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Role Model, Smole Model...Since When The Media Determines How To Raise Children?

Updated on February 21, 2012
Rihanna and Chris Brown's Photoshopped Pic
Rihanna and Chris Brown's Photoshopped Pic | Source

Crazy Times in a Celeb-Obsessed World

Yesterday night, I went on Facebook and saw that everyone was in a uproar over the two new songs that Rihanna and Chris Brown made together. Since I do not have a Twitter account, I know some people in my Friends List who have both Twitter and Facebook accounts that basically retweeted other people's thoughts about it. They were very extreme to say the least. It was crazy enough that last week, Billboard took upon themselves to write a letter to both Rihanna and Chris Brown stating that Rihanna is a "role model" for girls who were abused and that Chris Brown have not learned his lesson. Now, people on Twitter are now saying that they wanted to commit suicide and even went as far as saying that they are the "Young Obamas". The "Young Obamas" comment took me for a surprise because is a new low for someone to compare two attention-seeking entertainers to the likes of the President of the United States and the First Lady. All I can do is shake my head in utter disgust, because why people are in a uproar over two adults and their decision to work (or be) together? And why are people so obsessed in having Rihanna as a role model and other celebrities as well?

Don't get me wrong, when I was younger, I have looked up to celebrities like Angela Basset, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Alicia Keys. They were some of my inspirations in terms of their creativity and also due to the fact that they were people of color that I can relate to seeing on television. However, I chose to live my life according to the standards of how I was raised. Although they inspired me, I was not that consumed by celebrities' personal lives that I have to create an uproar when they made decisions that are not morally correct because you know what? Everyone is a human (Homo sapiens sapiens) and everyone has to deal with inner-demons. Even regular, everyday folks go through these issues, only not in the public light, so who are we to judge? And secondly, why are more parents nowadays more concerned of having celebrities as role models?

When some people, (including Billboard) claimed that Rihanna is a role model, I was slightly amused by that concept because Rihanna herself said that she did not want that position. And also, she should be the last person to be a role model because so do you see how she dresses in her concerts? And the hyper-sexualized acts she does? The random tweets with profanity and inappropriate terms? And you want your child to look up to her? I may not be a parent but I understand that raising a child can be overbearing at times because they require a lot of time and attention. The immediate reaction to such overbearingness would be to turn on the T.V and either let that child watch random channels or play the latest game on Xbox.

While I do believe that the media has some influence over impressionable children and teens, it is also up to the parents to set morals and values onto their kids instead to raising their children via television! Stop allowing the television to determine your child's outcome in life. As a parent, you should be their real role model and encourage your child to set goals and standards in order for them to become productive adults in life. Me personally, at 22 years old, I look up to my parents for guidance because they raised me, love me unconditionally (no matter how crazy I act at times), and always "kept it real" with me. They are both strong, supportive, loving, thoughtful parents and I love them for that. Sure, every parent(s) have their flaws as well, but my point was that it is the parents' that has to guide their children in the right direction by setting examples for them.

A solution? Spend quality time with your children, whether it involves cooking, taking them outdoors in the park, shopping, and various other activities that are outside watching television. Also, have your child engage in extracurricular activities, whether it involves cheer leading, dancing, karate, volunteer service, student government, sports and various other activities, as long as it does not involve television or self-destruction. While I do not agree on Chris Brown and Rihanna possibly getting back together because of the cycle of abuse could possibly reoccur, at the end of the day, it is their life. They are two adults and Rihanna will one day get sick and tired of dealing with men that are not good for her. If anything, a parent should tell their child that it is okay to like a song, but do not model their life after a celebrity. The child their own person and a parent should set the morals and values onto their children. This is not meant to offend parents in raising their children. It is just something that has been on my mind, that is all.


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