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Robert Palmer Buttoned Down Blues Rocker of the 80s

Updated on April 16, 2013

Robert Palmer's Cloned Girls

One of my most indelible television memories of the 1980s was the seemingly ubiquitous Robert Palmer and his group of nearly identical female automatons writhing hypnotically in unison to Palmer's video hits "Addicted to Love," and "Simply Irresistible" which was turned into Pepsi and Absolut Vodka TV commercials.

Palmer stood out among musicians of the period because he appeared, with neatly groomed hair, in a dark suit, white button-down shirt and tie. The heavily made up women in his videos were of similar height and build, dark hair and inscrutable, expressionless Vogue-model faces. Sadly, Palmer died in London at age 54 in London.

Addicted to Love--Sorry not available except on YouTube.


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