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Robots the Movie (Animated)

Updated on August 22, 2014
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Mary has been a movie fan since she was a little girl. She watched movies every night of the week on Million Dollar Theater..

Rodney with his Dad and Mom, leaving for Robot City
Rodney with his Dad and Mom, leaving for Robot City | Source

Can you tell I’m a movie fan?I do love them and recently my 2 year old grandson has started watching them too.When he finds one he likes we watch it over and over.Finding Nemo was cute, as was Ice Age, but Robots really caught my fancy with its adult jokes.

The movie itself is so very well done and Rivet Town and Robot City are spectacular.The details and machinery are intricate and interesting.Each robot of course has its own look and personality and the jokes abound if you listen closely.

The story revolves around the Copperbottom family and in particular their first born.Their first born is Rodney Copperbottom (Ewan McGregor.)When his parts are delivered Herb Copperbottom (the father) isn’t at home.His wife says she’s sorry he missed the delivery but goes on to say making the baby’s the fun part.Double entendre and there’s lots of them in this movie.Herb is a dishwasher, physically.His belly is the dishwasher.He’s getting tired and worn out so Rodney wants to help him and the rest of the robot world.Rodney’s idol is Mr. Bigweld an inventor, the executive, and owner of BigWeld Industries.When Rodney watches Bigweld on TV Bigweld says anyone can be an inventor.To be an inventor you have to find a need and fill that need. Rodney begins to try an invention and comes up with one that will wash dishes.He calls it Wonderbot.Wonderbot is adorable and temperamental and Rodney wants to try it out at the diner where he now works with his father.Wonderbot does a great job until the boss, Mr. Gunk, comes in and starts yelling.By the way, Mr. Gunk is a robot made of a cash register and a time clock.When he sees Wonderbot working he begins yelling and it scares the little sensitive robot. Wonderbot begins to fly around aimlessly breaking everything in his path.Gunk fires Rodney and belittles his father.Rodney decides to leave home and head for the big metropolis, Robot City, and Bigweld Industries to follow his dream.

Bigweld Industries is a huge disappointment to Rodney after playing cat and mouse with the diminutive robot guard, Tim Rodney fins Mr. Bigweld isn’t there.No one seems to know or care where he is.Of course, there’s evil afoot.The evil, nefarious Ratchet (Greg Kinnear) is running Bigweld with his just as evil and more nefarious mother, Madame Gasket(Jim Broadbent)in the background.At Bigweld Industries Rodney meets Cappy (Halle Berry) and of course falls immediately in love with her.Don’t worry Fender finds a love interest too.

Did I mention Fender is continually losing body parts?As Rodney helps to re-assemble Fender they become friends and Fender invites Rodney to stay with him.Fender rents a room from Aunt Fanny at her boarding house – the name is aptly applied as her ‘fanny’ is extremely large.A sample dialog between Fender and Aunt Fanny; Aunt Fanny: Oh, what happened to your friend? Fender: He got rear-ended. Fender has a sister named Piper (Amanda Bines), a tomboy robot who is dazzled by Rodney.Rodney meets the rest of the misfit robots that Ratchet is trying to eliminate by doing away with spare parts.These robots are called “Rusties” because they are old and always needing new spare parts. Ratchet wants to do away with the rusties at his chop shop and sell only brand new shiny parts they can’t afford. Rodney tries to help all of the rusties by repairing them with parts he finds. When Rodney is threatened by Ratchet, and also finds Mr. Bigweld. Fender is captured by Ratchet and sent to the chop shop.He is able to save himself by attaching female legs to his male robot body.When he runs back to Rodney and the rusties to tell them about Ratchet’s evil plot he says that he ran all the way home in these cha cha heels.When Piper sees him she says she didn’t know she had a sister!Rodney and the rusties do battle with Ratchet and his mother to bring Bigweld back to Bigweld Industries and of course succeed.

You really have to watch and pay attention to get the full benefit of the sight gags and the jokes throughout this movie.Fender is a major source of jokes.When Rodney tells Fender it’s his moment to shine Fender replies he is made of ‘afraidium’ and its yellow and tastes like chicken.When Fender is in separate pieces he says, “Why, I'd, I'd smack you if I had a hand.”

One dialog between Rodney and Fender: “Rodney: When was the last time you got oiled? Fender: Yeah, I can't really answer that in front of my kid sister.”

This banter goes on constantly throughout the film between all of the robots with, of course, Fender being the main source.Oh, and I shouldn’t forget to mention the domino scene, you’ve got to see it.If you’re an adult that enjoys animated movies you really shouldn’t miss this one.I know it came out in 2005 but it’s as funny now as it was then as the visuals, gags, and animation will always be the same.

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Robots - Voices and Story

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    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 5 years ago from New York

      Thanks ariNNA.

    • profile image

      ariNNA 5 years ago


    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 6 years ago from New York

      Glad you enjoyed my hub Jamie...I love this movie and have watched it probably 100 times with my grandson.

    • jhamann profile image

      Jamie Lee Hamann 6 years ago from Reno NV

      The opening sequence to this movie is incredible. I seemed to love this movie more than my son! Thank You. Jamie

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 6 years ago from New York

      PegCole17, thanks. I agree, Robin Williams is really a show stealer!

    • PegCole17 profile image

      Peg Cole 6 years ago from Dallas, Texas

      We watch this one again and again for it's subtle humor and cute story. Great recap of the movie and its characters. Robin Williams' personality really came through and made the lines even better with his delivery.

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 6 years ago from New York

      I agree RachaelLefler but didn't know about Futurama. I'll have to check that out!

    • RachaelLefler profile image

      Rachael Lefler 6 years ago from Illinois

      Yeah, I liked this movie. One of those great kids movies that grown-ups can enjoy too. "Fender" reminded me of "Bender" from Futurama and there are "rusties" in the Uglies trilogy by Scott Westerfeld who are essentially rebelling against a society where everyone gets plastic surgery from head to toe at age 16 just to be normal.