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Roswell Reboot

Updated on June 26, 2016


Arrested Development, The X-files, Full House, and even Gilmore Girls. These are shows that they've dusted off and revamped and brought back from the cancellation shelf and breathed new life into it!

Roswell should be no different. Not only does it have the solid love that parallels to Romeo and Juliet it has a great science fiction story of kingdoms and planets and ruling families. There's family loyalties, betrayal, love, kings, queens, clones, usurpers, and alien powers! It's been nearly two decades. So why not reboot Roswell with a new cast and tweaks to the story line.

Some people are asking for a reunited cast and a revival in a movie format. I was all for this back in the early 2000s after the show first ended. Everyone was moving on to their own side projects and while the cast still looks amazingly the same after so many years but towards the end the actors weren't so happy with the show and the direction it was going in. There were so many flips and fumbles along the way to the end. However, the main story line was absolutely compelling.

Story lines not to Flub in the Revival

Season one of Roswell was excellent there isn't much that needed to be changed there. It was the second season that did not do much to help the third season. With the move to from the WB to UPN a lot changed and not all for the better.

Tess' betrayal did make sense to some extent and it did make for a great story line but using Alex as a casualty did seem to hurt the show when it came to a comic relief so much so he was brought back as a ghost in Isabelle's imagination start of the next season. Which confused things the same way they confused things when Katherine Hegil had a similar story line years later on Grey's Anatomy. It led to a few questions. Were ghosts real? Was this her imagination? Why is she the only one that that can see him?

In the reboot, IF there's a reboot, do not kill Alex. Add in an extra friend and then take them.

Next, the clones a great missed opportunity they came in with a bang because of their mystery, their tendencies and their backstory. Some may have complained that season two was too science fiction heavy others may argue that the science fiction was needed to move the story along. The dupes were great and they fizzled out. They had another protector out there that just left which was another missed opportunity at a better story line. We meet him in season three but he was kinda lackluster.

We find out more about the Roswell crash in season two. And Max and Liz break up and get back together. It's literally episode to episode with Michael and Maria. Season two was laid foundations for future story lines that we haven't had a change to realize yet because the show ended so soon.

Even the enemies the Skins. The Skins were wonderful bad guys with the perfect motivation. Although I would have liked to know more. Were they regular aliens? Were they soldiers? Fifty years from home is a long time? Did they have any defectors? Other than just the one that became a Michael worshiper. (If I ever had the chance to write a scripts fro the Roswell renewal I would drop everything that I'm doing and go for it.)

Supernatural is a decent show. Some fans have had their issues with the story line of God and the Devil being involved from season four and on. But Supernatural has been on for eleven seasons. Roswell could barely make it to three that is something that I think about when I think about a possible revival. It could be done just done properly.

The third season introduced Jesse. And the entire Jesse, Kivar and Isabelle story line it was good but it lacked a sense of urgency. We would hear hat Kivar is coming and then they added some strange mind control situation with Villandra. It's been over fifty years and somehow Kivar doesn't know that there's two sets of the royal four? Tess never told them when she went to Antar? I'm sure Nasedo knew and he didn't tell Kivar since he was in on the betrayal scheme? It would seem that Kivar should have known there was a second Villandra running around and went after her instead of Isabelle.

Developments like these need to be kept on track when it comes to this show. A new cast, perfected and clearer plot lines, as well as better special effects would be amazing when considering a revival.

Keep the Great Parts!

Keep the mysteries those were great. Keep Topolsky, remember when we didn't know if she was really just a teacher or not? Keep the jeep. Bob was great with his cheap plastic windows. We need to keep Agent Pierce. And keep the Hybrid Chronicles. Why was Laurie the only one we've met? Let's keep Sheriff Valenti but maybe don't tell him so soon. Maybe give him a different lie initially until he finds out some other time. We should also keep the Crashdown Cafe and the convention center across the street. Having Brody as a love interest for Maria was creepy so he can actually go. Having Max working at the convention center - perfect.

Some fans liked the relationships with the parents. It could be argued that they were in the way with their questions and just how clueless they were when it came to what they're children were doing. They ended up becoming a convenient plot device towards the end.

Roswell's Music

The music is what helps make this show. Keep the theme song. Dido brought life to Roswell. When you heard the first few notes of Here with Me you knew it was on and that things were going to change after that episode. Because that's what Roswell was about, love, mystery, surviving, and discovering yourself and your world.

Dido, Ivy, Sensefield, Sneaker Pimps, and Zero 7. These are all great groups some of which aren't together anymore. Even though the dvds changed the music it's hard to watch the dupes appear without Linkin Park playing in the background. Well, before Linkin Park was huge. It's hard to imagine Max seeing the royal seal projected from his brain while Radiohead's How to Disappear Completely haunts the corners of the old church.

How can we have Max save Liz without Sarah McLaughlin crooning in the background with her song Fear?

Here With Me

What was your favorite season of Roswell?

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So far there's absolutely no plans of a reboot. But fans are still pushing hard. If I were to guess as to why it's taking so long, it could be copyright issues? Maybe Melinda Metz isn't ready for a reboot.

The original Roswell High books are still for sale at normal prices, but there are eight books that take place after the events of season 3. Over time they became impossible to find and at one point some people were selling the books for as high as $200-$500. It was outrageous. After doing a quick search some of the books are as low as $20. Originally they were half as much but it looks like Simon Spotlight Entertainment stopped publishing the books. They ones I was able to read before they stopped publishing were good. Pursuit is a cliffhanger continuing into Turnabout.

  1. Shades by Mel Odom (September 2002)
  2. Skeletons In The Closet by Andy Mangels & Michael A. Martin (November 2002)
  3. Dreamwalk by Paul Ruditis (January 2003)
  4. Quarantine by Laura Burns (March 2003)
  5. A New Beginning by Kevin Ryan (June 2003)
  6. Nightscape by Kevin Ryan (July 2003)
  7. Pursuit by Andy Mangels & Michael A. Martin (September 2003)
  8. Turnabout by Andy Mangels & Michael A. Martin (November 2003)

If you want to stay up to date on what's happening when it comes to anything Roswell related. Check out


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