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Roku XDS Streaming Player 1080p Netflix Amazon Hulu

Updated on March 3, 2011

Looking for a Cheaper Alternative to Satellite TV and Cable Services? This may be Your Solution.

With the increasing cost of Cable and Satellite Television subscription services in a down economy people are looking for alternatives at a much lower cost. While people are willing to downgrade to some extent they are not willing to give up entirely the enjoyment the receive from their home entertainment systems. This is where the Roku XDS Streaming Video Player comes into play.

The Roku XDS Streaming Video Player is capable of 1080p resolution. Most people will not know the difference between 1080p and 1080i from just viewing. In fact broadcast television doesn’t use 1080p because it takes up too much bandwidth.

The Roku Streaming Video Play allows you to instantly stream entertainment to your television via your internet connection. If you have a standard DSL connection however the video will likely be choppy. You’ll need an upgraded hi-speed internet DSL, Cable, or Fiber Optic service. Streaming Video is becoming an increasingly popular service from companies like Amazon, Hulu, Netflix or half a dozen other services.

At this time most people will use the Roku to gain access to the more than 20,000 streaming videos and television shows offered by Netflix. The cost of the Roku box itself is less than $100 and the cost of the Netflix Subscription is less than $10! So in a few short months you’ll be way ahead financially and still have access to movies if that’s what you love. Sure you lose the flexibility of all those channels, but how many of those channels do you really watch? The Roku device is much cheaper than Game Consuls like the Wii, PS3 or Xbox 360 which can also stream video.

Included with the Roku XD|S Streaming Player

  • Remote control with Instant Replay
  • Two AAA batteries
  • Audio/Video Outputs: HDMI, Optical, Composite A/V (red/white/yellow), Component Video (requires XDS adapter cable)
  • Connectivity: Wireless N dual-band (B/G/N compatible), Ethernet, USB
  • Composite (red/white/yellow) A/V cable
  • Power adapter
  • Getting Started guide
  • One year warranty

Here is what people who like the Roku XDS Streaming Video Player Had to Say

This roku player is alot smaller than I expected which is a plus. It has an attractive sleek design. Super simple to set up. Sure you have to link up netflix and amazon video but alot of the "apps" are free items. This does not take long at all and once you have it done you don't have to do it again. So far it has streamed perfectly for several hours. I got this because the blu ray players I bought wouldn't stream correctly so I'm giving this a try since my extended family loves it. Really I'll probably just use it for amazon on demand and netflix. Who has time for all the other add ins? There is also a news channel where you can watch that mornings news or the previous night. Pretty neat.

I've got to admit that the Roku is really growing on me. Other then the glitches I experienced during initial setup and the fact that I still cannot associate my facebook account with the Roku, everything else has been perfect. I've really enjoyed Netflix of course. And I've gotten hooked on some TV episodes previously unavailable to me since I only have the most basic Cable TV at home. So I"ve been watching Pawn Stars and loving it. I also listen to Pandora frequently and view SmugMug and Flickr photo galleries. And again, once Hulu Plus becomes available at the rumored lower pricing of $4.99/month, it'll be an awesome compliment to my basic cable. I've upped my rating to 5-stars because the benefits, low-cost and viewing options of the Roku far outweigh the glitches and facebook connectivity issues. This is a great box and offers a value that is pretty much unbeatable right now.

Picture quality was identical to the Apple: I see no benefit in the 1080p spec. as there is little to no programming in that format. On both the quality seemed to me as good as DVD on the HD offerings. The Roku was noticably faster in executing commands than the Apple which exhibited the kind of lag you get from a slow internet connection. Roku also has better features on the remote: in FF it shows each time segment in a series of frames that allows you to scroll through to the scene you want. The remote also has a 7 second rewind as on the Tivo and DirecTV remotes which the Apple does not offer. The price is the same.

Roku is unbelievable! I have high speed internet from Comcast, and the picture and sound is perfect. I have a Sony TV, and I connected the box to the TV with an HDMI cable. Took 5 minutes to set it up!!! It worked immediately!!! I have saved $40.00 a month in eliminating all my premium movie channels. There is a whole lot you can get through Roku, including all kinds of radio stations and music. This is an unbelievable bargin! And will pay for itself in less then three months. Roku ROCKS!!

Here is what people who did not like the Roku XDS Streaming Video Player Had to Say

My experience with the ROKU player was great for the first 6 months then it would not connect to my wireless device. I called customer service in the hope that I would be able to send this back and either have it refurbished or replaced. Since I ordered the device from Amazon I had to send in my proof of purchase, via e-mail. After waiting for several days I was given a case number and a list of things that I need to do inoder to prove that my ROKU player was not working. I went through the steps and it was still not working. After waiting another several days I received more instructions. Of course many of these ask me to disable my firewall which I am not willing to do. In any event I still do not have a new ROKU player being sent to me because my proof of purchase needs to continue to be reviewed. I am not sure what product to buy instead but here is my warning...DO NOT BUY! CUSTOMER SERVICE AND PRODUCT SUCK!

After at least 2 hours of trying to activate Netflix with my ROKU, I was finally advised by ROKU support that this device cannot be used in Canada for viewing Netflix on TV. This info should be on the Amazon site so Canadians don't order this item and waste time like I did, only to find out it doesn’t even work here. Now I have to go to the trouble of returning it!

Most people who own the Roku Video Players love them. The people who don’t are usually complaining about a unit they can not connect, which has broken, or lack of customer support to meet their satisfaction.

Have you tried the Roku Video Player 1080p or any other models? What was your experience? Feel free to comment and share below.

Roku Video Player

Roku XDS STreaming Video Player allows you to save on Entertainment by dropping your Cable or Satellite TV Subscription
Roku XDS STreaming Video Player allows you to save on Entertainment by dropping your Cable or Satellite TV Subscription


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