

And, in the middle of all this turmoil Jane has a strange case to solve. A woman has confessed to murder, but cannot tell anyone where the body is located. Sometimes, life in a big city boggles one’s mind; relating is difficult for a country girl like me.

It Gets Better with Each Season and Season 2 Dies Not Disappoint--Great!

Jane and Maura---A New Day Season 5 Episode 1
Jane and Maura---A New Day Season 5 Episode 1

Season 5 A New Day

Jane and Maura always have plenty of drama in their lives, and it does not matter who started it---a crisis or an unwanted scene finds it's home at their work or residence.

So a “A New Day” would be great for them both; especially since Jane sent the engagement ring back to Casey in Balkans. He had promised to retire and then took this job---showing Jane what her future would be---following him from one job to another around the world.

Final Season # 7--This was A Long Run for Our Favorite Show--However, We are Blessed to have Our DVDs

Jane Sent the Engagement Ring Back to Casey

This might be a good decision on her part---if she did not think she was pregnant—and I believe she will find out a baby is on the way.

Then, what will she do? I am afraid of the answer because we know Jane. She will want to raise the baby on her own.

I think Casey will come home when his new job is over after receiving the engagement ring back from Jane.

And, when he does come home will it make a difference or will he tell Jane I will financially support our child, but retirement is out at the moment.

Will Maura and Frankie Become a Couple?

I think Jane should look for a man closer to home who loves her---and you know whom I am talking about---Lt. Detective Rafael Martinez. Jane has feelings for him and who could not help it. I do not feel bad by saying this---because if Casey really loved her—he would have retired like he said he would. I consider him a liar---and who wants a man who lies---no one.

I have my fingers crossed for Maura and Frankie because I think they would be great together. And, they are almost like family already. I hope Jane would keep her opinions to herself if they are negative about them being a couple. We need more romance in Rizzoli and Isles—no more long distance love affairs---they do not keep the heart buzzing with happiness.

Have you seen Season One and Season Two?

See results

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