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Rock Of Ages

Updated on May 17, 2010

Judas Priest 2010

A Reunited Judas Priest in 2010
A Reunited Judas Priest in 2010

Welcome to Rock of Ages!

Today I want to start out with a group that is synonymous with the term " Metal " and that group is Judas Priest!

The band including the duel guitars of KK Downing and Glenn Tipton, along with bassist Ian Hill, drummer extraordinaire Scott Travis, and the man often referred to as " The Metal God " lead singer Rob Halford have released a special 30th anniversary edition of the album " British Steel " that includes the concert video of last years tour in support of the album. I have had the chance to listen to some of the live tracks from this album and they are just killer with " The Priest " and Halford's voice at full power.

Judas Priest was originally formed back in the year 1969 in Birmingham, England and still consists of four of it's five original members at the moment.

Two things that I want to point out are the following..

  • Original lead singer Rob Halford had left the band back in the year 1991 after the end of the band's successful " Painkiller " tour to form the band Fight, a " Thrash Metal " outfit with a drummer who had joined the Priest for the recordings of the album Painkiller.Halford would also do a solo project album titled " Voyeurs Two ", as this band ( well not really a band in essence ) consisted of just Halford on vocals and guitarist John Lowery
  • Drummer Scott Travis came on board the Priest Metal machine during the recording of " Painkiller " and has been with them ever since except for a stint with Halford for the recording of the first album with Halford of the album " Fight "
  • Halford was replaced with singer Tim " Ripper " Owens who was a singer in a Priest tribute band called " British Steel ". Owens would record two studio albums with priest including " Jugulator " and " Demolition " which in my opinion were albums that were recorded to work around Owen's vocal style, which was a huge departure from Halford"s vocal style...and not for the better in my opinion. The band would release a double live cd titled 98 Live Meltdown and also a concert video of that tour.

Halford would reunite with the band after twelve years being apart in the July of 2003 and have been bringing their style of metal to the masses ever since.


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