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Rose with a thorn

Updated on June 21, 2010
Rose with a thorn
Rose with a thorn

Rose with a Thorn


Every Rose has a Thorn


Every rose has a thorn, so do I,

Every misery has a song so why sit and cry.

Had habits of the world u can call as many,

Enjoyed every one whenever there was a penny

Puffed, smoked, and drank whenever I could,

Every teen enjoys it and so I should.

Those were my days of class bunking,

What ever came out of my mouth was always stinking.

The day came, when I faced life in a shocking situation,

Had fast forwarded my life, now life was full of frustration.

Time had gone by and nothing can be brought back…

Thought that I was a free bird, but was carrying a huge sack.

I can’t go back to those days how much I try,

Every rose has a thorn, so do I.


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