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Robocop 2014 - Film Review

Updated on May 12, 2015


SPOILER ALERT. Some elements of this review may be counted as being spoilers for some. So you have been warned.

Alex Murphy a good all round detective in a corrupt city and gets put on a weapons smuggling case with his partner. Deep under cover they find the mother lode of info that will crack their case wide open. Just when they think they have won their cover is blown and Alex's partner is shot. By the time Alex comes to report in someone has cleared up all the evidence and their target has gotten away. This leaves Alex suspicious that there might be a mole in the station as no one else knew they were there. He is told to leave the case alone but Alex refuses and once he is home someone attempts to murder him. He only barely lives and the only way to save him is to turn him into Robocop. Where a whole new can of worms opens up.


The Film

There was one word for this film 'Intense!'

I love robots with a mad passion. They are a weakness of mine. I even built one once but that's a story in itself.

From the moment this film starts your thrown into this tense situation with the weapons smuggling and the partner getting shot, not knowing whether he will survive and for a brief moment when you think everything is going to be ok all hell breaks loose. Specially when you end up seeing what remains of Alex as a mangled twisted body that is having to have assistance to breath and live in general. Your repulsed by it but at the same time you can help but watch.

The whole premise of the film for me had it spot on. There was a few areas where I was uncertain what was happening. With the large controlling company in the film there felt like there was forced sections or sections which felt like there was no need or something was missing.


There were also sections in the film which were like news feeds. This suddenly turns up in the film on occasion. You know its because they are trying to create pace and lengthen the story out but at the same time they are annoying. Specially in areas where it feels like they are recapping what has already been said or done. It was because these news feeds are introduced as part of a TV channel which was popular in this 'future'. Point being it updated people on the level of protection they could have and to show how they were limited at the moment and that the government or corporations should do more to prevent these limits. However for me this became the most annoying part. It was creating an interference and many of these feeds felt like they just made up more questions or forced topics that were not even part of the film. For me it started to feel like they were forcing the film into a different direction which didn't work at all.

However other than that the film story plods along very well and if you take out all the side nonsense from the news feeds it got more interesting the further in you go.

There were a beautiful feature of the film about the fact was Robocop more human or was he more robot. In true fact we know the answer from what you see at the beginning of the film but being he has a brain there is speculation over which has more control. I loved this idea and that there was a fact that he could be 'forced' into believing he could do things he in truth couldn't.


It was fascinating as is this not something that we face every day? The choices we have as humans ourselves but this element that big brother is watching and how our lives are changed or dictated by a machine in some way. In a way it was like this film was a representation from this future where big brother seems to have gone a little mad and what really is in our control and what isn't. Ok this premise is told in a totally different way in the film which to be honest makes much more sense in the way they explain it but it was still a great idea to work around.

The film for me has a lot more focus than the older versions. I like the older versions for different reasons but this film had just the right amount of gore and detail without making it hard to watch. You sit thinking more that was so cool than ick I can't stand this or that was too much. This makes the experience of watching the film even more entertaining as you follow along so much better.

The action and the music was very good and even though you know there was a lot of this film made up of CG and effects nothing looks fake or out of place. There is nothing worse than knowing in the back of your minds eye that what your watching isn't real. For me it creates a separation between me as the viewer and the film which is disappointing but I didn't have to worry about it with this one as there is some beautiful quality pieces in here.


Overall you have to remember to breath because of the intensity but this film is fab.

I would quite happily watch it over and over and probs find more and more things I haven't seen before. There is a huge amount of detail in this film so you're likely to miss something first time around.

In saying that its not perfect but if your wanting a good watch then this is a great film to choose.

My rating is a 9 out of 10.

Robocop and none of these images belong to me I just use them as reference for my review.

Movie Trailer


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