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Robin Padilla & Mariel Rodriguez Confirmed They Just Got Married

Updated on January 2, 2014

Who is Mariel Rodriguez? She is a Filipina commercial model, product endorser, former MTV VJ, television show host and movie actress. She is previously linked to Zanjoe Marudo.

Who is Robin Padilla? He is a Filipino film director, screenwriter, producer, martial artist and movie actor. He is considered to be a matinee idol and a cultural icon. He is popularly known to be the "Bad Boy" in the showbiz industry.

The marriage was only confirmed to media last Tuesday night (August 19, 2010). Robin Padilla happily announced that he married Mariel one month ago.

On being married to the action star, the blushing bride felt she was the happiest person on Earth and Robin is a blessing to her. She denied the rumors that they tied a knot in tribal ceremonies last September 13. She insisted that the event was only a visit to the Padilla family, saying, "Is there a married couple, who carried bows and swords?"

Although the celebrity pair was rumored of getting married in the previous weeks, Mariel didn't think it was their fault when they failed to provide details of their marriage. Unfortunately, the newlyweds didn't inform their parents of their recent wedding.

Robin Padilla, who left for India to observe Ramadan, thought Taj Mahal was a monument of love. He asked his bride to join him in the popular Indian monument and their love story continue to unfold with a solemn wedding.

What are their current plans? The action star is planning to marry Mariel in a Catholic church wedding so that their family and friends could attend their blissful union. It is already known that Robin is a Moslem and Mariel is a Catholic.

How their whirlwind romance started? The romance sparked between the celebrity pair when Robin became a substitute for William Revillame in the noontime game show, "Wowowee." The game show was scrapped and was replaced by "Pilipinas Win Na Win," which was hosted by presidential sister Ms. Kris Aquino.

In the new variety show, Robin and Mariel remained as television hosts but their chemistry as a love team became intense. Mariel admitted in an interview that she is dating with the action star. Then, Robin took a leave of absence because he had to focus on personal obligations. Weeks later, Mariel followed to India when she decided to take a surprise vacation.

Nowadays, the celebrity pair are relieved after confirming that they are officially married. They also revealed that they are on stage of having honeymoon. They will soon appear together in untitled film.

Pros and cons of the relationship

Pros: Mariel and Robin look a good couple. Their romance would not affect their movie careers because they want to enjoy each other's company and plan not to have a baby soon.

Cons: The age difference is surprising because Robin is 44 and Mariel is 29. I was expecting that Mariel will marry someone who has the same age. The criticism towards Mariel seem to affect her too.

What's good about it:

They look like a good couple. Although their romance seems a whirlwind romance, they look happy with each other's company. It seems that Robin finally meets the right woman to be with.

Their romance would not affect their movie careers because they are still active in showbiz industry. Robin Padilla reportedly set to star in a movie and he is also included in television programs. Mariel was a co-host in "Wowowillie" before.

Robin is happy with Mariel because his wife will wake up and prepare him a breakfast even though the actor returns home in the morning from his work.

What's bad about it:

Their age difference is surprising. Their 15-year-gap would not affect their relationship but many people seem to feel awkward about it. Mariel previously linked to other actor Zanjoe Marudo so it is surprising for some people that she suddenly married Robin, who has a divorce with Liezl Sicangco.

A rumor that Robin's divorce has not been finalized and the case is still pending. The actor quickly responded that the lawyers will help them finalized their papers so that he can continue his honeymoon with his present wife.

The criticisms affect Mariel such as:

* Their romance happened very quickly. Mariel did not know if she is going to feel sad or angry when people keep on saying that their romance is too quick to happen. She thought that people just count the days that they are together. She insisted that they just treasured each moment that they have spent together and that what really matters to her.

* She was hurt to be called "flirt." She denied that she is flirting with Robin. She explained that there was a courtship, they fell in love with each other and they decided to get married. She added that their whirlwind romance was not planned and it just happened unintentionally.

* Secret marriage in India showed that she is ungrateful daughter. She is hurt with this accusation. She insists that she did not hide her relationship and her engagement with those people who raised her. She introduced Robin to her family, who accepted and liked him for her. It is natural for the family to be emotional but her grandmother is happy.

* The ceremonies happened are not clear to the public. A lot of ceremonies, which happened like in Baguio, with a Christian pastor and the wedding in India, that confused the public. Mariel reveals that she is not the one who dished the scoop to the public. She also clears the issue and the ceremony seems to introduce her to the family in Baguio.

* She is tired of being called as a liar. She did not understand why the rumors still continued to surface and why it would not stop even after they already confessed the truth and the details to the public. She just wants to be happy with the romance.

Mariel seems to be choosy with her commitments. Robin shares that his wife did not accept E-Live offer because she did not want to have a lot of load. She chose to have a career as a housewife, which Robin would not believe that she dreams to be one.

Their first team-up movie was not a hit. Although the romance in real life blossomed and stayed strong, the couple's first ever movie team-up "Tum: My Pledge of Love" is reportedly not a hit after it only earned less than P15,000 ticket sales in some SM Cinemas.

Some Facts About Mariel and Robin's Romance:

Their first date happened at Rockwell Mall in Makati City. They watched a beautiful film "Knight and Day."

When Robin is rumored that he is already sleeping in Mariel's condominium unit, the actress quickly denied it because the actor is a gentleman.

The actor met his new love when he became the first guest host of hit noontime show "Wowowee" after its main host, Willie Revillame, decided to have “indefinite break” from the show.

Their marriage happened on August 19 at Taj Mahal in Agra, India.

The Islamic ceremony was called "nikah," a matrimonial ceremony between the bride, the groom and Allah.

They are planning to get married again in Catholic wedding rites in the country so that their families and friends can attend their second wedding.

Robin Padilla Shares The Secret of Lasting Relationship With Mariel Rodriguez

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