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Rock Of Ages:Beyond The Lighted Stage With Rush!

Updated on December 28, 2010

Hi and welcome to another " Rock of Ages " Hub Page.

This time around I want to focus on one of Rock's my opinion anyway, and one of my favorite bands....Rush!

As a long time fan of this three man power band out of Canada, I have many things that are of a " Rush " nature if you will. From concert tour t-shirts to music cds to an acoustic Drum kit in my basement based on drummer extraordinaire, Neil Peart. I own a lot of Rush and so I have what you might call a small, vested interest in this band that hails from our neighbors to the north and thought that it was high time I did a page on this band and so here it goes...

Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage give the fans a behind the scenes history of the band from it earliest days to the present. Starting out with some history of the three members, we get a personal tour of the bands growing development over the span of their storied 30 year career.

This dvd has lot's of interviews with celebrities musical and otherwise including Trent Rezner, Gene Simmons, Kirk Hammett, and comedian/ Actor Jack Black, who in one of the most telling of moments as far as the celeb interview moments on the dvd pretty much explains it all when it comes to just why this band has been and remains so popular even today..." Rush, is just one of those bands that has a deep reservoir of Rocket sauce ", " A lot of bands sometimes only have so much Rocket Sauce, and they use it up on just one song, these guys ( Rush ) are the real deal...their bottle is so big and filled to the brim, they were shaking it for decades and still there was sauce coming out "...I don't know just what to add to that statement by Jack Black other than this...after what should have been an incident that totally put this band to bed for good, the three members of Rush, after the tragic loss of Neil Peart's daughter, and then a year later, the loss of his wife, and then taking a two year motorcycle biking odyssey, in order to be able to find himself again after his tragic loss, these three musicians come back together to see if they can even attempt to be a band again...and thankfully for their fans they were ( with some trepidation on the part of Peart ) to actually go back into the recording studio and after a five year hiatus record the long awaited album Vapor Trails, which featured the opening track...and double base drum opening salvo to announce that Neil Peart and Rush were indeed alive and well.

If your not a die hard Rush fan, then you may just want to pass this dvd up as just another way fo a band to advertise itself and make a little cash, but if you happen to know just one of this band's songs such as Tom Sawyer, Closer to the Heart, or one of it's most recognized and personal songs " Limelight " then even if you were to just go and rent this dvd I think that after seeing the documentary itself, you will want to have a copy of your own for your dvd library collection.

Awarded the " Audience Award " from the Tribeca Film Festival there are also over 1 1/2 hours of bonus features and deleted scenes from the movie itself included here on the extras dvd.

Also included on the dvd are live performances of the following songs...

  • Working Man and Best I Can with former drummer John Rutsey from1974
  • La Villa Strangiato from the 1979 Pinkpop festival in Holland

and lives performances of the following songs from their " Snakes and Arrows Tour "

  • Far Cry
  • Entre Nous

and more and there may even be a few Easter Eggs, which the band sometimes has hidden in some of their video recorded work.

All in all I ( okay, again I am A Fan ! ) found this dvd to be well worth the money I had spent to have it and be able to view it's content whenever I choose to. If your a fan, and even if your nnot and your just curious as to why Rush has remained so popular with it's fan base for more than 30 years now, this dvd will certainly answer the question for you!


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