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Rock Stars' Wacky Habits and Demands

Updated on June 14, 2012

Just what is it that brings out the wildside in rocker's on tour?

Is it the lyrics and the screaming groupies, or is it simply boredom from so many weeks on the road? Or maybe their crazy antics are publicity ploys, as they try anything to maintain their stardom. Whether its going nuts onstage, shooting off their mouths in Late-Night Shows, or making wacky demands to the people trying to please them, These artists are nothing short of divas

Madonna in concert Blonde Ambition
Madonna in concert Blonde Ambition
No Doubt 1990s
No Doubt 1990s
Sinead in priest outfit
Sinead in priest outfit
Sinead tearing picture of Pope John Paul II
Sinead tearing picture of Pope John Paul II


Prince demands to have a physician inject him with Vitamin B12 before each of his shows. He also requires all food located backstage to remain covered with cellophane until he can uncover each item.

While his weirdest (and most unpronounceable) change was back in 1993 with the perplexing squiggle- which looked something like the overlapped symbols for male and female- he has a history of silly pseudonyms that include Joey Coco, Jamie Starr, Alexander Nevermind, and who could forget, His Royal Badness ( because he likes to think that he is "bad" in the way that Michael Jackson was "Bad",meaning good).


Smashing stuff onstage maybe a rush to some famous rockers, but other prefer to keep it in the privace of their own hotel rooms. An infamous pair often nicknamed the "Toxic Twins", Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith, had their fair share of drug problems in the 1970s, and thanks to cabin fever brought on by being on the road for months at a time, they quickly developed a fetish for destruction. To keep them busy in their hotel rooms after concerts, Tyler and Perry always took two staples on tour with them : chainsaws and extra long extension cords. Why?Because they wanted to do as much damage as possible. The chainsaws were used to slice up the hotel room. The cords were used when they tossed the television out of the hotel window, so they could watch their favorite shows all the day down.

Aerosmith wasn't the only band to trash its temporary living quarters while on tour. While in Germany in 1984, MOTLEY CRUE tossed the mattresses would look cool bouncing off the cars below. The government didn't put up with antics for long, though - the band was tossed out of the country within the week.


a shock- value pop idol who loves to push the envelope with edgy lyrics and constant reinvention of image, Madonna was a little star-struck ( and jealous) when Anaheim skater chick Gwen Stefani emerged in Hollywood from the ska scene. Since opening for industry veterans Red Hot Chili Peppers and rock reggae star Ziggy Marley in the 1990s, No Doubt had struggled to earn their fame. As the band continued to push for recognition and their first hits, "Just A Girl" and "Spiderwebs", climbed the chart, Stefani stole the spotlight from the Material Girl and became increasingly popular for her rock hard midriff and eastern binfi jewel. Taking a bit of a back seat to the newbie, Madonna was rumored to have called Stefani a poser for copying Madonna's signature dance moves and hairstyles. Soon after the comment, Madonna's long term friend Rosie O' Donnell canceled Stefani's upcoming appearance on her talk show. O' Donnell claimed it was because of "scheduling differences," but No Doubt fans suspected it was a friendly favor.


  • "Just a Girl" was not the first music video No Doubt ever made for MTV. As the band struggled for recognition in the early 190s, they sent producers a low-budget video for the single "Trappd in the Box", but MTV didn't air it once.
  • Madonna is distantly related to Celine Dion and Gwen Stefani


More famous for her buzz cut than for her actual talent as an artist, Irish pop singer Sinead O' Connor was the Queen of attitude and Anti-patriotism. In 1990, she turned down an offer to play a gig in New Jersey because she didn't want to support any event where the national anthem would be played. Later that year, while shopping at a health food store in California, She allegedly had an employee fired her for playing the tune overhead to get on her nerves.

O'Connor's most famous anti-everything escapade was, of course, when she finally agreed to appear on Saturday Night Live in 1992. (She had refused the first offer in 1990 because she did not want to appear with comedian Andrew Clay, who she said was too edgy) As O'Connor began her opening monologue, however, producers quickly regretted the second offer. Instead of spouting off the expected one-liners, O' Connor sang the Bob Marley song " War" and tore up a photo of Pope John Paul II


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    Thomas Silvia 

    6 years ago from Massachusetts

    Very well written and put together hub, with lots of interesting information. Another great hotel room trasher was Keith Moon of the Who .

    Vote up and more !!!


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