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Rock of Ages: Kiss Monster

Updated on March 6, 2013

Okay I may be a bit late talking about this CD, but better late than never as they say.

I've been a long time Kiss fan and I have most of their albums and Cd's, and while I still have issues with the way Kiss run their group like a business and allowing two new members wear the makeup of original Kiss members Peter Criss (aka the Catman) and Ace Frehley (aka the Spaceman) I have to say that if your a long time fan but you haven't litened to the band's new music as of late...this is the album to listen to.

Mnster delivers 12 tracks of (mostly) great Kiss era rock and roll.

Some of the album's standout tracks (and there are quite a few actually) are...

Hell or Hallelujah-This track is the bands most commercial song on this album and allows lead singer and rhythm guitarist Paul Stanley a venue to let his vocal pipes really open up.

Wall of Sound-This track is the first of four tracks which features the demon, Gene Simmons on lead vocals and prepares us for what Simmons plans to deliver as a vocalist on this album. This first Simmons track is tight and Gene's voice is certainly unmistakable.

Freak-another vocal performance by Stanley and one of my favorite tracks on Monster. This track could certainly be a self portrait of the star child during his early youth with lyrics that ask questions and also proclaim that the "Starchild" has arrived with the lyrics such as "I've got streaks in my hair, people point at me and stare" and "Let them laugh cause I don't care, it's my I'm proud to bear...I'm a Freak"

Back to the Stone Age-this track is my favorite Simmons performance on this album. The song opens up strong with a strong bass line delivered by Simmons, with Eric Singer coming into the song into with a strong crash of cymbals and patented snare hits and then the opening Simmons scream leading into the first chorus "I'm going back to the Stone Age, back where I belong," "I'm going back to the Stone Age,back where I come from."

Take me Down Below-this is classic Kiss, with not an innuendo (no, I won't take advantage of a cheap, lewd comment here) not implied in the song. The song opens again with Gene providing us with a strong bass line and lyrics such as "I saw her standing there across the room, a glass of wine and some cheap perfume," and certainly a recognizable Stanley lyric "I took an elevator late one night, this lady by my side looked like she might" ...ummm...,might what Paul.

Other songs on the album which were okay, but not fantastic are

  • Shout Mercy
  • Long Way Down
  • Eat Your Heart Out
  • The Devil is Me
  • Outta This World
  • All for the Love of Rock & Roll
  • Last Chance

Now I'll come out and tell you that I picked up this latest Kiss offering when it first came out ,and while I got it at a very low price, I would have spent $15 or $16 dollars for this one.

All in all, it's a strong showing from the Kabuki kings, and in all's probably the best I've heard from the band in quite a while.


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