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Rochelle Humes - Very Beautiful Singer of the pop music group The Saturdays

Updated on November 19, 2017

A first look at the beautiful Rochelle Humes

Rochelle Humes after she had a nose job done. She is in attendance at the nominations event for the Brit Awards 2015.
Rochelle Humes after she had a nose job done. She is in attendance at the nominations event for the Brit Awards 2015. | Source

The motivation to write about Rochelle

“It doesn’t matter how you start, it matters how you finish.”

Los Angeles Kings hockey co-commentator Jim Fox before one of the Kings games

Ending your day in a positive way is just as important if not more important than you start your day. The above sentence is only partially true but that is a valid point. You want to make sure that you end your day in the best way that is possible. You want to make sure that you go to bed at night being in a good mood. The above quote not only matters to a sports team, but it is also important for all of us to remember. Yes, how you start the day is important but also how you finish it is equally as important or even more important. That’s why I always do what I can to make sure that I am in the correct mood prior to sleeping. Let me also say that it doesn’t matter how long it takes for you to feel good enough at the end of the day. As long as it takes for you to finish your day right, that’s all that matters. One of the ways to finish the night in a great way is to listen to music that you are really enjoying.

Some information about The Saturdays

For me, it is the pop music group called The Saturdays. My writing journey on this night has taken me to the exploration phase as I knew that I was going to write about a UK based artist. It was between whether to write about Rachel Stevens or The Saturdays and that’s what I chose. This article is not going to focus on the band’s career in full. There will be some information only about Rochelle Humes, one of their members. I found out about this group one night a few years ago while browsing the World Wide Web one night back in 2014. The Saturdays are a British and Irish pop music group that formed in 2007. The band members were:

The Saturdays last official lineup

  • Frankie Sandford (before her marriage her surname was Bridge)
  • Una Healy (from Ireland)
  • Rochelle Humes
  • Mollie King
  • Vanessa White

Rochelle Humes: early life, entry into the music industry and marriage

As for Rochelle Humes, she was born on March 27, 1989 in Essex, England. She has attended dance classes extensively. Before her time spent with The Saturdays, she and Frankie Bridge were part of a kids unit called S Club Juniors. That group later changed its name to S Club 8 before disbanding in 2004. Rochelle was very ecstatic when she found out that she was chosen to be part of the group The Saturdays and she did not know that Frankie had been auditioning to get into the group. Rochelle married Marvin Humes who was a member in a boy band called JLS. The two of them got married in July 2012 after they had gotten engaged in December 2011. She gave birth to daughter Alaia-Mai in May 2013.

Rochelle Humes wallpaper

Some interesting information about Rochelle and her husband Marvin Humes

Rochelle’s mother Roz raised her as a single parent. Rochelle herself is of Norwegian and Sierra Leonean descent which explains her beauty. After missing school in 2001 for one day to attend an audition, Rochelle got her first real experience with fame. She was with S Club Juniors when the group would end up getting 6 hits in the Top 10. Roz explained about how she tried to protect her own daughter when she said: “To keep Rochelle normal, I try not to get so excited about things because when it ends, it’ll make it harder to deal with things,” (Hello Magazine n.d.). Rochelle and Marvin were at one time away from each other because they had broken off their relationship due to work conflicts. Marvin revealed that when he was away from her, he knew that she was the person that he wanted to spend his life with because he felt so bad without being around her. One thing is for sure: The Saturdays were an exciting group and I hope that they can reunite in the future.


n.d. Hello Magazine. Accessed January 27, 2017.

The song Not Giving Up (official music video)

Rochelle Humes in Pasadena California in 2013 and London (2016)


Rochelle Humes in Cosmopolitan Magazine in October 2014

Rochelle Humes showing her stunning beauty in this photo shoot for Cosmopolitan Magazine in October 2014.
Rochelle Humes showing her stunning beauty in this photo shoot for Cosmopolitan Magazine in October 2014. | Source

The song Lease My Love

The song Wildfire

© 2017 Ara Vahanian


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