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Rookie Blew?

Updated on May 23, 2015

The Rookie Blue Lead

I'm Guilty! Quick, search mne!!!
I'm Guilty! Quick, search mne!!!

OMG! Rookie Blue just blew me away!

Miss MIssy. Meow!

Well now...

Now, let's get this out there in the open, just to get it over with. With a star that looks like she does, Missy could well be responsible for at least 50% of all male viewers of the hit TV show "Rookie Blue".

But even Missy must get misty when her big-wig movie star friends ask her how long she's going to remain a rookie...

Yes, they did a nice save last season, having Missy's character be the training officer for a new rookie. But, it turns out he wasn't blue, he was yellow, to the core.

So, whatever this new season for the spring and summer of 2015 churns out, we can be assured that little ole Missy will find love, re-find love, or have love find her. Heck, any red-blooded guy would give his left hand, any maybe even some other appendiges, to be her newest love interest.

I know I would!

How does Rookie Blue rate against the other police procedurals?

Well now, I'm glad you asked me that, dear constant reader!

Rookie Blue is undoubtedly one of the finest police procedurals running new episodes this calendar year. I say this because it really can't hold a candle to shows like The Corner, Blue Bloods, True Detective and, of course, Care 54: Where Are You?

But, when compared to the slate of police procedurals on TV today, like the never ending list of CSI: retrofits, Rookie Blue stands front and center as the police procedural to watch.

How'd I Miss You?

Eating a donut while texting the girlfriend again? Or did you see Missy filming Rookie Blue again?
Eating a donut while texting the girlfriend again? Or did you see Missy filming Rookie Blue again?

Only in Canada, you say?

Yes, Rookie Blue is filmed and produced in Toronto, Ontario, Canada! Great show, eh!

Even though Rookie Blue has had its fair share of underrated episodes, the percentage of those as compared to the episodes that keep you watching until the credits roll is extremely low!

Maybe that's because the majority of the episodes center around Missy?

Hollywood North!

Is MIssy your choice of "Sexiest cop on TV" ???

Is MIssy Peregryn your choice of "Sexiest cop on TV" in her role on "Rookie Blue" ????

See results

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