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Rodrigo D No Futuro Movie and Critic Review (with english subtitles) Part 2

Updated on August 8, 2013

Rodrigo No Futuro Scene # 3

Pool Fighting Scene from Rodrigo D No Futuro

The teenagers from the slums practice knife fighting
The teenagers from the slums practice knife fighting | Source

"Punkheads are a bunch of losers"

Rodrigo is off to pay the school of his small brother and is followed by another by Ramon (who wanted to steal the motorcycle). Ramon turns out to be a minor drug dealer who sells pot to the small children at the school soccer field.

Rodrigo then wanders off to see if he can buy some drummer sticks. On the way he spots a dead woman on the highway that was hit by a bus. This is an important scene since Rodrigo has lost his own mother in unknown circumstances and this seems to be a great source of his loneliness. Furious punk music plays in the background while he walks away as if to express his internal anger.

When he arrives to a contact`s home who might have some drum sticks to sell, he is told that if they were to sell them it would be to a heavy metal fan and not to punk head.

“Punk heads are a bunch of losers, I don`t think he`ll sell them.” (Rodrigo then spits at the closed door).

Rodrigo No Futuro Scene # 4

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"The Wires In Your Head"

John, the one that possibly killed a cop, was picked up in the middle of the night by a jeep with no plates on. Their friends believe these were the cops who had dug him out and would torture him to latter disappear his body. The other motorcycle thief fears he is in danger as well and announces to his mother that he is going to hide for a while on the mountains, camping.

We later see the thief and another partner looking down into a soccer field where some small kids are training. They spot a certain boy they know and determine he will probably be up to no good by next year, continuing the cycle of rotten teenagers that resort to delinquency and lose their life before turning 20. They discuss how children are the most dangerous with a gun, since they just react without much thought. The cops on the other hand only tuff-up when they are in numbers.

In a next scene, Ramon is walking around with another gang member (who always wears a punk outfit) friend when they spot the bike he so much wants to steal. They decide to borrow a gun from the thief (who seems to be the gang leader, at least the most respected member of them all) by the next day to heist the motorcycle. Then Ramon suggest they steal the gun from the thief and say it was the cops who got it, but his partner respects the thief and ignores this suggestion. Then they smoke a joint while singing the lyrics of a violent punk song.

“The wires in your head,

the straight jacket won’t save you, it won’t save you,

because I`m gonna kill you.”

Meanwhile, Rodrigo finally gets his drumsticks from a local carpenter.

Rodrigo D No Futuro Scene # 5

Talking About Life and Death

The thief discusses the possibility of his imminent death
The thief discusses the possibility of his imminent death | Source

Playing the Sex Pistols

Ramon: “What you saying? These are the panties of your sister, the hore, who shares her pus** with everyone, jaja… fagot!”

They later enter into an existentialist discussion about the dangers they are facing. They talk about how photos of yourself can be a real danger with your enemies around. Ghe thief, enters into an emotional discussion while he prepares a joint. Christmas is just around the corner, a sad time for him when he remembers all the dead friends that didn`t make it to New Year, and maybe he won’t do either.

It is custom in Colombia to burn a human size doll (usually with fireworks inside) which symbolizes “The Old Year” that just ended. The thief wonders who will end by New Years Eve, the doll or himself.

A very colorful scene follows where they pretend to fight with knifes, Rodrigo sets the beat with his knew drumsticks like the ticking of a clock reaching the final hour.

Rodrigo then finds himself on a roof of a punk group. Two metal fan girls come to trial as vocalists but are rejected by the bandleader; Rodrigo and a friend take over and sing a well-known Sex Pistols song. Rodrigo really knows how to play the drums and it this is his moment of bliss where we finally see some purpose in his life.

Even though Rodrigo seems like a depressed kid, he holds a strong link with his dream of becoming a professional drummer of a punk band. Punk music seems to be the only thing that understands him, so he seeks refuge in its strong sounds and lyrics.



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