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Rodrigo D No Futuro Complete Movie and Critic Review (with english subtitles) Part 3

Updated on August 8, 2013

Rodrigo D No Futuro Scene # 6

Punk Outfit From The 80´s

Outfit from a punk fan in the 80´s
Outfit from a punk fan in the 80´s | Source

The Safehouse

The thief is told that some strange people disguised as cable men are looking for him. He decides is time to hide and moves into a safe house at the highest part of the slum.

Meanwhile, Ramon tries to heist the motorcycle but its anticipated by the owner who also carries a gun, so he walks away.

The next day he meets with the punk head and the other gang members who are planning to steal a Mazda in a rich neighborhood.

Rodrigo is away from all playing with his drumsticks. His caring father, seeing his son so distant, suggests him to stay some days away in the house of one of his mother`s friends, Nohemi.

While the thief is going into a safe house for his criminal acts Rodrigo is looking for his own place to find peace of mind.

Rodrigo No Futuro Scene #7

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Steal the car, but not the baby

A punk group plays savagely in a rooftop singing protest lyrics against society.

In the mean time the gang members steal the car from a high class neighborhood not realizing there is a baby in the back seat. They leave the toddler by the road and resume their escape.

Historical Events Behind The Story

Pablo Escobar, the most infamous Colombian drug dealer, dominated much of the poor side of the city. When he was practically unknown to the international media Pablo was running for president and gave houses away to the people living in the poor neighborhoods. When the government declared war to Pablo`s drug cartel he used young boys and teenagers from the slums as assassins killing as many cops as possible. This initiated a time where the only hope for these kids was to become delinquents and survive as much as they could.

Rodrigo No Futuro Scene #8

Punk Dance On The Roof

Playing fast punk music and pogo dancing.
Playing fast punk music and pogo dancing. | Source

Smoking a joint with mom

One of the drummers from the punk group plays a really angry song: “police mother f**, police mother f**, fuc*** city..” while the camera takes a wide shot of Medellin downtown while Rodrigo stares down accusingly.

Rodrigo is back at home, but his father tells him to accompany a man to the hospital because he is suffering from a stroke. In the bus, he is interested in the suffering man who signs a romantic song in english. He cares little about the song, “Because of you”, he only cares in the english.

He asks the man to translate some english lyrics that he knows by memory but not its meaning:

“This is your house, welcome to hell my friend.”

The fact that Rodrigo is curious about the meaning of these lyrics is a clue of the internal emotions felt by our leading character.

The thief, bored from hiding, goes back in the middle of the night to his mother`s house. They seem very close and go out for a walk. He offers to smoke a joint with her but she refuses, last time she didn`t like the uncontrollable laughter and sudden hunger.

“You want me to end like last time, laughing my guts out and with the munchies.”

Rodrigo D No Futuro Scene # 5

Rodrigo Meneses

Rodrigo Meneses is the actor that played Rodrigo D in the movie. He has become a professional actor.
Rodrigo Meneses is the actor that played Rodrigo D in the movie. He has become a professional actor. | Source

20th Floor

After walking with his mother, the thief arrives to a funeral of John (he didn´t know about his death). John or little John was the one that shot the cop at the beginning and had stolen a motorcycle with the thief.

Rodrigo stays in the city after going with the sick man in the bus. He visits his mother`s friend and watches some old pictures of his mother.

The next day, in the slump a police car stops by the house of the Ramon. Luckily for him, he spots them before entering the house and runs to safety. He seeks refuge with the thief in his safe house, but is rejected for being such a loser. The rest of the gang considers him a “Judas” and untrustworthy.

That same day, Rodrigo goes to a big downtown building from the city and tricks the doorman into letting him go to the 20th floor. At the beginning of the film we see Rodrigo at the last floor of a building supposedly looking for a lost bag. For some reason, we should already suspect, he has a purpose to do from the last floor of a tall building.

Rodrigo No Futuro Scene # 10

Loveor hate it

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Kill yourself my friend

The thief and his closest friends are drunk and dancing to punk music on the street. The thief hasn`t killed anyone in days, and is eager like an addict. The go and search for a victim and run into Ramon, the low life drug dealer that was supposed to be in hiding. They decide to kill Ramon just to calm their anxiety.

This scene is confusing since in a few seconds a similar scene of the Ramon´s murder is repeated. Seems like an editing mistake that shows two different scenes of the same murder.

In the 20th floor of a building Rodrigo stares down a window to the city lost in thought. Slowly, punk music begins to play…

“Kill yourself my friend, kill yourself my friend…”

A body falls rapidly near an office window.

As told in the final credits six members of this original cast where murdered before the movie reached the screens in the senseless war fought in the slums of Medellin. The movie is dedicated in their memory so at least their characters could live forever. Rodrigo Meneses who played the character of Rodrigo No Futuro was the only actor in this film that followed a professional career as an actor.


Rodrigo D No Futuro is one of the top 10 cult movies of Colombia; in my humble opinion, it is number one. The film has become a legend for portraying so well the reality of the 80´s in the slums of Medellin in the most natural way. It may have its errors, but this only makes it the more loveable for its imperfections.

Hopefully my narration of important scenes and dialogue explanations made the movie more enjoyable for non-Colombians who can confused with the excessive use of slang (called Parlache, a slang language accepted by the Spanish Royal Academy, it even has its own dictionary). I have posted several links to acquire the film from Amazon, you can read insightful reviews from foreigners who have watched the film. If you want to know more about similar films, please follow (button at the beginning) for future hubs.

If you haven´t already I strongly recommended reading the following article to understand the social conflict that led to urban violence in the 80´s in Colombia:

Scared of visiting Colombia?

Don´t be. The country is completely different from what it was back then. Yes, there is still an internal armed conflict with many victims, and yes, the slums of Medellin are still dangerous with small gang groups fighting for territory. But it is not at the level that it was back then. I live in Medellin and the city is pretty safe to walk around. If you are planning on visiting the country and are unsure about its safety feel free to read:

Please leave your comments if you watched the whole film. Oh, and if you know any other cool films do mention them.


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    • David Trujillo profile imageAUTHOR

      David Trujillo Uribe 

      6 years ago from Medellin, Colombia

      I´m glad you liked it. This is just 2 months old. Share so more people can appreciate. Very few know of the existence of this film.

    • David Trujillo profile imageAUTHOR

      David Trujillo Uribe 

      6 years ago from Medellin, Colombia

      I posted this just like 2 months ago. I´m glad you liked it.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      i realise they might have been written a while ago, but thanks for these. i just saw the film and it blew me away, and really appreciate the expanding and context setting you've done here


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