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Rock And Roll Heaven

Updated on August 19, 2010

Rock And Roll Heaven


Rock And Roll Heaven
by Chuck RitenouR

verse 1:
I dreamed of Rock and Roll heaven where lonely Angels played guitars
and the drums rolled like thunder and cymbals flashed like shooting stars.
where streets were filled with dancers and the music filled the air.
and there was a long line of people just dying to get in there.

verse 2:
now everybody dreams of heaven a place out among in the stars.
yeah, I dreamed of lonely Angels who were playing their guitars.
No, I won't waste one minute wishing, wishing that I hadn't died
or wondering did I live a good life, heaven knows that I have tried.

So come on beam me up Scottie do it when the time is right
I promise I won't struggle, I promise I won't fight.
I want to dance the dance eternal somewhere out there in the stars
and rock out to the lonely Angels playing their guitars.

the end


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