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Romantic Gestures For The One You Love

Updated on January 26, 2010

(Note that this is for her, but could apply to him too...)

  • Feed her chocolate covered strawberries.
  • Give her a massage.
  • Remind her that you are madly in love with her.
  • Simply cuddle.
  • Plan. Do not buy gifts at the last minute. Chances are you will not find the best present.
  • Send a web card to cheer her up when she is under a lot of stress.
  • Make a little miniature card with a simple message that she can put in her purse or that you can slip somewhere she will find it.
  • There's nothing like a a handwritten letter. Email is nice, but pen and paper has such a personal touch.
  • Tell her how perfect she is.
  • Find a movie that is comparable to your relationship and refer to it often.
  • Tell each other your dreams and include each other.
  • Make a CD of songs that you both attribute to your relationship including a homemade insert made with Publisher or something. Listen to it when things get rocky to remember what you love about each other.
  • Save special mementos of your relationship and make a memory book or box. Example: movie stubs, theater programs, restaurant menus, maps, event tickets, etc …
  • Write "I love you" on post-it notes and stick them all over the house.
  • Get up extra early and go out to breakfast with her.
  • Go out to eat in a different place such as museums, zoos, airports, and parks.
  • Instead of writing a letter, record a personal message and mail the CD to her.
  • Write a love letter using reverse letters so she has to read it in front of the mirror.

  • Slow dance to a favorite song.
  • Give a little gift every month to show you care.
  • Send greeting cards often.
  • Every day write two things that she did that made you happy, and give it to her at the end of the year.
  • When you are out somewhere, whisper in her ear "You're the Best."
  • Create a special signal, such as squeezing her hand three times, that means "I love you."
  • Through the astronomical society, you can name a star after your beloved.
  • Call her from your workplace on break, or if she's at work, call her just to say you are thinking about her and that you love her.
  • Blow kisses when you part company.
  • Share a favorite food or drink.
  • Buy a mirror for her and write on the back, "This is whom I want to be with for the rest of my life."
  • Engrave a key chain with a special message such as I Love you.
  • Make her a mixed CD of her favorite songs.
  • Buy a key with a note attached saying, "You are the key to my heart."
  • Type up a story about how you two met, color it and use illustrations.
  • Get an empty medicine bottle. Fill the bottle with small candies. Then attach a note to the bottle saying (in general), "Whenever you're feeling hurt or sad, here's something that'll cheer you up." Decorating the bottle is optional.
  • Kiss ten times at once.
  • Send her a dozen roses - eleven red ones and a white rose. In your note, you can write "In every crowd, there is always a special one that stands out and you are that one."
  • When you're apart, set a predetermined time and stop whatever you're doing and only think of each other for one minute.
  • Figure out how many days you have been together. In ten years, it'll be 3,652 days. Write a short letter reflecting your feelings. You can also create a timeline of your relationship.

  • Give her a seductive smile.
  • Buy her a rose from a vendor.
  • Cuddle and read together.
  • Pick some wildflowers, press them, and give them to her. Give her a booklet of romance coupons. This would include a "Win an argument free" card, a "Free backrub" card, a "5 minutes of time, regardless of how busy" card, etc.
  • Make her breakfast in bed.
  • Rub her feet when she's tired/stressed.
  • Cuddle up in front of a roaring fire.
  • Learn something new everyday as a couple. Example: a new word, a history fact or foreign language.
  • Rock her gently in your arms until she falls asleep.
  • Go to a karaoke bar and sing "your song" to her.
  • Surprise her with a kiss and kiss her often.
  • Make a heart shaped pizza.
  • Send freeze dried or silk flowers to show everlasting love.
  • Read love poems to each other on a weekly basis.
  • Save all the green (or her favorite color) M&M's for her.
  • Prepare a program outlining all you're going to do on a Night on The Town.
  • Have your best friend set up a date for the two of you.
  • Show her you appreciate her by telling her how proud you are of her.
  • Kiss her more often.
  • Give her a blue ribbon award for being the best lover.
  • Replace her bookmark with a sterling silver one.
  • Give her a calendar with all your "couple days" already written in.


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