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Royal Family's Bizarre Quirks and Jaw-Dropping Perks Revealed

Updated on June 18, 2018

Royal Family and Their Odd Practices

The Royal Family has some extremely odd practices and rules.
The Royal Family has some extremely odd practices and rules. | Source

They Did What?

To give you a picture of the odd antics within the palace walls when it comes to the Royal Family, put yourself in the place of one or two of their honored guests. For the sake of this description, go back to the time when Queen Elizabeth invited Barack and Michele Obama for a visit with the Royal Family.

Before the President and the First Lady arrived a few years back for their two-day stay, the palace had already made inquiries about the type of toilet paper the Obama's preferred. Concerns centered around the thickness, consistency and the color of the toilet paper that was to be offered in the bathroom in their guests' quarters.

More than likely the Obamas didn't know about all this fuss being made before their arrival but never the less, it still went on, according to The Talko. By now the Obama's probably know all the special head to toe attention they got from behind the scenes during that visit starting with the toilet paper.

The staff at the Royal Palace even inquired about how the White House Staff made up the Obama's bed, which was duplicated across the pond during their visit. From their preference of flowers to their favorite foods, the palace staff had a quick course on the Obama couple and their likes and dislikes.

Barack and Michele Obama Have Favorite TP

The Queen and Barack and Michele Obama
The Queen and Barack and Michele Obama | Source

Royals Pop Out Like Magic

The drawing room where guests await their Royal Family hosts.
The drawing room where guests await their Royal Family hosts. | Source

Royals Magically Appear

Continuing on with how the guests are treated at the palace, one thing the Royal's do that may be of interest is their odd way of greeting guests.

It seems that the Royals take pride in being fashionably late for their hosted events and when they do join the party they make quite the entrance. According to reports, there is a full-length mirror in the drawing room that a staff member stands in front of as the guests arrive and mingle about.

Once everyone arrives, that mirror slides open and the Royal Family members appear. Now that's an entrance! The Royals are known for their showmanship, just look at all the bright colors the Queen sports.

Prince Charles Doesn't Dress Himself

Prince Charles has not just one, or two... he has three valets that dress and undress him everyday.
Prince Charles has not just one, or two... he has three valets that dress and undress him everyday. | Source

Prince Charles Getting Dressed

Apparently, Prince Charles never stopped getting dressed with the help of staff since he was a tot. He just continued to have his staff (personal valets) dress and undress him every day. He doesn't have just one valet who cares for him and his attire, but three and all three valets dress Prince Charles.

No matter where he goes he is known to have a slew of ties with him as he likes to wear the tie that reflects any branch of the military he may come in contact with that day. Prince Charles may not be the average Joe who puts his pants on one leg at a time.

With three valets he can have both legs and a shirt sleeve all being slid into place at once! This doesn't sound like a Royal habit that his sons Prince William and Prince Harry have picked up.

While Charles is a Royal and the heir to the throne, it still seems a bit odd that a grown man has other men dress him. But since he's been doing this all his life, it may not seem strange to him or the other family members as well.

A Bit Morbid

This morbid rule dates back from an incident Queen Elizabeth endured many decades ago.
This morbid rule dates back from an incident Queen Elizabeth endured many decades ago. | Source

Morbid - But Don't Leave Home Without It

Queen Elizabeth found herself in an awkward situation decades ago while she was on vacation and her father died. The Queen, who was not the Queen as of yet, rushed home with her husband Prince Philip.

When they arrived in London, all Elizabeth had with her was her vacation garb, which would never do for a Princess in mourning. She had to wait on the plane until the palace staff could bring her a suitable mourning outfit so she could get off the plane to the waiting crowds.

This incident prompted a Royal rule and it is followed stringently by all the Royal Family members today. Whenever they are away from home they need to pack a mourning outfit in case the unthinkable happens to one of the Royal Family members.

Speaking of morbid, the Royals once followed a rule that heirs to the throne could not travel by air together, again just in case the unthinkable occurred. As you can see today with Prince William, he gets on and off planes with Kate and his children. So it appears that this rule has become somewhat relaxed.

Yes, the Queen Drives

The Queen is the only person in the U.K. who is allowed to drive without a driver's license.
The Queen is the only person in the U.K. who is allowed to drive without a driver's license. | Source

Who Needs a License?

Yes, the Queen does drive despite not having a valid driver's license. She's never had one and Queen Elizabeth is the only person in the U.K. who can drive without a driver's license.

The Queen doesn't need a passport as well when traveling. Queen Elizabeth drove military vehicles during the war, like ambulances. She did this while also working on military vehicle engines as part of her job during the war. It sounds as if she has lived a very colorful and full life.

She has a full staff of people who will drive her anywhere she wants to go, but now and then she takes that option of driving herself.

According to The Talko, Queen Elizabeth also enjoys four cocktails a day at specific and scheduled times. Two of the cocktails she has with lunch, both before and after. The other cocktails are reserved for dinner and bedtime. They range from mixed drinks, martini, and champagne.


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    • Roz Zurko profile imageAUTHOR

      Roz Zurko 

      7 months ago

      Thank you, Margaret, for your encouragement! Thank you Pattchase for pointing out champagne... it is fixed. I appreciate the heads up.

    • revmjm profile image

      Margaret Minnicks 

      7 months ago from Richmond, VA

      WOW! What a fantastic job you did with this article. You included interesting information as well as formatting it for easy reading. I look forward to reading more articles from you here on HubPages.

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