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Roger Waters at Skydome singing Pink Floyd's The Wall album!

Updated on November 1, 2012

Review of Roger Waters at Skydome!

So I had the absolutely huge pleasure of seeing Roger Waters sing his album "The Wall" at Rogers Center (Skydome) on June 23rd. Let me just say that this concert was incredible and definitely the best one I have ever been to. So I felt the need to write a review for Roger and his best show to date!

Just 45 minutes later all lower level seats are filled and everyone is chanting for Roger!
Just 45 minutes later all lower level seats are filled and everyone is chanting for Roger!

Who is Roger Waters and what is a Pink Floyd?!

Pink Floyd was an English rock band that was majorly popular in the 70's and 80's but is still a popular band to this day. The Water's era (early 80's) saw some of their most popular albums including The Wall.

Roger Waters was the founder of Pink Floyd, co-lead vocalist and bass guitarist. After their lead singer Syd Barrett was put into a mental institution in 1968, Waters became the lead vocalist and later, the principle leader and creative inspiration for the band.

Crossed hammer banners hanging from the wall!
Crossed hammer banners hanging from the wall!

The Wall

The Wall can best be seen as a remark about isolation and abandonment of society. The narrative album follows a character named Pink (modeled after Roger's childhood issues) who decides to build a wall to block out the rest of society.

Some of the most famous songs from this album are "Another Brick in the Wall II" and "Mother". An album that everyone has a different view on, The Wall is one of the best Albums on record (#87 on Rolling Stone's Top 500 Albums of all time) and was one of the best selling albums in the 1980's.

Roger Waters dressed in pseudo-Nazi gear: trench coat, aviators and a crossed hammer arm band!
Roger Waters dressed in pseudo-Nazi gear: trench coat, aviators and a crossed hammer arm band!

The Concert - Start

So on June 23rd I hopped into my father's car and we left for Skydome (I refuse to call it Rogers Center). The drive was fine yada yada yada and eventually we made it to skydome! After waiting for the doors to open we found our seats (Gate 12, Section 236, Row 8, Seats 5 and 6) and waited for 8:15 to hurry up and get here.

At first we didn't believe that the whole place could fill up but by 8 the whole floor was full and there was barely a seat in the sections not taken up by a Floyd shirt wearing fan.

The Firework Show

The Concert - Fireworks

Suddenly, at the stroke of 8:15 and two $11.00 beers later the lights turned off and fireworks shot out of the stage!

If you haven't noticed yet by the photos the stage had a partially built wall across it. The coolest thing about this show is that as Roger sings his greatest album, stage hands are slowly building the rest of the wall. By the time intermission comes the whole wall is complete. Also, the wall is completely white but is used as a screen for the projector and light show. See pictures to see how cool this effect is.

Bring the Boys Back Home

Some of the best songs

Some of the best highlights of the show included:

- Roger singing mother as a duet with himself from 30 years ago.

- When he sang another brick in the wall (II) a chorus of kids from grade school came out to sing the children's part in the song!

- During the intermission they showed pictures of anyone who has been hurt or killed in the war.

- Vera was sung to video clips of soldiers coming home from the war! This led into Bring the Boys Back Home which was so epically awesome!!!

- After the intermission one brick of the wall was removed and a giant spotlight shined out of it, and then comes Roger's "Hey you....out there on your own..."

- After "Hey You" Roger Waters sang "Is There Anybody Out There?" in which a surround sound helicopter and spotlight flew around our heads.

- A lot of clips from Pink Floyd's movie (The Wall) were put on the screen during the last few songs.


It was a fantastic show and I would definitely go again if he did another tour. Roger is in his 60's now so I advise that if you love Pink Floyd as much as I do you really should catch this show! His Skydome show was incredible, he sold the whole place out and he could have done it twice! A show very worth your money and it wont be around very much longer!


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    • Theeyeballkid profile image

      Theeyeballkid 5 years ago

      Great hub! This brings back memories. I saw him in 2010 I think it was, perform the wall here in Manchester UK, it was one of the best concerts I've seen.