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Roger Waters Concert Review 1984

Updated on December 1, 2012

The Pro's & Con's

During the 1980's following the release of Pink Floyd’s The Wall and The Final Cut, there were rumors of the band breaking up. David Gilmour had been doing some solo shows and albums, but no one could imagine the Floyd breaking up. News came in 1984 the Roger Waters had left the band and would have a solo career. This was quite a shock that this supergroup was done for, however after the limited concert performances of The Wall, and the obvious title of The Final Cut, you knew that the Pink Floyd quartet was done for. Waters released his solo album; The Pro & Cons Of Hitchhiking, and his mid-life crisis was on.

On Tuesday June 17 1984 I went to the Roger Waters Concert at the Hartford Civic Center in Hartford Connecticut. My friends and I were excited to go as Eric Clapton was playing lead guitar for the show. This was basically a Pink Floyd concert minus 3 band members, complete with the large circular screen behind stage and all the Floyd sound effects. The show started with some of Roger’s solo material. After a few minutes they cranked into the song Money, I ‘m telling you Eric Clapton was playing lead guitar loud, thick and heavy. As we were sitting in the third row stage left, someone thru a few very small firecrackers, and then as Waters started to do one of his ballad solos, someone thru an M-80. It was loud. So Roger Waters and Eric Clapton got really mad-they stopped the show, said if there was one more firework lite off-the show would be over. The rest of the show somewhat stubbled along, it was a good concert, but we expected more Pink Floyd and less solo Roger Waters. That’s okay, fasten your seat belts for what Floyd had to offer later in the 1980's.

Please Enjoy This Song By Pink Floyd


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