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Rob Cesternino and Rob Has a Podcast

Updated on October 17, 2014

Rob Cesternino

Rob Cesternino from Rob has a Podcast
Rob Cesternino from Rob has a Podcast | Source


Rob Cesternino runs Rob Has a Podcast, a site devoted to podcasting, blogging, interviewing and otherwise discussing Reality TV. Rob is himself part of Reality show history as he was a contestant on both Survivor: The Amazon and Survivor: All Stars.

Survivor: The Amazon (2003) was the first time the show divided tribes by gender. Rob played a very aggressive, strategic game. He was one of the first players to ever jump alliances for his own gain. Although Rob played an excellent strategic game he lost the final Immunity Challenge and Jenna Morasca, the eventual winner, voted him out leaving Rob in third place. Survivor host Jeff Probst called Rob, “The smartest player to have never won Survivor.”

That reputation harmed Rob going into 2004's Survivor: All Stars. The first time his tribe, Chapera, went to Tribal Council they blindsided Rob and he left the game after only 12 days in Panama.

Rob Cesternino

Rob Cesternino has made a living based on his particpation in a variety of Reality TV activities – from being a Survivor contestant to becoming an online entrepreneur.

Personal Life

Rob has a wife, Nicole, who podcasts with him on some of his shows. They had a son born September 29th, 2013 named Dominic.

Now you can rewatch Rob in all his conniving glory!

Rob Cesternino in Survivor: The Amazon
Rob Cesternino in Survivor: The Amazon | Source

Rob Has a Website!


Rob Cesternino

Do you agree with Jeff Probst that Rob is the greatest player to never win Survivor?

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The and Iron Sink Media

After playing in Survivor: All Stars Rob joined a production company called It was a company focused on Reality TV. As part of Rob co-wrote a fake documentary movie called The Scorned. It was a horror film where former Reality TV stars were “killed.” The project was a failure. Shortly after the movie's creation The Fishbowl folded.

After the ended Rob started a new production company, Iron Sink Media, with his former Fishbowl colleague, Scott Zakarin. The company produced a number of different web series including the YouTube show, Soup of the Day. Iron Sink Media went under in early 2009.

Rob Has a Podcast

In mid-2009 Rob Cesternino started doing some podcasts. He started doing podcasts about TV shows he liked such as LOST and Survivor. Over the next couple of years Rob expanded the number of shows he covered on his podcast, including The Amazing Race and Big Brother among many others.

In 2011 Rob began doing more live webcasts about different TV shows. The live shows began really picking up during that Summer's coverage of Big Brother.

Big Brother 16 Finale RHAP Up

Survivor Know-It-Alls

For Survivor: Philippines in 2012 Rob decided to do a live podcast for every episode that season. Stephen Fishbach, the finalist from Survivor: Tocantins, joined Rob as co-host of the podcast. Rob says he decided to name the show Survivor Know-It-Alls because it was, “The show with the two guys who know everything about Survivor except how to win the game.”

In addition to Know-It-Alls Rob began to interview more guests including Survivor host, Jeff Probst. The show was also picking up audience rapidly.

The Know-It-Alls Recap the Survivor: Blood vs. Water Premiere

The Survivor Know-It-Alls
The Survivor Know-It-Alls | Source

Rob Has a Podcast's Audience and Awards

Since the website began back in 2010, Rob has a Podcast has garnered over 2 million episode downloads and over 23 million minutes watched on Rob Has a Podcast's YouTube channel. Survivor Know-It-Alls and other podcasts chart highly on the iTunes TV & Film category. Know-It-Alls has hit #1 on more than one occasion.

Rob Has a Podcast has won a number of awards including three People's Choice Podcast Awards. The podcast won Best Entertainment Podcast in 2012 and Best Video Podcast and Best Produced Podcast in 2013.

Post Show Recaps is Rob Cesternino's scripted TV recap website.
Post Show Recaps is Rob Cesternino's scripted TV recap website. | Source

In 2014 Rob Cesternino added a new branch to his podcasting empire. has blogs, podcasts, and videocasts covering scripted television shows such as The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, and Boardwalk Empire.

The 49 Laws of Survivor

In September of 2014 Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach released an audiobook, The 49 Laws of Survivor. The audiobook focuses on 49 strategies Survivor players have used to succeed in the game. The concept of the book is based on Robert Greene's classic 48 Laws of Power, a book that focuses on how powerful people throughout history found ways to grow even more powerful.

The 49 Laws of Survivor

The 49 Laws of Survivor audiobook.
The 49 Laws of Survivor audiobook.


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