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Romance in the Hood

Updated on April 9, 2014

5 Things to Remember When You Love a black Man.

Here are some tips that are helpful when you don't quite understand your lover.

1. Let him be a man. Some women tend to have certain expectation that leads them to appear to be more controlling. A real man should know his place in the relationship. So it is okay that he has a night out with the guys as long as he respects the relationship. A man needs to feel like a man.

2. Believe in him. A man with a dream may also be a man with a bright future. A man needs to know that you are in his corner when he wants to pursue his dreams. We may not always able to see the vision as he does in his eyes but at least stand with him for the motivation.

3. Listen to him. Lots of times women tend to communicate with her man but she don't; really listen to him. Sometimes the best communication is to listen and its when you may see things from his perspective or you may realize he will be more open to share what is going on with him.

4. Stroke his ego. A man loves it when you make him feel like a king. Know when to lift him up when he has fallen short or when he is up, then lift him higher. A man with a big strong ego has great potential for success. And if he is making you feel like his queen, you should definitely return the favor. It's the power of praising each other.

5. Be his lover and his friend. The best relationships last much longer when you are his lover but know when you need to be a friend as well. Know what things interest the both of you. After all you can't spend your entire relationship in the bedroom.

What love is to me.

"Love will only be as good as you want it to be"


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