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Road to the Oscars 2017: Arrival Deserves To Win Best Picture?

Updated on February 22, 2017


This Denis Villeneuve Sci-fi drama is probably our favorite movie of the year.
Don't get us wrong La La Land was good. So was Moonlight, and Manchester by the Sea.
Okay we won't upset anyone here, all of the nominees this year are good. But were they really exceptional? Any of them? Even La La Land?
We can't really say, it remains to be seen in the future (and after the awards), but, still we can all safely agree that Arrival was magnificent, right? I mean its a movie about twelve alien spaceship-rock-things landing on Earth and letting people in to communicate with them. I'm hooked already.
Amy Adams plays (excellently, but still no nomination?) a linguistics professor Louise Banks who leads the team that is supposed to decipher the alien message for the USA region.
The film begins with her having flashbacks of her young daughter, the birth and later the disease she has that proves fatal as she dies from it (btw. these flashbacks are brilliantly done by Denis). They even occur as dreams while she and her team are on the mission and talking with the alien. There is even a jumpscare in one of them when a big alien pops up out of nowhere right there, in her room (Enemy reference anyone?). Speaking of aliens that she tries to decipher, not only is the screenplay for the whole movie done excellently and the ending is amazing (I won't reveal too much, go watch it!), but the CGI of the aliens and their representation is breathtaking. After all the aliens we saw on the big screen over the years how was it possible that Denis and his team create them so lively, unique and different, give them amazing abilities and strange likable personalities?
We don't know, but we are surely impressed!

Aliens and their means of communication in Arrival
Aliens and their means of communication in Arrival


So, who is Arrival up against for the Best Picture Category?
Nine movies are nominated all in all:

  1. Arrival
  2. La La Land
  3. Manchester by the Sea
  4. Moonlight
  5. Hacksaw Ridge
  6. Fences
  7. Hell or High Water
  8. Lion
  9. Hidden Figures

All of the Nominees
All of the Nominees


Well, there are many, many articles on this topic.
And what a surprise (SARCASM) most of them say that there is one sure winner. La La Land.
Not that its bad (its actually very good) and not that it has no basis for the Oscar award, but looking at all of the other nominations they have (the most) will they really snatch this one?
So as La La Land is the front runner in almost every category they have been nominated for this can't mean that they will win them all, right? It is a good movie but to win 14 Oscars? I wouldn't think so. And it most definitely won't be the case. But out of those that La La Land won't win, we pray that one of them is Arrival (as huge fans obviously). I would settle right now to give everything else to La La Land, all 13 of them, and for Arrival to take only the Best Picture (not possible, I know...)
Just kidding.
Anyways, these are just predictions, no one ever surely knows and the Academy always surprises us so, we shall see...

Here is a mandatory Oscars Applause for the Best Picture winner of 2017, whoever it may be.

All in all, we look forward to the Ceremony and we would love to hear what you think.
Vote below for your choice!

Vote for your pick here:

Who will win the Best Picture Oscar of 2017?

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