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Robert Downey Jr Iron Man 2 Workout Routine

Updated on January 14, 2018

Back in the "Weird Science" Days!

He looked different back in 1985!
He looked different back in 1985!

Remember the movie "Weird Science" from 1985? It wasn't his first film role, but perhaps the one that launched Robert Downey Jr's acting career. Back then, this movie became a cult-classic with a lot of teens.

Ironically he played a drug-addicted rich kid in Less Than Zero, shortly after. Only 10 years later, Downey's life became a mirror of the role he acted in the film. He was arrested many times in the years from 1996 to 2001 on drug-related charges.

In 2008, Iron Man Came Out. It was a huge break for Robert Downey Jr.

This opportunity came with a weight/appearance requirement - in just five months he needed to gain twenty pounds of muscle! Jon Favre, director of "Iron Man," had in mind to see his Tony Stark as a very fit man, fully capable of pounding out iron.

He had his work cut out for him as he struggled to accomplish this in a very short period of time. Fortunately, Brad Bose, renowned personal trainer to the stars, was on board and up to the task. "Iron Man" is the film that began to transform Robert Downey Jr's body into the fantastic specimen that it is today.

Back in Iron Man 2008.
Back in Iron Man 2008.

He did gain the required muscle, packing on a lean twenty pounds for the movie.

One machine that Bose made him use primarily that helped him accomplish this amazing feat was the Vortex.

This device has different apparatuses like a dip bar, pull-up bar, and several cables. The unique feature of this machine is that it can hit the muscle from almost any angle. Another advantage of the machine is the ability you have to switch from one exercise to another quickly.

Switching quickly between exercise is known as metabolic resistance training and gave him the ability to gain muscle while losing fat.

The Jacobs Ladder was another piece of equipment put to much use in the Robert Downey Jr workout program. As you climb a ladder which revolves, you get a great cardio workout. While the Vortex was instrumental in sculpting some muscle mass, the Jacobs Ladder melted away body fat.

A unit known as the Pineapple (a platform that vibrates) was utilized, too, bringing muscles to burn out much more quickly.

Robert Downey Jr in "Sherlock Holmes"

Robert Downey Jr Further Refines His Iron Man Physique in the Movie, "Sherlock Holmes."

Although Downey looked great in Iron Man, he was new to this level of fitness. But many more months with just a small percentage of body fact is necessary to achieve the ultimate lean look.

Simply continuing what he did to get lean for Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr sharpened up to a new level. When one loses body fat and becomes leaner, as Downey did, their skin doesn't shrink to the new, smaller size for some time.

It's quite noticeable from the fight scenes in the film that he is more cut in "Sherlock Holmes" than he was in "Iron Man."

Robert Downey Jr Iron Man 2

And Downey really gets ripped for "Iron Man 2!"

You will notice that his face, skin, and overall physique just look a little better. Once becoming leaner and remaining so for many years, you enjoy the added benefit of the skin toning up nicely as it adapts to the smaller body size.

People also underestimate how sharp and angular their face will look when getting down to a lower body fat level.

In "Iron Man 2," due primarily to his consistency and dedication to remain trim, Robert Downey Jr now has the appearance of a supermodel.

This impressive physique shown in "Iron Man 2" is actually the aftereffect of 3 years of regular and devoted exercise.

Even though this is written to highlight Robert Downey Jr's Iron Man 2 physique, the road to peak physical fitness really started back in 2007. Over three years, from the training program he began before the first "Iron Man" movie, Downey would perfect his physique.

The Pineapple, the Vortex, and Jacob's Ladder were what his trainer recommended to get to Downey's lean physique of today. Also of major significance was the importance of maintaining proper nutrition.

The Vortex is the Machine Robert Downey Junior used to build muscle.

Robert Downey Jr used "The Jacob's Ladder" for Fat Burning Cardio

Finally..."The Pineapple" was Used by Downey to Finish off the Workout


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    • profile image

      Vernon Martinez 3 years ago

      The pull up stand in Iron man 3 , near the beginning of the movie. Who is the vendor 0r manufacturer of it? And where can I get one?

    • profile image

      Vernon Martinez 3 years ago

      The pull up stand in Iron man 3 , near the beginning of the movie. Who is the vendor 0r manufacturer of it? And where can I get one?

    • Bryan Carlton profile image

      Bryan Carlton 7 years ago

      Hi Rusty,

      Loving your Posts, and blogs. Keep up the good work

    • profile image

      Bryan 7 years ago

      Rusty, love the way that you are able to give some differing perspective being a trainer yourself. You see things that others may not be able to fully appreciate.

    • Thomas S Moore profile image

      Thomas S Moore 7 years ago from South Florida

      Another great post as usual Rusty! I always enjoy reading your material. Be sure to check out