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Rose McGowan,Sony's Amy Pascal and Liberal Hollywood Racism & Sexism

Updated on July 6, 2015

Rose McGowan

The FBI and Amy Pascal Attack Rose McGowan?

Sony's Amy Pascal, Rose McGowan and Hollywood Sexism

Hollywood Actress Rose McGowan was fired by her agency for speaking out against sexism. Innovative and Rose's Agent, Sheila Wenzel, apparently got upset because Rose McGowan spoke her mind about a casting call. Normally I would roll my eyes at yet another leftist distraction agent but being that I have been in the same places as Rose McGowan and knew her since before she was famous, if there is one thing about Rose McGowan, it’s that she speaks her mind.

  • Rose McGowan has always been outspoken and the loudest person in any room. She isn’t simply jumping on some bandwagon about sexism because it’s some trendy agenda but Rose McGowan has activism in her veins.

We have to make a distinction between these non-sense Twitter # campaigns, which are useless, the dumb mess/agendas that comes out of the Michelle Obama's First Lady Wing of the White House and true long term travelers & activist.

Let’s take the gay and lesbian community; this particular group of people can be some of the most racist people that one will ever encounter. Most of the gay community is 'gay white driven' and they are the only group in the United States that actually have segregated clubs. In Los Angeles and San Francisco, I recall white gay guys yelling at Asians about not knowing how to drive a car. I recall the gay clubs in New Orleans, Louisiana (I used to go to these places in the late 1990's) not allowing in blacks unless you were willing to pay a cover charge, that was ridiculously high, and the white gays were exempt.

Now through income inequality, which mostly started with the bail-out of bankers, where we saw billions of dollars going into the hands of private groups, crony capitalism and the 'friends' of Wall Street Hedge Fund Managers; that tossed in a few dollars at some Hollywood people for good PR flavoring; now even the white gay community is a thing of the past. Gays can no longer afford to live in the areas of the cities, which they made into cultural hotspots and the same thing has happened to blacks and gays in New Orleans, La. ; which is basically an apartheid city that has a Democrat Mayor (Mitch Landrieu) that was just supporting the confederate infrastructure, confederate statues in New Orleans' Lee Circle before he, like most Southern Politicians, gave some bullshit story about suddenly being against these symbols of institutional racism; which he will only be against until the media "fly by" storm is over.

  • Gays and Lesbians from NY and LA along with tech companies were just in bed with Walmart for a "fly by" Indiana Campaign, all the while Walmart uses slaves as workers, refuses to pay a living wage and not only does Walmart sell confederate flag merchandise but in Texas and Mexico, the Walmart Stores actually sells racist "Black Sambo" Dolls and black "monkey people". This is exactly the reason why I simply do not like dealing with leftist liberal groups because they actually don't do the leg work, nor do they care; as long as they are getting their way; which is something that Rose McGowan has said about the gay community around liberal strong-hold areas of the U.S.

All of this racism and injustice came from (and is still coming from) Walmart but yet gays and lesbians were praising them, when Walmart parroted their agenda about having to bake a 'gay wedding' cake. And this is why I don't do "fly by" activism because I know that any successful agenda is the quiet work of people that have to go through multiple Presidential Administrations, media changes and then finally we get the ear of the global elite power structure or people at British Intelligence.

What I do not appreciate about how Rose McGowan was fired, was the fact that Sony's Amy Pascal was called into the building to threaten Rose McGowan. Ya see, Amy Pascal, this former Sony Executive and now producer, that had all kinds of "Nigger" Joke Emails, most of which were censored by the White Neo-Nazis that operate within the FBI; took out her IIse Koch sacrifice knife and invoked the Nazi Sacrifices of the Jews at the Buchenwald Nazi Camp; and actually said that she would spill her (Rose McGowan's) blood if it meant getting her Sony Executive Position back and if it meant her return to power.

  • Amy Pascal's hair was blowing in the wind and like Chelsea Clinton, it was shampooed and conditioned, which meant that it was superior 'white people' hair and was getting all up in her face.

From what I understand the FBI intervened and backed Amy Pascal of Sony off from the McGowan sacrifice because it wasn't the right time for the sacrifice being that the South Carolina Church Shooter was basically not considered a white supremacy attack by the FBI and the public took notice of this white supremacy movement, which operates through Hollywood Studios, Sony, politicians, FBI and law enforcement agencies.

  • Another thing that was covered upby the FBI, regarding the South Carolina Shooter, was the fact that he wanted to destroy Jewish Identity. No one ever talks about how white and black Protestant Christian Churches, in this American Christian Caliphate, headed up by Barbara Bush, mostly preach sermons against the infiltration of Muslims and Jews.

Rose McGowan wasn’t fired from her agency for speaking up against sexism in Hollywood; she was fired because she is self-made, no family connections, a French-Irish Chick that happened to step on the toes of Sony's Amy Pascal. It’s disgusting.

Bitch, I'm Madonna


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