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Romantic Films to Watch on Valentine's Day

Updated on November 4, 2015

Season of Love

For the romantics, Valentine's Day is a very important celebration that can't be ignored. It only happens once in a year and it must be celebrated perfectly without any glitches. Most couple goes out on a date, having dinner, watching movies, strolling around the park etc. There are some who even exert a lot of effort just to make it special to the one they love. Valentines Day is also the day were chocolates, flowers and teddy bears are in demand. Giving this as a gift is a sweet gesture showing the love and appreciation to their love one.

But what about those who don't have a date but still wants to feel the romance in the air. Unfortunately, you can't feel that love is in the air if you don't have a significant other with you at home or on a date. However you will definitely feel that love is in the television with these romantic films you can watch whether you have a date or not.



This movie stars John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale. It is a romantic comedy that shows that soulmates does end up together. The story revolves around the main characters Jonathan Trager and Sara Thomas who are complete strangers at first. But because of a pair of black gloves that they both tried purchasing, their love story begins. It was sort of a love at first sight but the two already have their respective relationships, however they know in their heart that there's a spark that happened the moment they met.

During this event, they decided to spend the evening skating at the Central Park, going out of town and drop by in a coffee shop/restaurant and Jonathan explaining about Sara's freckles being similar to the constellation Cassiopeia. Before the night ends Jonathan asked for Sara's phone number. Sara wrote it down but it flew away before it can get to Jonathan's hand. Sara said to Jonathan that if they are really meant to be together, fate will find a way to bring them back together. Sara wrote her number down in a copy of Love in the Time of Cholera while Jonathan wrote his number in a $5 bill. If they are truly meant to be together, the book will end up in Jonathan in time and the $5 bill will end up in Sara.

You have to watch this movie if you wwant to find out what happens as the story unfolds. Did they end up together? You have to find out yourselves!

Love Actually

If you want a movie describing several kinds of love, this is the movie that you should include on your list. Love Actually is a British romantic comedy set around Christmas season following ten stories about love, not only not just romantically but in different kinds of relationships too.

There's a huge list of A-list British actors in this movie but this is not the reason why you should watch it. The stories are separated according to the following showing various aspects of love:

Billy Mack and Joe - love between friends and longtime business partner.

Juliet, Peter and Mark - unrequited love. Best man in the wedding falling for the bride.

Jamie and Aurelia - love between 2 different race/nationality

Harry, Karen and Mia - love between family and the importance of forgiveness.

David and Natalie - love between two different people with different social status.

Daniel, Sam, Joanna and Carol - finding love after overcoming loss of love one.

Sarah, Karl and Michael - choosing family over love

Colin, Tony and American girls - finding love in different places using accent as an advantage.

John and Judy - love between two shy people who are comfortable with each other.

Rufus - well, technically he doesn't have a "love" interest here but he have a separate story line haha. This character is brilliantly played by actor Rowan Atkinson who is well-known as Mr. Bean.

At the end of the movie, it will show how this different relationships had developed.

You've Got Mail

Okay I might be bias because this is my all time favorite romantic movie. But I assure you this is a great GREAT movie. I've watched this several times and I don't get tired of it. This movie stars Tom Hanks (great actor!) and Meg Ryan (great actress!). I love their acting here. They are both intellectual new Yorkers with similar business (they're both in a book business which made this movie even more appealing to me).

Anyway, the story is about two different individuals who are both involved in a relationship but who's obviously looking out for more, who met online by the email/chat tool You've Got Mail. So they completely don't know each other. They address each other via their usernames and can't mention any specific things like, name of business etc. They chat using big words and uses quotes from books and movies (The Godfather). Eventually deep inside they know that they are compatible with each other. They decided to meet but there are other things that is hindering them including personal lives, and the fact that they are already both in a relationship.

But what makes the story good is the fact that they've been chatting online not knowing that they already met in person and that they are rivals in the book industry they're in. The rest of the story, you should watch.

Sleepless in Seattle

I'm a big fan of the Tom Hanks-Meg Ryan tandem so Sleepless in Seattle is definitely another movie that I've been watching at least once a year. This movie was made before You've Got Mail so this just shows that they do have that on screen chemistry working out for their movie careers. This story however is complete different from the other despite of it having both the "mail concept" on it. This movie was produced when emails and chats doesn't exist yet or has not been made available to the public yet.

In this story, it starts with father and son (Sam and Jonah Baldwin) who lost a wife and a mother quite early. After 18 months, due to Jonah's wish for his father to find love again, he telephones a talk show radio to seek some advice. Eventually the dj asked Jonah if she could talk directly to his father. With some persuading, Sam agreed. During that time, lots of women heard this program one of them includes Annie Reed a newspaper reporter.

Annie on the other hand is already engaged to Walter, who's a decent guy but is allergic to everything. However, after watching the classic movie An Affair to Remember, this made her realize that there's still someone out there meant for her. This is the reason why she decided to write a letter to Sam to meet her on the Empire State Building on Valentine's Day.

While the story unfolds, you'll see the different lives of the two main characters Sam and Annie. How Sam is trying to be a good single father and Annie's determination to meet Sam.

I'm not gonna spoil you with the rest as that's the beauty of watching a film from start to finish.

50 First Dates

One of the uniquely created love story I've seen. The main characters here are Henry Roth (Adam Sandler) and Lucy Whitmore (Drew Barrymore). Henry is a veterinarian who is a bit of a woman-chaser, while Lucy is an amnesiac.

One day Henry chance upon a cafe and he spotted Lucy there. They made small chat and Lucy asked Henry if they can meet again the next day.

The next day, as Henry approached Lucy, she doesn't recognize him. Sue, who is the cafe's owner explained to him that Lucy was in an accident a year ago when she and her father's on their way to the North Shore to pick up a pineapple for her birthday. The car accident happened on their way back and Lucy suffered a type of amnesia where she her brain can only remember the events before they had an accident everyday as she wakes up.

This happening made her father and brother do a lot of tasks that they did during her birthday several times everyday. But Henry is determined to win Lucy's heart so everyday, he made different unique ways to introduce himself and make her fall in love with him. There are some troubles that came with these plan but eventually it ends up well.

It shows in this movie that a person is very ready and willing to do everything just to make their love ones feel how much they love them.

And Many More...

There you have it. Just a few of a many lists of Romantic movies that can surely warm your loving heart. Even if you don't have a significant other on valentine's day, these are still a must watch especially to those who seek true love. These movies shows how love can transform someone into a better version of themselves. It can also bring nostalgic memories back to you. But the most important thing is, true love doesn't cost anything. It should be given for free and should be accepted wholeheartedly.


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